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  1. So ive been hearing good things about a restaurant called Sticky Rice in Washington DC. I have heard amazing things about their Tater Tot Secret Sauce, I was wondering if anyone out the knew what its ingredients might be.
  2. Eman57

    SF, Wine Country and LA:

    Best pizza in Frisco is Pizzeria Delfina, 3611 18th St,San Francisco
  3. Eman57

    Geoduck - How to butcher it?

    We did try a little just plain. It was really good just by itself. The mea from the trunk was crunchy almost and tasted sweet like a scallop. The meat from the belly was more tender and also sweet.
  4. Eman57

    Geoduck - How to butcher it?

    Awesome thank you guys very much for the help. Ended up breaking it down just fine with the help of that video. Made Geoduck Risotto with half of it, and had the other half raw with some salt, pepper, and lemon. It was outstanding, i wouldnt suggest using it in a risotto again though it became tough and chewy even after folding it in at the very very end.
  5. Eman57

    Geoduck - How to butcher it?

    Ill get right to the point. How do you butcher a Geoduck??? I am preparing one tonight but cannot find anything on how to break it down. HELP!
  6. Eman57

    Need a shrimp pate recipe

    So i have some extra shrimp left over fromt he other night. I plan on making a traditional pate with it, but i am coming up short on a credible recipe. I have no access to a garde manger book, and on the internet it seems like no one makes them the traditional way anymore. I know the main ingridents like heavy cream, spices, etc... i am unsure how much egg whites to add, i have a quart container of shrimp FYI. Pease Help!!
  7. Ive seen a quick trick to make buttermilk on the fly, you add whole milk to sour cream until it is the consistency of buttermilk, or whatever you want. It works pretty well in a jam.
  8. Eman57

    How is Vinegar Measured?

    Trying to make a hot sauce kinda tabascoish, very vinegary and spicy with a short heat. i need a stronger vinegar, but i wasnt sure how vinegar was measured.
  9. Eman57

    How is Vinegar Measured?

    I was just wondering if anyone can help me figure out how they measure the strength of vinegar. Is it measured in grains? If so which direction does the scale go in? The one im using is 120 grain and i need a stronger one. Thanks!!
  10. Realized the other day while at breakfast that all pancake toppings are not created equal. Now i pose the question what do you put on your pancakes? Personaly i load up with butter and either fruit flavored syrup or jam.
  11. Eman57

    Kitchen jobs you hate beyond reason

    I cant stand peeling garlic, i dont mind doing everything else to it but just peeling it is a pain in the butt. I also cant stand picking herbs from the stem, inparticular thyme, the leaves are so tiny and my fingers are so big it makes sooooo hard....
  12. So we all know that some chefs out there like to take short cuts, for example i worked at a place that would make aoli's by just adding chopped garlic to Hellmen's best and writing it on the menu as "homemade" indeed it was.... but hardly a true aoli. I also had a chef that would use pork shanks in place of veal shanks in osso bucco, which i think is a culinary sin. Needless to say i got out of those places fast. Those may not be the best examples but im sure there are plenty of them out there....
  13. Eman57

    Interesting Ice Cream Flavors

    Ive made Smoke Peach Ice Cream before for a competition and it was really good, you have to use liquid smoke or else it becomes to hard to control the smoke level. I also recently saw an ice cream shop in Newport, RI that served black liquorice ice cream, but i dont know how i feel about that.
  14. Personaly i cant stand it when people use the word Chef to discribe everyone in the kitchen, especially since i dont consider myself one.
  15. Eman57

    Fruit Salad Dressings?

    A dressing for your standard fruit salad(oranges,grapes,melons,etc...)