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  1. HELP me please. During summers past, I may have lost a few bonbons to the humidity, but this year, I am losing whole trays. I keep them in a temperature controlled display case, with the bulk of them in the cold room and yet the fleur de sel is going to water, the sugar is puddling and they look sticky. Any suggestions please.
  2. You said you dine there on a regular basis. Walking out, even stating you would walk out would have been a strong statement to management. Did these boors bother anyone else? If the party was drunk, the establishment has some responsibility for their actions. Don't know where this happened but in the States, the house could be held liable if they get in a car and hurt or kill someone else.
  3. Don't they get very uneven, kind of wavy from the heat?
  4. Another consideration: if there is a crack, air can get to the ganache. If it is a alow time, you can end up with mold under your shell. Disgusting. I use them for samples and make sure they are consumed within a few days. This is in addition to the 'failure feelings'.
  5. Sorry to take so long to reply. I have been using 3/8 rulers to slab. After we enrobe, we use luster dust in liquid to decorate and then sprinkle the sea salt on top of that to get the initial salt taste and crunch. It has been a good way to use any leftover berries after Valentine's Day, Mothers' Day, etc. Boy, do I wish I could attend the conference!
  6. I make a Strawberry Margarita Truffle. STRAWBERRY MARGARITA 50 g strawberry puree (reduced from 100 g) 150 g cream 40 g trimoline 20 g honey 400 g dark chocolate (54%) 30 g butter 20 g tequila 1/2 t lime oil 1/4 t orange oil 1/4 t lemon oil I slab these and enrobe. For garnish, I use a little sea salt.
  7. Is it possible that he saw how much effort you put into meals and didn't want you to bother once again?
  8. Maybe you could reheat the caramel with a bit more milk. Sometimes it even works well to soften it up.
  9. The termpering machine will save you time. We have to multi-task: while the machine is heating or cooling, we can work on a ganache or make caramel or whatever. I have the feeling that an automatic machine would drive you nuts. My trusty old ACMC's have to be monitored and we add seed, but they are usually dependable. Too small for your needs probably.When I started out, that was all I had and I turned out a lot of product. I left seed behind the baffle and let it melt while I worked. They are just 6 pound machines but I used 3- to 40 pounds a day for dipping. And I felt in control. Have you been to any of the trade shows? There are a lot of choices displayed, especially at the Philly Shows and, I think, the RCI meetings. When you are out of town, you can ask chocolatiers what they use. I have gotten to see a number of kitchens and lots of equpment that way. Folks seem very generous with their time and informaton as long as I am away from my home turf. Sometimes there are ads on the RCI site or The Chocolate Life site. Happy hunting.
  10. I have the KitchenAide attachment, but it pans very small amounts at a time. I use it to pan coffee beans to use as a decoration for a truffle. I believe that you should have some sort of barrier between the bean and the chocolate, some sort of starch or gum arabic. I use a 50/50 mix of corn starch and confectioners sugar, then untempered chocolate, then cocoa powder. The client likes them; I'm happy.
  11. When we visited we found a number of good places by straying from the main routes and poking into small places where no one was speaking English. We ate cheaply and very well. Near the fish market there were a number of good places along a smaller canal away from the Grand one. Just avoid the tourist traps except, maybe, a coffee at San Marco Square. Although we did have a soda at McDonalds once; they have American toilets.
  12. Thank you for the suggestions. I hadn't thought about raising the temperature but it is worth a try. My warmer is usually pretty dependable; sometimes we keep the thermometer handy for testing. But it is worth a try. Kerry, would some additional cocoa butter help? I feel a little queasy about throwing in some of the milk chocolate. I'm areaid it will alter the flavor.
  13. When you suggest a bit, what proportions do you mean? I have been using a 44 pound warmer for the 811. It has been oour workhorse chocolate.
  14. The worst leaking occured with the sugarfree truffles. But the cracking was worst with the Callebaut 811. I will try to call them to see if there has been any change in formulation. Thank you for helping.
  15. We haven't changed anything. The temperature has been constant. We let the centers come to room temperature before dipping. The workroom is kept at 68 degrees. (Sorry I left that out.) Controlling humidity is a challenge but it has been staying at about 54%, not ideal but not too far off. The formula hasn't changed in years. I even buy the same brand of butter and cream, not only the same percentages.
  16. Suddenly I am having a problem with my dipped truffles. Some of the shells are cracking and some have little ribbons of ganache leaking out. We are trying everything we know to correct this but nothing is working so far. We are letting them rest after rolling them, doing a thin pre-dip, then doing the final fork dip. The storage room is kept at 62 degrees, My couverture is Callebaut. We are tempering it in a "Perfect" machine. Any suggestions? Please?
  17. I bought the software and the blank transfer sheets from Tomric. The ink cartridges and refill ink is from KopyCake, I believe. I got my magnetic molds from Tomric although there are a few other companies that make them. We do have to print on white chocolate to get a good picture. I haven't had luck with airbrushing the back of the design with white, but maybe I should try again. RWoods' pictures are great.
  18. Have you tried Maldon? It has such a nice crunch and it's not expensive.
  19. I think you would be changing the ratios of fat and moisture. Maybe you could experiment with the coconut milk and cream of coconut? You'd probably have to play with the other ingredients to keep the texture. Please keep us posted whtn you play.
  20. We use little toffee bits and chopped roasted almonds in milk chocolate for one of our barks. We swirl milk and dark chocolate together with chopped pretzel pieces and finel chopped almonds in another. Occasionally we use chopped candied orange peel in very dark chocolate. If you build it on transfer paper, you get a really nice effect.
  21. In Chicago there is Lutz. If you go there order Cafe mit Schlag and any pastry. How about Burdick in Cambridge. If it is as good as the one in Walpole NH, it is very good. In our little city in the Blue Ridge we have two coffee stores using a local coffee roaster and local bakers; the result is good. There are some out there.
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