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  1. I went to a food fair recently and by the end of the day one of the stands gave away what was left for free. not being greedy, I just took some cheese. 1 kg Taleggio and abt 2 kg of Manchego. First dish: risotto with taleggio, fig and bacon chip. for the risotto I used fermented red grape juice, the one just before turning into wine, still a sweet hint, but already enough alcohol


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  2. I did eat out to often lately,  but with normal temperatures back I started cooking again. Potatoe gnocchi, confit porcini, raw porcini, crispy parsley, chicken jus


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  3. I did not cook much lately due to visitors and eating out a lot. The big heat is gone, so I really enjoyed cooking again. Puree from yellos split peas, grilled octopus, pickled lily buds and mustard seeds. 


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  4. with tropical temperatures for weeks, I just eat cold food which needs very little cooking. Tonight: cucumber panna cotta, gin cured salmon trout, fingerlimes, tapioca chip, invisible tonic gel. basically a GT with fish on a plate 😎



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  5. we expect another heat wave ☹️ Before it arrives I wanted to cook something decent before I just have salads and cold soups. Spain meets Greece: Fideua with kritharaki pasta, chorizo, some dried tomatoes from the garden and a few tiny lobster claws


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  6. I received again a basket of chanterelles from my friend. Running out of ideas, I simple served them with a baked potato, sour cream and some parsley oil. Any new recipe ideas for me pls? 


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