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  1. Here's the thread on the Combustion thermometer.
  2. This was apparently done in the name of sustainability. Know what's not sustainable? $300 3-star 10-course dinners. This makes no sense. I think it's a fun idea for a pop-up or for a long-ish change (like a quarter of a year like Next in Chicago). But for a restaurant of this caliber to pivot to full-time vegan for sustainability reasons is laughable. There's nothing sustainable about that extravagant style of dining. And for the record, I've had some wonderful vegan meals so it's not like I'm against fully plant-based cuisine. But if I was in t
  3. It's an old school steakhouse thing (e.g, Peter Luger's) typically done on cuts that are big/thick enough to be shared (which this was, even though I was the only person eating it). It also helps distribute the sauce evenly. And it lets you eat the meat from the rib bone whenever you please instead of waiting until the end.
  4. Found two tomahawk pork chops from Niman Ranch on markdown. Pre-seared on the grill. One had a barbecue rub and the other garam masala. The BBQ one went in the bag alone, while the masala was cooked with spiced yogurt and jarred tikka masala sauce. Haven’t had the second one yet, but the bbq one was great with a honey glaze.
  5. btbyrd

    Dinner 2021

    Grilled chicken nachos in my Darto No. 34.
  6. btbyrd

    Darto deal?

    DHL is spooky fast. A few days from Argentina to the US. Same with knives I've ordered from Australia and Japan (though all of this was pre-pandemic).
  7. I store mine in a shrine.
  8. btbyrd

    Dinner 2021

    Cobb salad. Cornbread on the side.
  9. btbyrd

    Dinner 2021

    The peas are quite nice, but I'm with you on the rice.
  10. btbyrd

    Dinner 2021

    Beans and cornbread (and greens). Jalapeño cheddar cornbread with local cornmeal from The Old Mill at Guilford. Anson Mills sea island red peas cooked in ham stock. Collards cooked the same.
  11. btbyrd

    Darto deal?

    I wish those little keychain pans were magnetic.
  12. I ordered some like three days after it went on sale. But it's still probably 6-7 weeks out. Will report back once I've had the chance. But if your only exposure to this pasta is from the celebrity blogosphere, I highly recommend listening to Dan Pashman's podcast (The Sporkful) about the development process that went into making this pasta. It's quite the journey. Here's a link to the first episode of the 5-part series.
  13. btbyrd

    Lunch 2021

    Celebrating my second dose of Pfizer with yakitori al fresco. Joyce Farms poulet rouge. One breast, two thighs, two tendonless tenders, and a liver snack for Rebel. Shio breast with yuzu kosho; shoyu breast with kanzuri ; shishitos. Thigh with onion over donabe rice. Dunked in smoked soy sauce. Kimchi on the side.
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