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  1. I woke up this morning with my belly unmistakably & unexplainably requesting „Grünkohl“! No specific reason, it is not even cold enough for eating it. And yet, after three hours of carefully boiling chopped up kale into submission with copious amounts of cured pork products, here we are ...



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  2. My family rebelled against another night of Pho, as the house allegedly is still perfumed with a faint star anise/fennel scent ... so I made chicken braised with mushrooms and chestnuts (and added star anise, that’ll show them). Not much to look at, but very, very tasty. Served with stir-fried sugar snap peas & garlic and some dumplings (commercial product) with sesame/black vinegar/soy dip ...




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  3. 35 minutes ago, liamsaunt said:

    forbidden rice bowl with miso-roasted salmon, roasted purple daikon radishes, cucumber and cilantro with a lime-mirin dressing



    That looks mighty tasty ... but what makes it “forbidden” ?

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  4. 38 minutes ago, Chris Hennes said:

    It's a delicious bread, but it doesn't really taste that much like the baseline recipe.

    My apologies, but I had to smile reading this. Growing up in rural Germany, Pumpernickel was on the table more often than not. And I loathe it. So much. And while I admire you going through the process of replicating something inedible, it seems that the shortcut at least didn’t taste as bad as the original 😜


    YMMV, of course ...

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  5. Pho Bo, as my first steps into pressure cooking continue ... half short rib, half oxtail. Added some black cardamom to the usual suspects coriander, cinnamon, cloves, star anise and fennel. Very good - the little one practically inhaled it. Next batch tomorrow ...


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  6. “Gyros & movie night“ instead of the usual pizza-fueled variety - no complaints (neither about food nor my movie choice “Totoro”)


    Nicely stacked ...




    And crisped w/ „veggie part“




    Pita bread in the making




    Brushed with oil and grilled 




    Assembly process, easy as child‘s play





    And a little reward for the cook !



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  7. 18 hours ago, teonzo said:


    Many people in Italy think that renaming a restaurant will bring bad luck, just like renaming a boat. So when they buy an existing restaurant they keep the same name. Maybe there are Koreans with the same superstition.






    There used to be a Chinese takeaway in my hometown called “Alte Linde” (“Old linden tree”), because it occupied the half-timbered house a German restaurant of that name occupied before. We always joked that “Al Te Lin De” was probably Cantonese and gave some warning on the food quality (Which wasn’t good, even for a 16 year old from a rural German town). It did not last long, despite the name ...

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  8. Before inevitable succumbing to @Franci’s purchase suggestions, this week I acquired a pressure cooker from the source of all evil (and cheap household appliances). The Amazon Basic pressure cooker does exactly what is needs to do - no frills, no extras - but thanks to Prime day about 25% off.

    Never having owned a pressure cooker before, I decided to make stock first. Pho Ga specifically. It worked out nicely. Stock was full bodied and delicately flavored after one hour cooking time. The used meat made a great filler in addition to the minced pork in my Vietnamese spring rolls ... all good !




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  9. 1 hour ago, Franci said:

    I’ve seen on Amazon.de you have the tigelliera 2 torri, the one with 7 holes is the best for me.

    Must ... resist. Aaaaaargh ! I know it will end up in my shopping basket tonight, latest after the Saturday night liquid mood enhancer 😜

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  10. Easy peasy “chinesy” ...


    SV duck breast with hoisin & five spice, cucumber & scallions, bag juices reduced with honey, tomato & eggs and fried string beans with black beans. 



    Steamed bread (commercial product), to make little duck baos ...



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  11. 2 hours ago, shain said:

    Paneer makhani with lots of fenugreek, as well as cardamom, dried chilies, curry leaves, cumin, coriander seeds, fennel, turmeric, some paprika, hing, cinnamon and black pepper. Most toasted or fried. The gravy base is onion, tomato, garlic, ginger and garlic - coked down and blended with cashews, cream and a bit of sugar. 

    Saag lasooni dal - split peas and spinach. Quite a few spices but mostly curry leaves, cardamom, hing, turmeric, ginger, chilies and garlic. Finished with sliced garlic fried in butter, paprika and chili powder.

    Rice, and a raita of yogurt with cucumber, garlic, chilies and toasted spices.





    Aaaaargh... I need to find cheap plane tickets to Israel. That looks so good !

  12. 1 minute ago, rotuts said:



    looks good !


    Ive had these , perhaps twice , just to be fair ..


    Ive noted you are not 1/2 way through that Mound of Goodness.


    just as well.  the second 1/2  will come back and '' Speak to You ""


    for quite some time.


    no Sausage Imporium near by ?


    shameful there is not a few near by.

    There are, actually ...


    And I am in the quite fortunate situation that I can get pretty much whatever I want either in or around my house (which explains my healthy physique). Today I was just feeling like junk food (which does agree with my gastrointestinal system), and I am happy to return to the more refined tastes tomorrow 😉

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  13. Sometimes it just has to be ... especially after rough, completely disappointing day where you can’t drag yourself to finish prepping the sous vide duck breast with five spice that you dropped into the waterbath just some hours ago ...

    So - without any further apologies or remorse - a McRib. Yep. I have spoken!




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  14. 14 hours ago, Norm Matthews said:

    I have a recipe for cheese scones from an Australian born friend and it has strong white flour as an ingredient.  I am not familiar with that term.  Can you tell me what is meat by strong flour?  Her recipe uses baking powder rather than yeast.  I normally would think a non yeast bread would use what I would think of as a soft flour but your recipe would be best with what I would call a hard flour.

    Strong flour refers to the variety used for bread making, so high protein flour. The German type 550 I use qualifies as that.

    Using strong flour is a scone seems counterintuitive to me, as you want a crumbly texture, and not a well developed one. I‘d assume mixing would then be very short and baking follows quickly after (hence the baking powder ?) ...


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  15. 17 minutes ago, heidih said:

    @Duvel your hike and meal look great. What type of dough did you use for the onion cake? Also your bowls incite envy ;)

    Thanks, @heidih!


    The dough is a straightforward yeast dough:


    500 g strong flour

    310 g warm milk

    8 g salt

    10 g sugar

    20 g molten butter

    Instant yeast

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  16. We spend the afternoon hiking in the vineyards around my town. I prepared some Zwiebelkuchen and carried a few bottles of the local wine (Weissburgunder Kabinett) to accompany it. The kids enjoyed fresh smoked sausages ...












    After some extensive exercise we came home to duck legs (SV, then broiled), red & green cabbage and Knödel. A hearty red from Rioja to go with the meat ...















    Plenty of Schnapps followed, and I lost track of counting, taking pictures and worrying about Corona ... 😉


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  17. 2 hours ago, liuzhou said:

    Yesterday, was the mid-autumn festival aka moon festival and the time for mooncakes. I'm not a big fan and some are just horrible. Here, is a round up of the worst (in the writer's opinion.


    It incudes one from Liuzhou. Having sampled this a while back I can concur. One of the worst things I've ever eaten.


    I had the fermented bean curd one twice while living in Hong Kong and need to admit that from all the ines I sampled, this one actually was the most palatable ...

  18. 17 hours ago, Kim Shook said:

    @Duvel – love the gyros!  I really wish I could find that bread here.  Restaurants have it, but I never see it in stores – they just have pita pockets or lavash.

    @Kim Shook: that’s just my standard pizza dough, rolled out a bit thinner, brushed liberally with olive oil and cooked on the griddle pan ...

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  19. This weekend’s project: Gyros (as correctly predicted by @Kim Shook 😉). This is the Greek variety, made from pork, not the US version, made from ground beef/lamb. That‘s next weeks project ...


    Pork neck, sliced thinly, and marinated with plenty of garlic, onion, spices, oil and vinegar. 




    Nicely skewered and ready to slowly rotate to perfection ...



    Unfortunatey, 10 min in, the gas bottle ran out if propane 😪. Sunday - no shops open for gas bottles ...




    Disaster. But(t) ... the skewer just fit into my oven. Of course no rotation, and only limited option with hot air circulation to crisp up the meat after internal temperature reached 69 oC - well, beggars can’t be choosers !



    Gyros actually turned out fine - not perfect, but taste was pretty great, some extra crisp parts, some tender ones, and all plenty juicy.






    Served Greek style with Meze, cabbage salad & homemade pita, brushed with olive oil and grilled ...





    Very, very good !






    στην υγειά μας



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