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  1. Baylee Chocolate Lady

    Leftover caramels...

    If you ever have the problem of your caramel getting too stiff, try a little evaporated milk, rather than cream. That way, you won't change the ratios of fat to sweet. To firm it up, did you try cooking it a little more or was it too far gone?
  2. Baylee Chocolate Lady

    water ganache

    Does anyone have experience with water ganache? My friend brought me one from the candy show in Philly (I couldn't go because of Rosh HaShanah.) There had been a session on it. It was wonderful. Does anyone have any helpful hints. I would like to try to play with it.
  3. Baylee Chocolate Lady

    Tahitian vanilla from Papua New Guinea

    I get mine from Chef Rubber. They used to be very affordable, but the last half pound was $206. I don't know what they are now. They are moist. They are smaller than the other beans I've used, but they work for me.
  4. Baylee Chocolate Lady

    Anyone use Marshmallow in Molded Chocolates?

    I have not molded a bonbon with marshmallow, but I do mold it and then dip it. Don't know if that is any help. I just play with the syrup temperature and the amount of time I whip it to adjust the consistency.
  5. Baylee Chocolate Lady

    Online ordering from Chef's Warehouse

    I have been picking up the phone and ordering from them for years. Now I am supposed to order on line. No problem, usually. I can't figure out how to check out. I have contacted customer service both on lone and by phone. No one has gotten back to me. No one has taken my order or enabled me to order. Does anyone have experience with them? Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.
  6. Baylee Chocolate Lady

    Caramel separated....what happened?

    At the Philly Candy Show, I attended a workshop on caramel. They did just this repeatedly And it seemed to work well. We have been making our fruit caramel this way.
  7. Baylee Chocolate Lady

    Banana Caramel Candies?

    We made the Banana Caramel Truffle recipe from the Andrew Garrison Shotts book, "Making Artisan Chocolates". It took hours. We threw it away. We will never try it again. Sorry.
  8. Baylee Chocolate Lady

    Perfect Equipment Tempering & Enrobing Question

    Have you called the company. They were helpful over the phone.
  9. After tempering your chocolate, have you tried raising the temperature slightly?
  10. I finally got someone at Perfect who could help me. I ordered two feet of belt, figuring that more breaks are coming. I will probably get someone more technically astute to do the actual repair. Thank you for commenting.
  11. A kind member told me how to post a picture of the belt. Has anyone else dealt with this type of break? If this had to happen, it couldn't happen in July?
  12. Thanks for trying to help. I should have included a picture of the belt and I will when I figure out how.. It is made of little metal wires with interlocking hooks.
  13. I have a small Perfect enrobing line. Today a link in the belt broke, and suddenly the belt gave out in several spots. Do you have any suggestions for getting it online quickly. We are hand (fork) dipping everything but the enrober made it so much quicker. Help, please.
  14. Baylee Chocolate Lady

    Everything you wanted to know about invert sugar

    We had some crystals form in the last little bit of the bucket. That was a first. What would cause that? There wasn't much left.
  15. Baylee Chocolate Lady

    Creating Ginger Caramels

    I think Mina has a good solution. Just be careful to keep your at ratio pretty constant after you strain off the ginger.