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  1. Not that I know of and I am fairly sure this is the last tasting for Augé this year. La Derniere Goute has tastings with the winemaker every Saturday and Legrand and Lavinia have weekly events as well. Unfortunately things might start to slow down in July. I will try to post some more wine events in the next week or so....
  2. The Caves Augés will hold another free tasting this Saturday with 18 different wine makers from the Loire Valley. Wine makers include : Domaine de Bellivière, Domaine du Bois Lucas, Domaine Bourdin, Briseau, Domaine Pierre and Catherine Breton, Clos des Roches, Thierry Puzelat, Clos du Tue Bœuf, Domaine Jean Maupertuis, Domaine Les Capraides, Domaine de Montrieux, Domaine du Moulin, Domaine Paul Prieur Domaine les Vins Contés, Château Yvonne, Sébastien David, Brasserie La Pigeonnelle, Domaine Frantz Saumon. If you are in Paris this weekend, this is really an exceptional event. 11am-7pm, C
  3. I definitely agree, I have had two wonderful meals at Châteaubriand and one that just didn't work for me which was a disappointment since the first two experiences were exceptional. But, I would still recommend it and was even thinking of going again this weekend. I think Marianne got the idea that I thought Châteaubriand was a 'risky' place to go for lunch because after John T reported a terrible lunchtime experience, I replied that the lunch menu was VERY different from the dinner menu and it seemed unfair to compare the two. To me it would be like comparing the Comtoir's lunch and dinner
  4. Yes it's 'amourette(s)'--which refers to either beef or veal spinal marrow
  5. Judging from Laidback's photos, it looks like a stunning meal. I went once for lunch a few years ago before they had any stars and it was amazing. I’m curious to know from those of you who have been since the restaurant opened, how the food has evolved from a 29€ lunch menu to three stars.
  6. It will now be a lot easier to visit Alsace from Paris because starting June 10 there will be a TGV train connecting Paris to Strasbourg in 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  7. Let's try to keep the conversation focused on food I think your list looks pretty good as well. With so many restaurants in Paris it's hard to come up with a perfect list. I would also keep my options open as you never know what new places will open between now and October.
  8. Any more reviews or thoughts on L'Orangerie since Del Burgo took over?
  9. Merci Laidback for taking the time to report back and for the photos. I hadn't really given much thought to trying Rich but from both your and John's reviews, I think I will. It looks great.
  10. Merci beaucoup Milkman for starting this thread. L'Auberge Frankenbourg looks wonderful. I look forward to more.
  11. Le Mini Palais at the Grand Palais Today’s Figaroscope announced that a new restaurant ‘éphémère’ is opening at the end of the month for the next 6 months at the Grand Palais and that Gilles Choukroun (Angl’ Opera) will be in charge of the kitchen. Open 7 days a week from 10am to 1 am. They envision more than just a museum cantine and say that it will be a ‘glam-chic’ Parisian address with a lounge-like atmosphere.
  12. Steak frites seem to be on everyone’s mind lately. Sunday night M6 had a show featuring Daniel Rose of Spring in search of the best Steak Frites in Paris and now today’s Figaroscope dossier features the best steak frites in Paris. They review and rate 25 restaurants in Paris and the Voltaire, Severo, and Unico come out on top. François Simon trashes Backwardshat's beloved Gavroche, where he ate a 'sad piece of meat' and equally bad fries. Edited to change Françoise to François
  13. I don’t have much to add but wanted to say that I agree with all of the suggestions given. Chez Taeko is one of my favourite places for lunch and the marché des Enfants Rouges is a great market. I haven’t tried Pain du Sucre yet, but keep hearing great things and thanks to VivreManger and loladrian I will definitely give it a try soon. As loladrian said, both Goumanyat and G.Detou are worth seeking out and are wonderful places to shop for items you might not be able to find at home. For a cheap lunch or dinner while shopping in the Marais, I have to say that I like L'As du Falafel too, b
  14. How funny… Last night on M6 there was a programme all about how to make a perfect steak frites and during the show Daniel Rose (from Spring) goes to what I think was a Belgium French fry shop in Paris to learn the secret of perfect French fries. I had never heard of the shop and tried Google and Pagesjaunes to no avail, I wonder if it’s this place.
  15. Yes, they had the Cornas Chaillots 2004, Cornas Reynards 2004 and Cornas sans SO2 2004 from Thierry Allemand. They also had several Cornas from Pierre Clape. The next event will be the Loire on June 2.
  16. I went to the Rhone Valley tasting today at the Cave Augé and if you haven’t ever been to one of their tastings, I would really recommend going. There were 20 wine makers there today from the Rhone, all natural wine makers as far as I know --Dard et Ribo, Thierry Allemand, Domaine Gramenon, Marcoux and others that I am not that familiar with. The whole event takes place just outside the shop, with the wine makers there serving several of their wines on big oak barrels. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to taste numerous wines from one wine maker.
  17. This very well may have been posted elsewhere on the eG forums, but in case anyone in the France forum is interested in reading a bit more about Gordon Ramsay, I will post a interesting article about his restaurant in New York which appeared in the New Yorker recently by Bill Buford. The Taming of the Chef, by Bill Buford, The New Yorker
  18. Thank you so much for this report Laidback. I will definitely try Au Bascou soon and can't wait for your photos.
  19. Thank you Clotilde, I will definitely give it a try. And, of course, no one is ever going to agree on these sorts of lists, my only issue with the Conde Nast list was to find a restaurant on it that was deemed a ‘hot’ new restaurant (which to me means a place everyone is talking about) which I couldn’t find in the mainstream French press. Had it said ‘tables you’ll be hearing about’ or something like that I wouldn’t have questioned it.
  20. John, was the Figaroscope list their favorites for 2007 or their pick for the 'hot new tables'? To me there is a big difference.
  21. Yes Phyllis has several times and will reply I'm sure.I'm one of the nay-sayers at lunch but then I'm basically a grouch. ← Yes, I have been three times for dinner. I went when it first opened and loved it (posted here), went again shortly after and again it was wonderful--one of the best meals I have had in Paris in a long time-- then went a third time and was disappointed. The food was not nearly as good as the first two nights and the service was pretty bad (handsome bobo waiters more interested in smoking behind the bar) I actually tried to reserve for tonight thinking it would be n
  22. ← Hmmm, one heart in Figaroscope and barely a mention elsewhere and it ends up as one of 2007 'hot new tables'?
  23. I have to say I was a little surprised to see a restaurant I have never even heard of on Conde Nast's 'Hot List'. Spring, Les Ombres, Chateaubriand, Cantine de Quentin I can understand but Les Petits Freres? I went to see what LeFooding said about them and they didn't have it in their guide and Google didn't turn up much press either. Maybe it's a great place, but you would think to have it make their 'hot list' it would have gotten a bit more press.
  24. Nglez, There is a thread about Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi in the eG France forum already which might give you some good information. Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi
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