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  1. another method of attack... 1. roast the duck (pieces) in a very hot oven so as to brown.. not trying to cook it, we just want the colour 2. vacuum seal the portions, with a little of the duck fat obtained from the roasting pocess. 3. sous vide until done. 4. blast chill or chill quickly in ice slurry, then keep refrigerated until required. to serve 5. drop the still vacuum sealed pouch into recirculating sous vide bath, or just drop into a pot of almost boiling water. (this is simply to bring the internal temperature up. 6. open the pounch into a hot pan, then flash in a very hot oven, or low under salamander to crisp the skin. SERVE! this approach would retain the natural shape but allow to produce the required crisp skin. NOTE: as you will be working with partially cooked meat after the initial roasting stage it is highly recommended you 1 use food handling gloves, and 2 work fast to portion/package the duck and sous vide as soon as possible.
  2. I believe you're mistaken. Dried, or dessicated, coconut flakes or shreds, are made by removing the husks and shells from the coconut meat, washing the meat, and then shredding and dehydrating it. Shalmanese stated that the raw coconut meat is washed to produce coconut milk, and the remaining flesh is dried to make "dried coconut".. then you say that the coconut meat is washed and shredded then "dehydrated"... dehydrated and dried pretty much mean the same thing, so im a little confused at what your disagreeing with. anyway lets focus on answering your question.... i tried many many years ago to make coconut milk from both dissicated and shredded coconut... then i discovered how convenient it was to simply open a can. whats your time worth + improved flavour vs the cost of a can + more time with friends/family/research/other things to cook. ask yourself the question.... do i really expect to get fresh coconut milk from dehydrated dessicated/shredded coconut that will be comparable to coconut milk obtained from fresh coconut flesh?
  3. Although not a book from this year, without a doubt the best book i have recently purchased is Bread, 2nd Edition, by Jeffrey Hamelman. As for books for this year, i still dont have, but plan to get the english translation of Macaron by Pierre Herme.