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  1. If I don't have gas, I think I'd get an induction burner and a little varona oven. I am currently in the same boat myself...My dream is to have a DCS or a Thermodor but my apartment is only 450 sq ft so I am settling for a 30 inch Bosch Integra 700 in stainless steel. Not sure if it's the right choice though.
  2. On my India trip in March, I will have 2 days in Jaipur all by myself. One of my friends has recommended a traditional Rajasthan dinner in some pre-fabricated, franchised village outside Jaipur. it sounds pretty horrid and touristy. Are there any alernatives for getting a taste of real rajasthan? Any advice would be utmost appreciated.
  3. My problem is that the things they describe doesn't even sound good. It's just plain excess.
  4. My partnership fell apart at the last minute. All the good advice here...My latest experience shows that: 1. you can be best friends with all the key people involved, and a deal can still fall apart, 2. everything Markiscooking says about the partnership is true, 3. when someone gives you a lot of money, sometimes, there's a heavy price involved and 4. never go into business with people who is business challenged and don't know enough to ask. Anyone who wants details should pm me.
  5. How much are you willing to spend for a good meal? See yahoo story here
  6. Mike Anthony is, in my opinion, one of the most talented young chefs in New York City. GT is fastly becoming one of my favorite new places in New York City because the flavor combination and execution of Mike's tasting menu is so exciting. Even more, this is a restaurant where my vegan friends and my atkins meat eating friends can co-exist happily. I was a great fan of Blue Hill when Mike was there, and now I am a great fan of GT. I've not been to Stone Barnes often enough to form an opinion, but I do believe that Mike brings to GT the same beautiful sensibility and finess that made the formerly Blue Hill one of my favorite spots in NYC.
  7. CFO 999 I am more than interested.. There are lots of people I know who is looking for that support. As for my own venture, we scoped out a space downtown, and started negotiating the lease. The seller wants half a million dollars in key money, so somewheres in october, we got him down to 3 hundred and change. But, guess what? He had so many liens on the place and back rent that the owners ended up getting him evicted. That didn't stopped him and his pals from showing up at the leeches (sorry, brokers) office trying to negotiate a deal with us. The broker told us that he worked out a deal with the landlord temporarily where he would pay all the back rent owed within a certain time. Given the situation, we made him a really low offer. the three of them looked pretty insulted and in a show of great drama, they got up and walked out. The brokers accused us of "poisoning" the deal. Of course, his commission is on the line. A day later, he told us, the seller took our deal, but he wants the money upfront and in cash. Forget about it! A day later, the ladlord called and told us, he now officially owns the place, so we are now negotiating with him. We are glad we had a kick ass lawyer, although now we wonder if our legal bills has coubled.
  8. Actually, I think places like Momofuku Ssam is perfect Vegas. Chang would be rolling in dough in no time!
  9. From the Publicist, Ben Schmerler:
  10. A new restaurant from an old culinary legend, the website looks terribly hip. Has anyone been? Word has it Tom Colicchio came out of his kitchen. 313 Church Street 212-625-1007 www.dennisfoynyc.com
  11. There's a place called Kyotofu but not sure where it is.
  12. Bond Girl


    The new chef Amanda Freitag is reportedly doing a great job there. I have a reservation this sat. will report back.
  13. Next year. Early next year.
  14. It's only been six days in operation, and most of the food hounds have already been there. "We had Gourmet, TimeOut, Citysearch...." the server we had rattled off a long list. Inside, there is a line waiting, even though it is well past 9pm on a school night. So was it worth it? Well, the place certainly have charm, with dark warm Asian tavern style type of furniture. And, the food to go with that charm. My grill cuttlefish salad had good smokey flavors and the shrimp Cambodian pancakes was crispy with the right balance of fresh bib lettuce and carrots. The Filet Mignon Katiev-a rich looking beef noodle soup- won praises from my friends. I was told that the broth was wonderful. Currently, the menu is rather limited, so vegetarians will have a very hard time. Amanda, the very nice manager told us that the fully expanded menu will contain options for vegetarians. The place does not serve any booze yet either, but will happily open any alcoholic beverages bought in and put them in nice glasses for you. Prices are comparable to Momofuku. Kampuchea Noodles Bar 78 Revington Street
  15. The new place in the east village called Meskel isn't bad...
  16. I'll add my praise in for the great demo. I made it last weekend with some spinach and ricotta cheese. Very nice, albeit rather pedestrian filling.
  17. Has anyone found the answer to this? Just made a bastch of meyer lemon curds that I could not use.
  18. Bond Girl

    Homemade Granola

    Thanks Janet! This is great.
  19. Bond Girl

    Homemade Granola

    Breakfast cereal that they like to have with yogurt.
  20. Bond Girl

    Homemade Granola

    My God daughters loves'em but they came out of a package with questionable ingredients (ie, the ones I cannot pronounce), so I am making home made ones for their visit. First, how do you make them? Second, what do you put in them?
  21. I love Gujerati food, and for a vegetarian, Vatan is really great, although I hate the decor and the service is about the most surly one can get outside chinatown.
  22. Definitely. By the way, when you say they were like Sandies, how do you mean? Because mine came out quite flat and crispy, with an almost melt-in-your mouth texture. They're delicious, so I wouldn't mind if they always turned out this way, but I'd like to know why they didn't turn out as expected. ← They were very crumbly like peacan sandies. I like peanut butter to have a bit of gooey-ness to it. A bit of bite, I guess.
  23. Not sure if you can sit in L'atelier without a jacket....WD-50 is very nice if you are in the mood for something a bit unusual. I think you can be at JGV's without a tie but you'll need a jacket. There's also Cru, if you like wine, and Gramercy Tavern, which recently has become quite good.
  24. I wonder if that explains the problem I had too. I didn't use natural peanut butter, but the only jar I had on-hand was "Light". I got some regular crunchy today and plan to try the recipe again this weekend. ← Would you let me know how they work? The thought of using skippy is making me really squirmy, but since it gave me nice rich peanut butter cookies...I guess I have to keep a jar handy.
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