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  1. How large? Here is a 9.5" x 13" cast iron lasagna pan but it might be a little deeper (3") than you want... https://www.amazon.com/112010-01-Artisan-Preseasoned-Rectangular-Lasagna/dp/B072QGBNHG/ref=sr_1_4?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1550164844&sr=1-4&keywords=cast+iron+lasagna
  2. This is being offered on Woot.com... https://home.woot.com/offers/bruntmor-double-handle-cast-iron-skillet-pizza-pan-1?ref=w_cnt_wp_5_6
  3. Coogles

    Food recalls

    USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service does have an email notification list you can subscribe to here... https://www.fsis.usda.gov/wps/portal/fsis/topics/recalls-and-public-health-alerts/current-recalls-and-alerts If you scroll down the page a bit it shows a list of current recalls.
  4. Coogles

    Vacuum herb dryer

    The vacuum removed some of the moisture but not enough to dehydrate the herbs, I don't think the volume of the Ball jar (1 quart) is big enough to allow enough of the water to boil off under vacuum. After repeating the vacuum procedure several times the leaves had shrunk significantly and gone limp but were still moist to the touch. Something like a vacuum degassing chamber would probably have a better chance of doing this successfully due to the larger chamber size and the ability to keep it under vacuum indefinitely.
  5. Coogles

    Vacuum herb dryer

    Never tried it before, but since I needed to prune the basil growing in my Aerogarden anyway I thought I'd give it a go. My chamber sealer doesn't have the option of holding at vacuum so I sealed up the basil in a Ball jar at high vacuum (45 sec, ~99.9% vacuum according to the gauge) along with a little rice to act as a desiccant. I'll open up the jar in a few hours to see how it looks and repeat the vacuum a few times if the herbs aren't dry enough.
  6. Coogles

    Cooking with light

    GE still makes the Advantium ovens, we have one of the older over-the-range oven/exhaust hoods in our kitchen. Only used the "cooking with light" feature a few times before it got old. Now its just used as a microwave and rather inefficient exhaust hood. Biggest issue we've had is that the plastic they chose to make the door out of became brittle over time, I've had to epoxy the handle back on several times when the plastic it was secured to gave way.
  7. It's a Chinese pancake rake. End of the dowel fits in to the hole where the zip tie is now. https://m.asia5b.com/goods.php?id=272128
  8. I saw an infomercial for this not long ago on one of those mornings that I woke up way to early, only stuck in my mind because it was hosted by people who had (or maybe still have) shows on Food Network. Thought it looked interesting, but not $179 interesting.
  9. Coogles

    Chamber Vacuum Sealers, 2014–

    I never did find any reviews of the VAC-VIDA sealer online, the only thing I did find is a thread (now deleted) on Reddit asking the same thing I did here (the manufacturer responded to that thread). While I was trying to decide they sold out, then another vendor on Amazon put up a Vacmaster VP215 for $670 so I ordered one of those instead.
  10. Coogles

    Chamber Vacuum Sealers, 2014–

    Anyone have any experience with the VAC-VIDA VS301 Vacuum Chamber Sealer? Specs seem quite similar to the VacMaster VP215 but it's selling on Amazon for ~ $125 less. Only has 4 reviews, all 5 stars but Fakespot gives those reviews an F for reliability (75% questionable). I've been saving up my credit card points/Amazon gift cards to use towards a VP215, if the VS301 is of decent quality I could afford it sooner but I don't want to end up with a $625 door stop because I was impatient. VAC-VIDA VS301 Vacuum Chamber Sealer
  11. Here's one on Ebay... https://www.ebay.com/itm/ALPHABET-Cookie-Mold/123271306371?hash=item1cb38adc83%3Ag%3Af5MAAOSwv~lawXds&_sacat=0&_nkw=alphabet+gelatin+mold&_from=R40&rt=nc&LH_TitleDesc=0|0 Not sure if they would ship to Sydney but might be worth asking them.
  12. Coogles

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    I bought some smoke alarms, does that count as culinary? Also picked up a "DALSTRONG Kiritsuke Chef Knife - Shogun Series - VG10V - 8.5"" for myself and some Etee organic reusable food wraps for my stepdaughter.
  13. Woot.com has the Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator up today for $170, same model on Amazon is $240. Their deals are up for one day (or less if they sell out their stock in under 24 hours). https://home.woot.com/offers/excalibur-food-dehydrator?ref=w_cnt_cdet_home_dly_img Edit: And it's gone...
  14. Coogles


    This is the brand I usually find in the international aisle of my local grocery store, but it's only $4 a tub rather than the $10 Amazon wants. The most common way I use it is to mix with mayo, ponzu sauce, toasted sesame oil and shichimi as a dip for fries. I also add it to crushed tomatoes along with garlic and oregano for pizza sauce and I've made the sauce from the ATK episode to drizzle over scrambled eggs. Very versatile ingredient to have on hand, and it seems to last forever in the fridge.
  15. Coogles

    The Air Fryer topic

    The Big Boss oil-less fryer can supposedly go up to 480° according to some reviews I read.