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  1. If you live in Paris and want English language cookbooks, you can save a lot by using Amazon.fr to place your order. To do this, I normally find the book that I want on Amazon.com and then search on Amazon.fr using the ISBN number. It ends up being much cheaper to order from Amazon.fr as you avoid shipping costs. Unfortunately, I’m not so sure that this would work in the other direction.
  2. It's World Cup time again, this time for Rugby of course, and this week's 'Journal du Dimanche' noted that two Parisian institutions are celebrating. The first is Poilane who has created a Pain Poilane football made from 2,3 kg of pain de mie in the shape of a football, or rugby ball I suppose. The second is the Bristol hotel, whose bar will be serving a special beer menu throughout the championship with beers from each country competing.
  3. That makes sense because the article's title translates to "A restaurant where wine is king" and says that owner Francois Surget was previously a oenologue.
  4. I was just reading about a couple who recently took over the Bastide Cabezac in Minervois. The chef, Laurent Barrière, worked at the Crillon previously. www.labastidecabezac.com
  5. Felice


    I have to say that I completely forgot about Petrelle but doing a search brought up several threads including this one by John Talbott. 9 new or rediscovered restaurants Les Vivres, which is the same owner I believe, was very popular in the press a few years ago. Please let us know how it was if you go.
  6. I was in my local bio supermarket and noticed they had both lait frais and lait cru and the lait frais was marked as being pasteurized in a bain marie but not homegonized.
  7. I can't imagine you wouldn't be happy with the les Ambassadeurs, le Bristol or le Meurice. The poulet en vessie (below) I had at the Bristol last year for lunch was probably the best chicken dish I have ever had.
  8. Currypuff, I am so glad that you started this thread because I had never heard of WWOOFing and had no idea that this existed in France. A quick search on Google turned up a lot of information and led me to the the French site where you can order the list of farms who are willing to give you a room and board in exchange for working a few hours per day plus a small fee. www.wwoof.fr 5-10€ seems to be more than fair price considering what an amazing experience you are likely to have. I am very tempted to try this myself. I don't want to get off the topic of food and turn this thread into a
  9. I was in the 13th last night, hoping to have Thai. We wanted to go to Sukothai which I have heard good things about but it was closed, so we went to my current favorite Rouammit, which was also closed! Luckily I had the pocket sized guide from Express in my bag which listed Empire des Thés owner Buon Huong Tan's favorites in the neighborhood so we went to Apsara Celeste. It had both Vietnamese and Thai but somehow we all ended up having Vietnamese. It was good and inexpensive but there are other places that I prefere for Vietnamese in the 13th. He also lists the following as favorites
  10. I read the New Yorker's article about olive oil fraud in Italy and wonder if this has ever been an issue in France. Does any one know?
  11. I just wanted chime in to say that I wholeheartedly agree with Ptipois' recommendation and can't think of a better place to spend a few hours in Paris, especially since it's your first time here. When you make your way back from the market to Saint Michel, try to take some of the smaller streets near Notre Dame. I'm not really convinced that you will be able to find a place that serves lunch at 11am though; you may need to settle for a café and croissant instead.
  12. I bought a mini convection oven not too long ago because my kitchen was too small for a real oven and I was tired of stovetop cooking. After reading over a few of the threads like this one and this one in the Japan forum, I decide on a Delonghi which I bought at Darty. So far I have been pretty happy with it. Today I went to Mora in hopes of buying a baking sheet so I could make cookies but they didnt having anything small enough.
  13. They look wonderful Penny Lane! Thank you for letting us know how they turned out.
  14. Thank you very much for all of the recommendations. I will definitely try a few and will report back
  15. The subject of Indian cuisine being discussedhere made me realise that I hadn't been to an Indian restaurant in a while. I have been to Dishny twice and thought it was just okay, maybe I just didn't order right. I would love to find something worth eating in the Passage Brady, but no luck so far. Anything to recommend that hasn't been listed?
  16. I'm not so sure there is a name for this, I've worked as a waiter in both the US and France and can't remember ever having this request.
  17. Braden I called Biocoop Lemo to see if they had lait cru and was told that they normally receive it every Tuesday but for some reason they didn't this morning.
  18. If you take a look HERE you will find a few threads about what is and isn't open in August. Many places close for a few weeks in August, but you won't starve
  19. There is a very nice, new bio supermarché called Biocoop Lemo at 33 blvd Voltaire right outside the Obkerampf metro. It's not as big as Whole Foods, but it's not bad.
  20. I have bought fresh milk at the marché biologique on Raspail, but would think you could also buy it at a good cheese shop.
  21. I am sorry to disapoint you Margaret, but Dammann's in the 5th is no more. I was riding around Paris on one of the new Velibs this past Sunday and stopped at Damman's for an ice cream break only to find a very uninteresting looking tea salon in its place. I asked what had become of Damman's and was told he still has a place in the Tuileries gardens so at least they haven't gone out of business. If I am near the Tuileries in the coming weeks I will keep my eye out.
  22. I agree as well. It seems more natural for the host to start. I wonder if there is French equivalant to Miss Manners or Emily Post.
  23. Paga, I will ask a few friends and then will send you a PM.
  24. This is true not an urban legend; there was an article in Le Figaro about the beekeeper within the last year (I think related to the refurbishing/regilding of the Garnier's uptop stuff). ← And there's more honey being made in Paris... Strangely enough the Eiffel Park Hotel has three hives on their roof and sells the honey in their hotel Details here
  25. Apparently there are also bee hives a top both the Opera Bastille and Garnier and their honey can be purchased at Fauchon. (I just Googled it to be sure and sure enough it's true)
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