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  1. My Dad loves spinach and enjoys salmon or a good steak with heaps of steamed spinach !
  2. I tend to freeze part baked bread, I then just defrost and finish it off in the oven! I love homemade bread and the smell it creates while baking x
  3. I too was a veggie for years and hated the idea of animals suffering for me to eat. I was like a stick insect I couldn't gain weight and had no energy. I support Peta and lots of other animal groups, but I am no longer a veggie and I hate that others in the Animal groups judge me because I choose to eat a varied diet of both meat and veg x
  4. Hi everyone, Just interested to know what is your favorite Take away food? and why? Also how often do you grab one?
  5. Yeah I wouldn't have it again either x
  6. Junk food is definitely addictive but some of this is extreme!!! I like takeout maybe once a month, but not too often as it gets boring and makes it not like a treat...plus I think it makes you feel a bit lethargic for a few days afterwards too, so certainly not good for you!
  7. Just showing an interest but how many of you "Foodies" have got Twitter accounts? Or any other Social media accounts? I would be interested to follow some of you....
  8. Thanks for the heads up!! I will have to watch that one cos I just love Dogs (not to eat either cos that is sick!!) and Food x
  9. Champagne and strawberries is one of my favorite pairings!!lol
  10. I have a favorite food blog at the moment it's called My dish http://www.mydish.co.uk It's nothing too fussy or that I'm not capable of recreating myself x
  11. oooh that's quite clever! but would only do that to my egg not another persons!
  12. Hi, I can certainly see what you mean...I am no chef, but I do love to cook meals at home and would be totally lost without an oven!! how out an outdoor bbq/bread oven in the yard? I have seen them on Jamie Oliver shows and think they are fab,he seems to be able to make them work in the UK so I think it should be no probs in OZ! PS I used to design kitchens for a living and believe me, this one is not bad...it looks sturdy and prob just needs some tweaks...ie installing a free standing cooker and a bit of tlc and a paint job! good luck with it and repost some pics showing your progress!!
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