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  1. Modernist Pantry has them listed for pre-order, not sure what the wait time will be. https://www.modernistpantry.com/spinzall.html
  2. Yes, they sent out an email on Monday. They did the same thing in May so it could be something they plan on doing periodically.
  3. ChefSteps sent out referral codes for Joule circulators good for $30 off 9/25-26/17 only, code giver also gets a $30 gift card the first time their discount code is used. "Give your friends $30 off Joule and get $30 back! If your neighbor, your brother, or your barber buys Joule today or tomorrow using your code, you’ll get a $30 Amazon gift card.*" My code is sharejoule-0sfzhb if anyone is looking to purchase a Joule. Anova is selling off their 1st gen Precision Cookers at a pretty good discount while supplies last... http://anovaculinary.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=72f115d810b617d748ce4cf45&id=c862724c7f&e=d0300f4d27
  4. Anova is selling first generation Precision Cookers at a large discount while they last... https://us.anovaculinary.com/products/1st-gen-anova-precision-cooker?utm_source=Anova+Food+Nerd+Family&utm_campaign=aa6268f30b-promo_us_first_gen_2&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0315742ebc-aa6268f30b-105778773&ct=t(promo_us_first_gen_2)&goal=0_0315742ebc-aa6268f30b-105778773&mc_cid=aa6268f30b&mc_eid=d0300f4d27
  5. I received an email from Dave Arnold a few hours ago, apparently he saw that video I posted on Youtube and thought my Spinzall was vibrating a little too much at speed and offered to help resolve any problems. Pretty good customer service when they contact you before you know if you have a problem or not.
  6. It was a little loud, but I didn't have the feeder cap on which according to the instruction videos I've since watched will reduce the noise quite a bit. It was also the first use mostly out of the box (I did clean the food contact surfaces) after just skimming through the instructions so I need to make sure everything is put together properly.
  7. Mine was delivered this evening while I was at the grocery store, picked up some basil and oil to make a basil/garlic oil. Pretty good, could have used more basil...and cowbell.
  8. Mine was stuck in "Label Created" purgatory for several days before it finally started moving. Should finally make it here tomorrow.
  9. Received my tracking as well, should be delivered on Monday!
  10. No tracking for me yet, I should have been in the first 500 but there was a hiccup with my payment (flagged by fraud prevention) so I may have been pushed to the back of the queue.
  11. According to an email I received a few hours ago they've shipped the first 500 units.
  12. The previous one is called the Paragon Induction Cooktop and is still available, but at double the price. They recently made a temperature mat that goes under the pan available for pre-order that's supposed to let you precisely control the surface temperature of the pan, that appears to be built in to this new unit.
  13. The last official update I received was on May 9th, but they did post a picture on Instagram yesterday of some pre-production units being worked on by a coder.
  14. Received an email from Spinzall last night, even though they only made it to 70% of their funding goal they were able to negotiate a smaller production run from the factory and will proceed with manufacturing. I guess I bought me a centrifuge!
  15. They picked the worst possible time to launch a crowdfunding campaign, I'm sure a lot of potential customers are short of cash about now due to spending it on gifts and travel for the holidays. Probably would have been better to delay the launch until New Years Day when people have had a chance to recover a bit and may have year end bonuses burning a hole in their pockets. That being said, I'm in for 1. Just going to try and keep the price a secret when it shows up at the door.