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    Rats has been around for a long time and although we dine out often we have never been there. It is/was rather expensive and formal. There use to be, still may, a restaurant within Rats, Kabul Express, I think, and we dine there several years ago. You had to walk through Rats to get to Kabul. For anyone who does know the area Rats may be difficult to find. Good luck to the Starr Organization.
  2. I am rather old and live in the sticks, but I cannot imagine paying $7.00 for a slice nor waiting two hours, no matter how good the pizza may be.
  3. Never heard of this chain, not that's saying very much. It appears a relatively new and, at this point, small chain. Are they better than Five Guys? It will be a long time before one opens in this area, lower Bucks County.
  4. I came to Trenton as a young boy, attended school there, worked there until 1986, and I consider it my home town. I used to think that I know the city as well as anyone, but I have not been there very much in the past twenty plus years. Will try both places in the next few weeks. I used to work on West Hanover, probably around the corner from the Kabob House.
  5. My daughter, husband and three granddaughters live nearby, and I expect to be there very soon. I think this is the place that used to sell just gelato, and I was there several times with the girls. Thanks for the information.
  6. I expect to be there the same evening. It is worth a drive to attend this lively and tasty event. I think it has been around for over thirty years.
  7. Just read the review in the Inquirer and about the dinner. I have been away for a while and I am sorry I missed the dinner, even though the distance from home, Yardley, is substanial, but I am always have been willing to travel and have driven many miles for a good dinner.
  8. It's about forty-five miles. DeLorenzo's is not far from Route 33, Greenwood Avenue in Trenton, but the place is small and busy and getting a table may entail a long wait. It is best to go there as a destination.
  9. I have been away from this site for a while, and am happy to read about La Villa. I live five minutes away and have never been there. Now it is on my list. It opened as a Pizza Hut many years ago, and its been in its present incarnation for many years. We have been to Palermo's in Ewing many times, and the pizza is very good. It is the only place in the Ewing area that we will ever order pizza. I did not even know that Pete's, a place I pass many times during any one week, even serves pizze. Will have to try it.
  10. Jim deserves great praise. One of the best dinners, and I have been to many. This should be an annual event.
  11. Have lived in this area for nearly sixty years and have never been to Crosswicks. This may be a good reason to visit. Will put it on my list.
  12. I also have not been there for a long time, but from I have heard, they still have no menu and do not accept credit cards. The restaurant was reviewed by Karla Cook in the NYT in 2003, too long ago to pass judgement but the place has changed very little since it opened nearly seventy years ago.
  13. If they offer Cheerwine I will be there.
  14. You may want to call Acacia, a few miles south of Princeton on Main St, Route 206, in Lawrenceville, across the street from the school.
  15. I have been away but as to Jo Jo's, it is well worth a visit but never on Friday the place is packed and movment is limited and it is hectic.
  16. Have not heard the word DDC mentioned in months. I miss it. Enjoyed the many dinners over the past five years.
  17. So sorry to read about your departure. I have enjoyed your postings since the very beginning. You are a joy to meet and to read. Hope to see you again sometimes. Good luck and best wishes and whatever you may be doing.
  18. Happy to read that you are well and keeping busy. Everything looks wonderful with all the vodka drinks. It makes me wish that I was a vodka drinker.
  19. I assume an American version of Mostly Martha is being done. I liked the original very much also and reading titles does not disturb me. I doubt very much that Hollywood can improve it.
  20. I am another diner who now feels sorry that he never dined at M. Although in our defense we do not make trips to Center City that often. Good luck to Katie and the rest of the staff.
  21. They are out of the Washington DC area and are spreading very rapidly. Just opened one in Center City Philadelphia. Have not been to any yet but the hamburgers are supposed to be very good.
  22. I am not certain but I am willing to venture a guess that this place is no relation to Concerto Fusion in Morrisville. Concerto is a little costly for Morriville but it is aimed at the surrounding area, NJ state emploees in Trenton, just across the river, and the affluent Yardley area. The same people own Charming Garden, not far from Oxford Valley Mall.
  23. Now that 5 Guys is in Center City I would assume it should open in Lower Bucks County soon. I am waiting to try their burgers. Dilly's burgers are very good. The country environment adds flavor to the burgers.
  24. Is this place on the corner of South Warren & W Front Street? I have driven by and could not read the name but it appears to be a restaurant. I am in the area fairly frequently and I will have to try it.
  25. I live in the area. Take 95 north to Yardley exit. Follow Main St to first light, Afton Avenue, Starbucks will be on your right. Make a left and Yardley Inn is on your left at end of the street.
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