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  1. I'd expect to need more time for a 4 mil bag, yep, though I don't know how much. (FWIW I decided against stocking thicker bags. I have learned what kind of uncommon foods benefit from a thicker bag to resist punctures, and for those items, I just double up 3 mil bags. That's been working out well for me.)
  2. @m61376 can you post a seal photo? Hard to say if you are over or under, but my guess is your seal time needs to be longer. I would seal 3-4 ice water test bags each at + 0.1 second. Check the seal bar each time and look for discoloration, because if you go way over where you need to be, you can scorch it. I think these machines are all different. My Minipack came preset to 2.2 sec but I found that was too long for my 3 mil bags. It overcooked and weakened the seal, and scorched the Teflon tape. 1.8 is what I use now.
  3. I will also vouch for https://vacuumsealersunlimited.com/. My daily drivers are the 3 mil pint and quart bags. I don't use gallon bags as often, but when you need one, you need one. As @rotuts said, you can use a big bag, cut off a strip on the end, then reseal it when you are done. I'll do that many times for an item like a big block of cheese.
  4. I missed that @md8232! That seems like a hell of a deal.
  5. An oil pump machine for $800? Beautiful, congrats! Looks great.
  6. I don't know THIS unit, but I have a different Minipack in this price range, and it's awesome. I'd buy from Minipack directly if that's still possible.
  7. Every time I look that seems to be the answer ... but I keep hoping for something to change. Hmmm.... Not bad. 15-20 minutes is in the same ballpark as my pre-frozen cylinder.
  8. Since this thread has come back to life... Does anyone have new input on ice cream machines? Are any of the less-expensive refrigerated units worth having? I currently have one of the pre-frozen cylinder style. Reviews usually say that they make ice cream which is often better than that from refrigerated units, as the pre-frozen cylinder may still freeze faster than a cheap freezer does. This makes them a great value... but so inconvenient. If someone has a refrigerated unit they love (not a full commercial model) I would like to hear about it. Obviously w
  9. I noticed Costco has a $600 chamber sealer. https://www.costco.com/maxvac-pro-chamber-vacuum-sealer.product.100536866.html Anyone know anything about this model? I know people who are interested in a chamber sealer but the expense is a deterrent. A good option at $600 would be pretty cool.
  10. Last I looked the 112 was hard to find. Maybe this is intended to replace it. It looks like a good option at its price.
  11. Looks like a good thread, thanks!
  12. Thanks all. Consensus seems pretty clear so far. I appreciate the posts. I am still hoping a fervent defender of the home freeze dryer will arrive to defend their honor and tell the other delicious side of the story, but maybe that ain't happening. 😁
  13. That's exactly the kind of feedback I needed. I hoped, if there was some amazing culinary use, I would have heard about it by now--just trying to make sure.
  14. I love to cook and love gadgets like my sous vide gear and chamber vac sealer. So, I’ve been looking at freeze dryers too, and while it looks fun... I have a hard time seeing myself using one often. I do manage a lot of leftovers, but vacuum sealing + freezing works great for that. I find it hard to believe that reconstituted freeze dried foods would come out as well—but I could be wrong! I’m also just not sure how many freeze dried berries I can eat, you know? I would really like to know why you love your freeze dryer and how it impacts your regular meals, especially i
  15. I agree a mechanical issue seems likely and worth a closer look. Need to be careful about lubricant, some kinds of pistons are made to operate dry.
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