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  1. 1 hour ago, rotuts said:

    Weisswurst ?

    Nope ... its a “Feine Bratwurst”, so a fine pre-boiled sausage (spiced, but not cured, though). Texture is a bit firmer than a Weisswurst, and it is made from pork alone. Tasty ...

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  2. This is how saturday laziness looks like:


    Oven fries & fried eggs for dipping. An odd sausage for extra protein 🤔

    As a fresh accompaniment Gazpacho from the veggies in my fridge. Despite the minimum effort the family was happy ...



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  3. 5 minutes ago, teonzo said:


    I dare to say that beer is the best fuel for a pissing contest.






    I trust you never had a night of whiskey highballs ... kidney-friendliest drink there is !

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  4. At the butcher that had a suckling pig roll, which is essentially the deboned belly and back in one piece, connected by the still attached skin. I scored the meat, rubbed rosemary, fennel, lemon zest, chili, garlic & salt in, rolled the whole thing up and SV for 24h @ 68oC. Roasted in the oven to get a lovely suckling pig porchetta ...




    A pizza bianca to go with it ...



    Final assembly with baby spinach and a sauce made from two whole grain mustards & the bag juices. 



    Very simple, very good !

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  5. Today, a rainy & cold day called for comfort food: Beef roulade with gravy, over mashed potatoes, accompanied by braised red cabbage ...



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  6. Tori Paitan Ramen, ajitsuke tamago, chashu, nori - sometimes it just has to be (even though you prep for about three hours and eat in about 5 minutes). 


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  7. 3 minutes ago, Recoil Rob said:

    No rotisserie setup. To me rotisserie is a cross between grill and roast. I spatchcock for the grill and truss for the roast.

    I'm leaning towards the Canton white, may experiment a little....

    Have a look then at Hainanese chicken rice ...

  8. 12 minutes ago, retired baker said:


    Senior engineer for premier biscuit chocolates in the UK, its a division of cadbury.

    This is from memory from our conversation 20 yrs ago, I think the basic idea is correct....best as I recall.

    Unfortunately not - if you are referring to a crystallization process, no electron transitions or photon emissions take place.

    You can measure the latent heat of crystallization accurately in a calorimeter, and I would suggest that this might be the underlying principle of that German tool you are referencing.

  9. Summer time - marinated pork collar, oven potatoes, goat cheese, chickpea salad, olives and a very yummy hanging tender from the BBQ ...





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  10. For me the major perk of working in my home office - the canteen is excellent. And seems to have everyday exactly what I want 😉 ...



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  11. 2 hours ago, Shelby said:

    Zucchini carpaccio.  Yellow squash, sea salt, olive oil, lemon juice, basil, thinly shaved parmesan  and pine nuts.



    Wow 🤗

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  12. This Sunday the little one requested “Minions”, accompanied by ...


    Salami & mushroom



    ”Hawaii” - lardons & pineapple 




    Aubergine & salami




    There was some dough left, so I prepared a “leftover” calzone, which will delight the little one for school lunch tomorrow.




    Since school restarted after the Corona “break”, school lunch catering has been discontinued; he gets now a lunch box everyday. There won’t be complaints tomorrow (actually, there aren’t any on the other days either 🤗).

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  13. Tonight easy-peasy Japanesy ...



    Flash-fried edamame with soy & butter ...




    Braised daikon with miso-meat sauce ...




    Cured herring with ponzu ...




    Aubergine nanbanzuke ...








    Happy faces all over 🤗

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  14. 5 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

    Most polenta pizza recipes bake the crust on a baking sheet.  I put it on parchment and slid that on to a pre-heated steel which yielded a crust that was crisper on the bottom with slices that could easily be picked up and eaten our of hand. 



    That looks pretty good - its just regular polenta, no binders added ? What temperature do you bake this for how long ?

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  15. I found a small cured pork belly in the freezer and decided to roast it low & slow ...



    And, in order to fit it into the tiny glass form, I had to trim it generously and made steam-fried dumplings with the leftovers and cabbage ...






    At the end, I will have to eat the full pork belly by myself, as my family went exclusively for the dumplings 😉

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