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  1. Wow amazing fish dishes on this page!! Great job mm84321 and Keith_W.
  2. I recently fell in love with Maldon salt. While Fleur de sel is great for finishing, I think Maldon is even better because of the beautiful texture. Not really a fan of smoked salt. Maybe I have tasted the wrong ones, but I found the smokey flavor, when I could even notice it, to be too subtle. For me it's not worth spending any money on.
  3. Really looking forward to Hank Shaw's next book: Duck, Duck, Goose http://www.amazon.com/Duck-Goose-Ultimate-Cooking-Waterfowl/dp/1607745291/
  4. Can you send it to me as well, please? Thanks.
  5. Hendrik

    So many Artichokes!

    Wow Baron, that's beautiful!
  6. Thanks. This was cut from the tail end of a 13 pound fish, but you don't need to buy one that large. 6 pounds is probably the smallest I'd go. Here are some that I cut from a 5.8 pound fish: Thnx for your reply! 6 pounds minimum sounds good.
  7. Here in The Netherlands horse meat seems to have gained a lot of popularity due to this scandal. As already mentioned the restaurant being famous for its great steaks (Turned out to be horse, which they happened to sell for over 50 years), is busier than ever. I saw a national supermarket chain had a full page advertisement full of horse meat this weekend and even michelin restaurants are starting to put horse on their menus. Apart from a horse sausage, which is very famous over here, I have never eaten any horse but can't wait to try a nice sized horse steak.
  8. @mm84321 You seem too be cooking quite a lot of turbot and doing it great! I've never cooked any turbot myself, but would like to order one at the market. What minimum weight do you recommend to be able to cut those bone-in steaks from? What was the weight of this one for example?
  9. I'm very interested in the l'Ambroisie book which I believe is only available in french. Does anybody have it yet or have plans to get it? http://www.amazon.fr.../dp/2723486877/
  10. Steak Tartare was also the first thing that come into my mind. Serve it with homemade fries and a simple salad.
  11. Maybe not very useful for a dinner at home, but I love how chef Seiji Yamamote of restaurant Ryugin uses liquid nitrogen to prevent the duck meat from cooking while crisping up its skin in this movie:
  12. Hendrik

    Dinner! 2012

    Wow mm84321, so amazing!
  13. Thanks guys. Will try to see if I can find some uncooked lobster shells somewhere.
  14. Is it possible to make a decent lobster bisque from frozen (cooked) lobsters? I've made bisque from langoustines, but never from lobster as the fresh living ones are either hard to find or very expensive. During the holiday season most supermarkets do sell frozen lobsters and I was wondering if the shells from these will still give enough flavor to make a good soup.
  15. Hendrik

    The Terrine Topic

    Wow that's amazing Baron. Good luck in the competition!
  16. Oh I didn't know that. Is there any way to get rid of that smell? Maybe a light brine? I have smelled ammonia on both cod and langoustines gone bad and only even thinking about it makes me feel sick. You can imagine I'm very hesitant to try a fish that has a slight smell of ammonia even it's supposed to.
  17. I had shark once, and it tasted faintly of ammonia; I was told this was usual and 'special', but regardless, I'd say that if it is usual for shark to taste like that, you might want to think twice about it. Ammonia smell and taste is a sign of seafood gone bad. I have never eaten shark myself so I don't know what it's supposed to taste like, but If it tasted like ammonia it is very likely the shark you ate just wasn't fresh.
  18. Expensive: halibut brill John Dory Cheap: lemon sole whiting plaice
  19. I saw someone do a creme brulee by first making a caramel (Don't remember if it was just sugar he put in it), let it harden and then blend it to a fine powder. He would then sprinkle the caramel powder through a sieve on top of the creme and he only needed to slightly warm the caramel till it was liquid again and let it harden. That way you decrease the time you need to use the blowtorch drastically which could be in favor of the foam.
  20. Hendrik

    Dinner! 2012

    Wow great food in this thread, but I'm especially impressed by mm84321. Your food looks so inspiring and it's exactly the kind of stuff I hope to able to cook one day at my home. Did you go to any culinary school for this or are you an autodidact?
  21. Hendrik

    Eggs & Ice Cream

    I use fresh eggs from my own chickens.
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