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  1. Visiting the Andechser monastery, about 40 km from Munich. There are boasting one of the oldest monastery beweries of the area ...



    Judging from the interior of the church, sales of beer have been rather good in the last 5 centuries or so ...



    Of course, monastery beer was sampled together with a small lunch snack.




    The crackling here is otherworldly 🤤



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  2. 24 minutes ago, TicTac said:



    Bet he slept well that evening!




    He sleeps very well every night. This is our first „active“ holiday with him - hiking, cycling, swimming ... he is up und running until 21.30h and then sleeps until 9.00h, regardless of noise, sunshine or the promise of sausages for breakfast.

    And no, he didn’t get beer. I bought him an alcohol-free Weizenbier at the Hofbräuhaus, because I had my first taste of beer in Munich as well (alcoholfree of course). He didn‘t like it - neither did I then - and it‘ll probably keep him until age 19, just like his father ...


    (I caught up since then)

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  3. Returning from the Bavarian alps a quick stop-over in Munich: after enjoying the city center at fantastic weather ...




    ... and entertaining the little one for a full day in the truly excellent Deutsches Museum, finally dinner in a classic beer garden just next to our accommodation.

    Pork roast, Knödel, cabbage salad. The crackling was pure food porn ...






    My wife had a Schnitzel, which didn’t disappoint either.



    Little one decided that a „Maß“ (one litre) of beer is too much for him, so after each sip (by me) he checked if he could lift the glass. At ~0.2 L he finally succeeded and was content for the rest of the evening ...



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  4. I should have been enjoying Catalonia by now, but unfortunately ...


    Due to the recent Corona outbreak in three cities in Catalonia (including Barcelona) the area was declared a high risk area by the German government with a clear advise not to travel & the need to test for Corona upon return. So we scrapped our holidays at my parents in law and made a last minute booking at a resort in rural Bavaria, at the feet of the Alps.



    It came with a wellness package and  half-board. We arrived on Thursday and I have been in a food coma ever since ...




    Today we visited Salzburg, and befitting had a Austrian dinner ...



    Goulash soup








    Tafelspitz, braised spinach & fried Knödel




    Local fish and cucumber salad




    Mountain cheeses with fig-mustard cream, fresh rye bread




    Apfelstrudel with cinnamon cream




    Chocolate mousse



    It all gets served with a full bottle of white. Every night. Am a tiny it full 😉




    And an extra dessert for me. Cheers !





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  5. 7 hours ago, heidih said:

     Ha I went to lunch with a Hong Kong Chinese friend once (Lebanon raised though) - she sent the cakes back because the browning was inadequate!  Being beautiful helps service requests. She was right. They fixed it.

    I think it is more about the crust than the color. The cakes themselves are kind of gooey, and need some sort of crust for getting the right mouthfeel.

  6. 5 hours ago, TicTac said:


    Love turnip cakes at Dim Sum restaurants - would be very curious to hear your process to create those lovely morsels!



    ~500 g of Daikon, cut into matchstick sized sticks 

    1 teaspoon of salt, sugar

    120 g rice flour

    10 g potato starch

    some bacon, soaked mushrooms, katsuobushi


    Take the daikon, fry it with some water for about 10 min. Drain and cool down. Reserve the cooking liquid.

    Soak some dried mushrooms, reserving the soaking liquid. Mix liquid with cooking liquid.

    Mix cooked daikon, flour, starch, salt & sugar (pinch of MSG if desired). Add about 200 mL of combined liquids. Combine to make a uniform mixture, add bacon, ‘shrooms & fishflakes. But into oiled heatproof bowl ans steam for 1h at high heat.

    Cool down and keep in the fridge for one day. Slice into 1cm slices, fry in hit oil until golden and serve with a dipping sauce made from sweet soy sauce and sriracha.



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  7. I bought a daikon last week to grate about 1% of it as a garnish. The rest was waiting in the fridge for other uses, so I took a heart on Friday and made it into Lo Bak Go (or „turnip cake“). Fried the next day and served with sweet soy sauce/sriracha combo ... very tasty. This was meant as an evening snack, but a couple of rounds were requested, so I call it dinner 😉



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  8. 8 minutes ago, TdeV said:


    Say it ain't so, Duvel! That muffin tin prep looks fantastic.
    Your recipe for Okonomiyaki please?

    ~250 g very finely shredded cabbage
    95 g AP flour

    5 g potato starch

    120 mL dashi (usually Ajinomoto instant, a bit on the diluted side)

    1 egg
    large pinch of salt (balance with dashi and bacon, if using), pinch of sugar (optional)


    Combine liquids, add solids to make a smooth batter. Add cabbage and let stand for about 10 min. Heat a pan with oil, pile the mixture into the hot pan, then flatten to 2.5 cm high disc. Add whatever protein you like on top (squid, shrimp, bacon ...). Once browned on the bottom, flip pancake over and brown as well.

    Remove, add Okonomiyaki sauce, kewpie mayonnaise, aonori powder and katsuobushi.


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  9. For some reason I thought that muffin-sized Okonomiyaki would be a good idea. They do turn out more fluffy and crisper on the edges, but are ultimately not worth the extra effort (especially for cleaning the muffin sheet). Next time a regular size one will do ...





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  10. 1 hour ago, liuzhou said:

     With a tomato and basil salad.





    You mean „with a basil and tomato salad“ 😉

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  11. On 7/21/2020 at 4:05 AM, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    When I really want to get down and dirty, I use Maggi Fond de Veau that I suitcase home from France.    It is available domestically at obscene prices.    It is around 3€ in France.

    This is actually a nice product. Their fish stock is also not bad - light, not salty. I mix it with dashi for a subtle basic fish stock.

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  12. In my fridges veggie compartment I found cabbage, spring onions, spinach and some green peppers, so I thought ... cabbage strudel. Unfortunately, I felt far to lazy to prep some proper strudel dough and settled for a cabbage quiche. Thyme, caraway, nutmeg, some mountain cheese to top it - definetely a shortcut preparation compared to strudel, but a yummy one nonetheless ...



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  13. 6 minutes ago, heidih said:


    Made me cringe but there is the "Hawaiian pizza" thing so just breathe. 

    Yup. We had that on Sunday ... guess where the canned pineapple slices came fron in my fridge 😉


    Appears to be a German thing ... an homage to the original Toast Hawaii !



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  14. Felt like deep frying stuff tonight. So, Schnitzel. I gave option according to what I had in the fridge “Jäger” (hunter-style = mushroom cream sauce) or “Hawaii” (pineapple, cheese & a pickled cherry). Of course they wanted both 🤔


    Sometimes I wish my family would take German food rules more seriously. Creamed spinach and Bratkartoffeln to make it a meal.




    Kid was happy, emptied the mushrooms over the potatoes and demolished it all (despite the apparent lack of taste 😉 )



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  15. 6 hours ago, Franci said:


    @Duvel, looks wonderful. As soon as I saw this, I thought about the “baciata”, I’ve never made it but it’s going to be soon on my list. Here, Bonci, linking from here that already has subtitles 

    Thanks, @Franci, for adding just another “must try” to my list 🤗

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  16. Tonight “Hotel Transylvania” plus ...


    Mushrooms & salami




    Hawaii: Pinapple & smoked lardons




    Tuna, olives & onions




    Four cheeses & mushrooms 



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  17. 45 minutes ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    Not actually true.    In France, we were joined by friends at dinner.    As I translated the menu , the husband could find nothing on the menu he would eat.   I finally came to andouillette.   "What's that?", he asked  "A kind of sausage." I answer.    "Great", he answers, "I love sausage!"    "Excellent", I reply.     He commented that it was the "strangest" sausage he'd ever eaten.   

    We took my sister and my brother in law out to a neighborhood bistro in the 20th Arrondissement in Paris some years ago. He wanted something “different”, so I suggested the andouilette, that was advertised on the blackboard. When some time later the server approached our table from behind him, he looked up and said “Wow ... someone must have left the toilet door open”. He soldiered through the andouilette, which was very much on the offal side of the spectrum, but refuses to discuss his experience until this day ...

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  18. 1 hour ago, rotuts said:

    Weisswurst ?

    Nope ... its a “Feine Bratwurst”, so a fine pre-boiled sausage (spiced, but not cured, though). Texture is a bit firmer than a Weisswurst, and it is made from pork alone. Tasty ...

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