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  1. Esquire had this to say about The Shack in Staunton. And I had this to say, in another forum: A friend and I rolled into Staunton about 7:30 and --perhaps because of the rain -- found an almost deserted restaurant on an almost deserted street -- a real noir night just off a scruffy intersection near the four-lane. From the outside the Shack looks like the sort of spot that would serve grit-centered breakfast specials and dubious fried chicken (undiscovered genius or poisoning risk?) at lunchtime to construction workers, less-Epicurean locals and the guys at a nearby auto body shop. Insid
  2. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and thoughts.
  3. I can see it. Something about making your partner happy and enjoying a meal together that pushies you past the Korean carry-out.
  4. Stephanie passed away thirty days ago tonight, a month and a day before she would would have been 50. For the first time in six weeks I cooked in my kitchen, for the kids and some friends. Progress of sorts. But doing dishes alone...
  5. Depends on my mood, though four times out of five I'd join you at The Passenger. Alas, though, it's a hike from there to 14th Street, hence my reccomendation.
  6. And, while we're on 14th Street, if you're in the mood for a hip cocktail joint, you might want to try The Gibson, a neo-(pseudo-?) speakeasy where tattoed bartenders whip up excellent, original cocktails. Prime time entrance generally demands a reservation, but getting their early or late often works as well. Also, being polite and patient to the guy at the door seems to help. Mitch probably has a more nuanced view of the place, if he cares to weigh in, but I think it's an excellent place to kick off a 14th Street crawl.
  7. Busboy

    Arugula, I Love You.

    My current junk food craving is a "'staven" from Pete's Apizza topped (at home) with fresh arugula that's been doused with blue cheese dressing and piled on. Somehow even more decadent and more healthy at the same time, and the green's spiciness sets off the richness of the cheese and pepperoni. In fact, picked up two organic bunches this weekend for my one-man debate-watching party Wednesday night. reminded me how much more flavor the mature plants have than the "baby" stuff I usually buy.
  8. Avoid Adams-Morgan. I'd head towards the 14th St. Corridor, as it seems to have the best hip/food quotient (H Street and Columbia Heights are probably hipper, but the food is not as good). if you want reservations, Estadio and Pearl Dive are probably out, though both offer pretty good eating. Masa 14 might be a good bet, as might Cork -- especially if you're interested in wine as well as hippitude.
  9. Thanks, all, for a wealth of suggestions. Given that the boy will likely never actually graduate from Temple and that the girl is already talking about transferring there, I suspect that I'll have an opportunity to hit many of these spots, regardless of where we end up this Sunday.
  10. Hope to be heading into Philly after three days of backpacking and will be looking for a decent meal on Sunday night. Pumpkin and Osteria both seem to have tables open, but we may want something a little grungier and heartier (may not -- comments re: these two spots appreciated) but, you know, a little higher-quality than Italian Market tourist traps, Center City yuppie bars or chain restaurants (not that there's anything wrong with them). The fewer large screen TVs, the better, and a modest price is helpful. No seafood, but burgers that do not taste like TGI Friday's and come with exciting
  11. And even a local can learn something from a semi-local like Weinoo. I think per night spent in the city limits Mitch definitely gets out more than I do, so I often look to him. Speaking of which....in today's Post. Sushi Taro in Dupont supposedly sets the standard but I haven't been since they upgraded and don't know if you can still pop in for a little eel or if you have to get the omokase. Worth looking into. Kaz Sushi Bistro is beloved. I like Sushi Ko in North Georgetowm/Glover Park. Bit of a hike to get to without a cab but not really far out of the way and worth it. Vies with Taro
  12. This is our 4th or 5th trip to DC. In the past we have dined at Old Ebbitt's Grill - OK food but enjoyed the atmosphere, Legal's Seafood - good food decent price, McCormick & Schmidt's - thought it was over priced with so so food, Rosa Mexicano - Over priced poor food, Capitol City Brewery - Great burgers good price. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - Good Steak but overpriced. These are are restruants we have visited in the past. We will probably go back to Legal's, Old Ebbitt's Grill but would like a couple of other suggestions for dinner and lunch. Pretty much like any type food but prefer seafo
  13. The French Connection. The scene where they cut between the bad guys eating a grotesquely opulent old school French lunch, while Popeye Doyle stands across the street freezing his ass off, eating bad pizza and drinking cold coffee from a Styrofoam cup. This link has some background on the actual restaurant and, at the bottom, the sceneitself. Aside from the food, it's a brilliant 2:26 portrait of the two-faced bitch that was Manhattan in the 1970s.
  14. I think you should just plan on traveling for decent food. I work literally next door to Union Station and it's not exactly restaurant paradise. There are three good, if expensive, restaurants in the Greater Union Station Metropolitan Area: Johnny's Half Shell, which is a fine fish joint that I recommend highly, and which has a pretty fun taqueria attached if you are around for breakfast or lunch; Bistro Bis, which is way more expensive than a real bistro but has better food than a real bistro; and Charlie Palmer's Steak House, which is a steak house. Do not eat any place actually in Union S
  15. I enjoy dressing up. Mostly wondering if I need to hunt down a tie for my son.
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