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  1. I too am an American living in Paris and have not heard of any Americans being treated poorly in Paris. I work in a restaurant in Saint Germain and have asked many American tourists if they have had any problems and everyone has told me that they have been warmly welcomed. The French are unhappy with the current American administration, not with Americans in general!
  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Jaymes. Obviously La Columbe realizes that they might loose part of their "hipster" crowd, but isn't it possible that they just don't care? Many of the "regulars" at La Columbe spend their entire day there, lounging around, without spending any money. I think many people avoided La Colombe because it was so smoky. Now they won't. Also, why is it that all other professions are allowed to work in a smoke-free environment, but waiters should just deal? Smoking was first banned in offices to protect workers. Why shouldn't waiters be allowed the same protection?
  3. The name of Thierry Breton's other bistro is Chez Casimir, but according to my Nova, Fooding 2003 it's closed on on Saturday and Sunday too. The address is: 6, rue de Belzunce. 01-48-78-28-80. I could have sworn that I've been to Chez Michel's on a Sarturday. I wonder if this is a new thing.
  4. Josh, For a really inexpensive and fun night you might try La Cave au l'os à Moelle in the 15th. It's a tiny restaurant in a wine shop that has three communal style tables. The food is all served family style, meaning you help yourself to the 5-course meal being served each night--all for 20 €. And the wine's not marked up, you just pick your bottle from the shelves. The restaurant shares the same kitchen with L'Os a Moelle, next door,which gets rave reviews. Main courses are served from a large pot on an old fashioned stove and I've had things like: Coq au Vin, pig cheeks with lentils (th
  5. In response to other Regalade type restaurants, I would highly recommend Chez Michel in the 10th. The chef, Thierry Breton, also trained under Christian Constant and the food is excellent. The menu is 30 € for 3 courses. The neighborhood is not the greatest though, so you may want to take a cab. Also, in the 15th is Le Troquet. Another great place with remarkable food for the price. The menu is 28 € for courses and 30 for 5, but there is no choice! I recently had a delcious meal at Alain Ducasses latest restaurant, Aux Lyonnaise, and loved it!
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