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  1. 1 hour ago, weinoo said:

    Maybe in the US 😉


    In Germany its a thing for quite some years now (after all, the original is a German product, which also explains the interesting name). All my neighbors have one, either the original or a copy (heck, even Aldi sells them for less that 200 bucks). There are gas and electric versions available, too ...


    But noone I know would ever consider using a beefer indoors. 

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  2. 9 hours ago, Kim Shook said:

    And re: that rotisserie – do you think you could do gyro meat on that?  Sorry, different thread. 😄

    That was my original target - weekend is coming 😉

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  3. Do you know the episode of Mr. Bean, where he orders “steak tartare” and the waiters asks him specifically “steak tartare” and he answers “yes, steak !” ?

    If you know exactly what you order - especially in the context of the restaurant you are in - there is no doubt about the responsibility for your food choice. If you don’t know about dish and preparation, I feel it is up to you to ask your waiter about it. If the dish comes out very different to what you know of the dish and what have been explained to you, you may start to argue about whether you have been served inadequate food. Elsewise, you need to pay for what you have received.

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  4. 51 minutes ago, heidih said:

    Those things are fun and the kitchen smells great. Did you prick the chicken at all to facilitate flavoring the potatoes or did it naturally "drip"? We one years ago that also had flat metal skewers for kebabs. No idea where it disappeared to. I found one at a yard sale fr super cheap once but it was enclosed with a glass window. The top got so hot I had scarring for a few years. Pitched it so kids would not burn themselves since if the adult manages to bump it -- . I did a fatty pork roast (skin on) once - now that was good.

    No pricking - all “natural release” 😉


    I deposited some butter under the chicken skin, which - together with the dry rub - enriched the potatoes additionally. Chicken turned out good, but those potatoes ...

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  5. Got a new toy ... it is amazing how much satisfaction one can derive from a slowly rotating metal stick. Family unanimously agreed that the potatoes were the best thing ever ...




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  6. Came home. Got dinner request for Schnitzel with Bratkartoffeln. Had not a single ingredient in my home (excoet for salt & flour) ... 🙄


    A supermarket visit (and some cooking time) later family was happy !



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  7. Introducing: the McFibrous ! A hefty slice of fried Lo Bak Go, topped with Manchego & cole slaw, a generous helping of Okonomiyaki sauce, served on a brioche bun. Contains a week’s requirement of dietary fibre, cleaning out both your gastrointestinal system AND your fridge ...



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  8. 4 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

    As good as fries from a Belgian restaurant?  Probably not.  I am not complaining.

    I am sure as soon as you switch to horse fat,  your method will yield fries that any Belgian would be happy to be served ...

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  9. Tonight’s rendition of „Movie & pizza night“ featured „Arctic Dogs“ (a movie that will definitely not be repeated), aaand ...


    Milanese salami & mushrooms (a combo that was repeated That very night)



    Capers, anchovies and olives 



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  10. 1 hour ago, kayb said:


    Much better, thanks. Don't know what I had, COVID negative, but the antibiotic kicked it. 


    I use round steak, pounded thin, for my Rouladen. Smear with mustard, roll around a kosher dill spear and a brat, wrap in bacon and secure with toothpicks. Braise in beer. Probably not authentic, but damn good. Roasted potatoes or German potato salad, and red cabbage on the side.


    Authentic is overrated anyway ... but as an „authentic“ German I have to say that your version sounds perfect 🤗

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  11. Japanesy evening:


    Okonomiyaki ...




    Cooked shrimps with Ponzu for dipping ...




    „Reba nira“: liver fried with spring onions, with lamb subbing for the liver 😉



    Aaaaand a highball. Yes !





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  12. 7 hours ago, weinoo said:

    And if the op doesn't want to pound the top round, there has to be another way.


    What if the stuffing were cooked a little more first, so it didn't need as much time to finish?

    Yeah ...


    German cooking at the end is all about the sauce. You can choose a cut that would be great medium rare and combine it wirh a cooked filling, but it wouldn’t yield the dish „Roulade“ ...

  13. You are right, top round („Oberschale“) is the cut of choice - for two reasons: you can pound it really thin without compromising the integrity of the later roulade and it holds well during the prolonged brause, which is essential to create the required sauce.

    As the roulade is smeared with a healthy dose of sharp mustard and stuffed with (only briefly fried) bacon, onions & pickled cucumbers before rolling up, it required some braising time to harmonize the flavors of the filling and leach out enough to contribute to the characteristic flavor of the sauce. 



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  14. 4 minutes ago, Eatmywords said:

    How about the butter and corn in the ramen?  Haven't seen that before.

    Miso ramen with butter & corn is classic Sapporo ramen, and hugely popular all over Japan in recent years ...

  15. That takes me back ...


    About 20 years ago I was invited to a research conference in Sapporo. I ised the trip to explore Hokkaido a bit, and one night me and my girlfriend did a home stay with an Ainu family literally in the middle of nowhere, who treated us to a wonderful ishikari-nabe, or salmon hot pot. Some salmon jerky was offered and we had a great evening with our hosts ...



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  16. 2 hours ago, KennethT said:

    What time/temp do you use for the various chicken parts?  I never found a time/temp that worked to give really juicy meat but fully cooked skin at the same time.

    I usually use 64 oC for 2.5-3h for chicken breast. Sometimes I go below that, temperaturewise.

    Presalting the skin helps with the texture, as does removing the breast from the bag and plunging it directly into the ice water. 

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