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  1. That's not the final packaging....We are going for something more ostentatious this time. Jeff
  2. Some changes are being made - including a number of programmatic additions. That's why the android dev test program is not released yet.
  3. 1) We'll have a solution for this later 2) interrupt detection being worked on 3) multi-step is in the control protocol set for developers already 4) we are having an internal debate right now to include it or not. This feature might probably get misused and lead to food safety problems.
  4. I'm working on the APP for the precision cooker right now - does anyone have any requests?
  5. what I meant was - we couldn't talk about the unit or post on social media / forums
  6. FYI - We were also on a media blackout this morning so news media could get a first crack at the story.
  7. Hi Guys, I appreciate everyone's support on this project. Anyways we didn't expect 1K units @ $99 would be backed so quickly - thought it would take at least a 2-3 days to get through a thousand. Currently there are more funding levels being added in to create more time for you guys to get units at lower prices. Thanks Jeff
  8. As I'm in the process of developing new equipment with our team, I'd just like get the pulse of everyone in this forum about our usage of LCDs: 1) What do you really feel about the use of LCDs in our equipment? 2) Do you have preference for LCD display features or LED longevity or care more about overall design? 3) Do you think LCD screens out of place in a kitchen environment or on sous vide equipment?
  9. You have a 50/50 chance if you go the blow dryer route but I do not recommend it - if there is a water behind a microchip or in the motor you won't get it out. Some guy also got creative and tried to vacuum seal the circulator and then hit it with a blow dryer - that is not quite the same as vac-oven because the bag is closed and the water recondenses as soon as the bag is open.
  10. [Moderator note: The original Anova Sous Vide Circulator topic reached the maximum size the eG servers handle efficiently, so we've divided it up; the preceding part of this discussion is here: Anova Sous Vide Circulator (Part 1)] I had to post this because this is happening more and more often now : If you drop your unit into water: Do not power it on!!! We have industrial vacuum ovens that can dry things out in a flash and recover the unit - if you power on, the unit will short out - meaning you probably will be buying a new unit.
  11. I've got a number of reports of people running the system without the stainless steel skirt. There are 2 very important reasons why you do not want to do that. 1) Your bag wraps the heating coils and the heaters will melt a hole in your bag spilling your contents. This was a problem with DIY system in the past with naked heating coils. 2) Your bag gets caught in the impeller tearing a hole and spilling contents - which I already think someone posted on.
  12. We are working through them - most are going out this week.
  13. http://forums.egullet.org/topic/145431-anova-sous-vide-circulator-available-anyone-try-it/page-12#entry1933226 Not that big of a change. If you don't use the timer feature, you probably wont know the difference. On the hardware side is mostly a bunch of optimization tweaks: 1) the sensor got reoriented as mentioned above. 2) opened up the water intake slightly so the system sucks air less when you are running a few inches of water. 3) reoriented the internal fan so the unit runs a bit cooler The hardware is getting done as well for anyone that wants the upgrade
  14. I clean internals about once every 1-2 months - unless you get a spill or bag break. Sous vide is generally pretty clean and honestly I think switching out bath water after a few uses is more important.
  15. please see comments below Congrats!!! You just located our patented low water level electrode sensor. It is pulling charged particles from your water, sides of your pot, particles sticking to you bag, dust in the air is all going to stick to it. Discoloration is normal and does not affect anything. Depending on your water source (drilled well, or city water,) you will get colorations from shades brown to all shades of grey, to black. This sensor also stops the unit as soon as you pull the system out of water and is the only system that has an instantaneous stop. There is also a hard switch bi-metal fuse imbedded with the heater for redundant safety. @Robenco15 The bent sensor is the Temp probe - I had it reoriented in newest V2 units after people started cleaning and dropping their units on the probe bending it out of shape. The reorientation allows the point of impact to be on the heating coils which can take a beating.
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