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  1. Gin's fine in the freezer. No extension of the life of the gin. It is so it "pours cold."
  2. The menu sounds great. Thanks, Heather! I'm excited about this, too. I think we've a good bunch of people to work with. I don't have the J & J book here, so I'm not able to PM Seth the recipe. (I found out last night that the J & J binding is broken. )
  3. Serious question above. I'm a bit weak in the Bourdeaux knowledge department.
  4. One of the non-eGullet guests at last weekend's Heartland Gathering gave me a bottle of 2000 La Closerie de Fourtet Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. I stashed it in the cellar before anyone saw it. Cellar or drink now? If cellaring, how long?
  5. The receipt: 1.5 ounces decent cognac (I like DeLuze VS. It's really Remy under a secondary label!) .75 ounce Cointreau (or triple sec) .75 ounce fresh-squeezed lemon juice Shake vigorously until your hands are cold. Strain into a chilled stemmed cocktail glass that's been *half* rimmed with fine sugar. (Allows the drinker to choose sugar/no sugar rim or to move back & forth between the two.) Garnish with a lemon twist. Serve.
  6. Shall we do any other dishes from J & J for Saturday evening? A menu! :hint hint:
  7. I bet. Saturday then? It's a plan. Who else is in?
  8. Okie doke. But might we do the chicken this weekend? I'm heading back to the city & I've hell to pay for taking a week off.
  9. Dirty little secret: I'm a virgin at cutting up raw whole poultry. There. I said it. And I want to learn new techinques. So . . . How about "Jacques's Turkey Galantine" (pp. 290-95) or "Jacques's Sauteed Chicken 'Maison'" (pp. 274-75) in J & J?
  10. FWIW, chined or not (isn't chined a proper term?) that rib roast was . . . The Best Beef Ever. (As I noted to Klink, this is a fallibilistic truth-claim. Thus, the nature of the claim inherently allows for future revision. Nonetheless, we stand by the claim since the proposition captures something true, even if that "truth" remains bounded by our current experience, imagination, & knowledge.)
  11. Actually, no comic gambit on my part. Employed properly, French-fried onions are a component of any serious cook's arsenal. (Well, not *any* but you get my drift.)
  12. No typo on my part. We'll get Hunter Thompson to cover Varmint's eGullet Key Pickin' for Rolling Stone.
  13. He has to come to the pig pickin's in order to have such an important position bestowed upon him. Plus, I've already done a pig pickin'. I've got to come up with something new next time. About the only way to top the Pig Pickin' would be an eGullet key party.
  14. I'll be posting pictures tomorrow when I'm back to my office. However, as I mentioned to a couple of folks early Saturday, the amount of pictures that I take is inversely portional to the amount I've drank. Thus, most of my pictures are from Friday & earlier Saturday.
  15. I picked up J & J today. I also picked up the new edition of Pellaprat's The Great Book of French Cuisine (with introduction & revisions by Jeremiah Tower). Wanna cook through TGBoFC?
  16. No lunch yet. I am going to do this. I picked up this fresh pitas earlier today.
  17. I was a bad boy this afternoon. (I've still housecleaning to finish.) Marion Cunningham, Lost Recipes Henri-Paul Pellaprat, The Great Book of French Cuisine (revised edition) Waverley Root, The Food of France Laurie Colwin, Home Cooking Amendola & Rees, Understanding Baking (3rd ed.) Jeremiah Tower, California Dish Child & Pepin, Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home
  18. A little bit of everything that's left over from Saturday (minus the bourbon, wine, sidecars, etc. ), so you can relive the entire experience. Remember The Police song--"The Bed's Too Big Without You"? Well . . . "The Food's Not the Same Without My Crew."
  19. As far as lunch . . . No carrot cake nor custard pie are available. I finished them last night. Aurora's carrot cake was the best I've ever had. (Note: Michele promised to make it for me if she receives the recipe.) Lady T's custard pie was the best I've ever had. That crust!!!
  20. And since pics are coming up . . . Klink, Michele pleaded that you not post that late-night pic that you took of me. Let's hold that one off the public boards.
  21. Help Me with a Lunch Menu . . . What should I have for lunch today? (I just had a cannoli & I'm munching on a handful of Nero's apps. Lunch will be around 2 pm EST today.)
  22. MatthewB


    Put on some James Brown and . . . Make It Chunky!
  23. That's great to hear, Mark. I had dinner there two years ago & I recently recommended Cashion's to a friend--though I noted that my experience wasn't recent. I'll keep recommending it!
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