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  1. larryroohr

    Frozen Pizza

    I've been enjoying bread baking recently (along with everybody else) and decided to make and freeze pan pizza crusts. I pull one out of the freezer and set it back into the pan, add sauce - cheese- whatever else and into the toaster oven still frozen, 15 minutes later I have a pizza I really enjoy, the crusts are excellent. Almost the same amount of time it takes for frozen store bought (not counting the premade crust time). I make a 90% hydration dough so it nearly pours into the pan (on parchment) and spreads out edge to edge nicely, then par bake at 350 for 10 minute
  2. Mark, How much flour do you start with for these loaves? I usually use 450gr and I'm wondering if that is too much for the height of this pot. You've got some beautiful loaves there with nice crumb, and I dont see little holes on top from those pointy things in the lid 8^). Summer is here and I'd really like to use my Breville instead of the big oven.
  3. Anyone in the Boulder Colorado area looking for one? It's too big for me to bother shipping. Make me an offer. I bought this several years ago and used it maybe 5 times. I'm on a decluttering mission so it needs to go. Thanks, Larry
  4. I found this fascinating. Economist Tyler Cowen interviews chef Mark Miller. Here is the segment on chili's: Here is the segment on sous vide: Here's the whole interview:
  5. I got my IP last week and made beans in slow cook mode first, then a cheesecake, easy and good. Next was green chili. Browning the pork on the saute setting was great, and no splatter on the stove. Same with sauteing the onion and garlic. Then tossed in the roasted chili's, tomatoes, a little chicken stock, salt, bay leaf, a little cumin and mexican oregano, pressure cooked for an hour. Came out great. I'm surprised how tender the pork is without my usual long slow cook method. The stainless pot cleaned up easily compared to the enamel non-stick in my slow cookers (whic
  6. Rustwood, I freeze batches of roasted chili's for use later in the year, skin on, because I believe they peel much easier after freezing. You might try that.
  7. Here's another good resource: http://www.budgetbytes.com/ She lists her cost per serving and I believe she actually makes the dishes before she posts them. Tastey looking stuff.
  8. I thought eG would appreciate this. Restaurant gives discounts for negative yelp reviews: http://kitchenette.jezebel.com/a-restaurant-is-deliberately-trying-to-be-the-worst-rev-1636532498/+Ubertrout
  9. How about a 'Doodie'? http://www.grubstreet.com/2014/05/food-dude-doodies-and-the-women-who-love-them.html Made me laugh, hit a little close to home.
  10. Andie, Thanks for posting your recipe, I just took the first batch of biscuits I've made that are what I'd call really good out of the oven. Like Elsie I added a bit more cream. I used Blue Bird flour which is a 7-8% protein flour milled in Cortez CO whos main purpose in life is Navaho fry bread. I've always been too lazy to do the butter cutting thing, this was so easy and so good. I've eaten two already and don't have the gravy done yet. Happy camper here this morning.
  11. Thanks for the slopper reminder stckciv, best thing to eat in Colorado, pity anyone who hasn't had the pleasure. Pueblo's two hours away so I don't get down to Gray's Tavern often, and my attempts at replicating the chili have never come close. But, Kenji has done his Kenji thing with it, so I'm going to give it another try for the stuporbowl. Here's the link for anyone else so inclined: http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2011/02/the-burger-lab-the-pueblo-slopper-and-how-to-make-pueblo-green-chili-colorado.html
  12. Darn you guys and amazon one click! It arrived yesterday. The chicken came out great. Best thing about this is that it really is easy, hardly any clean up and minimum prep on the chicken. This thing will get used a lot here. Next up is leg o lamb.
  13. I have a BGE, and I get far better pizzamaking results out of my home oven/broiler and a Baking Steel. www.bakingsteel.com So if the OP's primary purpose is pizza, then the $72 price tag of the Baking Steel is probably the most cost effective solution.Same here. I just got the pizza steel and the oven spring in my crust is very much improved. That and with no-knead dough always in the fridge we've been pizza eating fools lately.
  14. Steak Au Poivre from James Beards Theory and Practice book. I just googled it and all the recipes I saw use a new york strip and cracked black pepper, but what I remember (it's been years) is fillets and green peppercorns. Regardless it was great, just be careful when you 'flame on' lighting the cognac. Years ago I steered a single friend to this and it became his go to dish when he cooked for a date just for the pyro special effects. Heh heh, he was a crafty one.
  15. I have a single Max Burton along with my glass top electric stove. I use it for pressure cooking because I can turn the heat down so quickly and set the temp to a step above the target internal temp of the pressure cooker. Also like it for cooking bacon so I don't have the temp over 320 which is what I understand is the high limit to avoid nitrosamines. It also works better with my cast iron wok for deep frying, which doesn't matter because I'm banishing deep frying to outdoors on my turkey fryer base, guess I could take the fob outside too though. Complaints are the burner area is too small,
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