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  1. Dinner! 2012

    fried Brussels sprout, confit chestnut, shallot-bacon vinaigrette
  2. Dinner! 2012

    Some Korean style chicken nuggets with fried potatoes.
  3. Pork Belly

    If you want to leave more meat on the belly rather than on the bones use a rib puller (or make one using some twine and a piece wooden dowel). The linked video is how you can expect most seam butchers to cut a midsection.
  4. Dinner! 2012

    That looks really good Andrew. What's in it and did it also come with a sauce? Thanks. The beef is boneless short rib that I seared and pressure cooked with beef stock, charred ancho chilies, espresso and onion consomme (inspired by red-eye gravy). I did a natural release, then chilled the braise in its liquid. The next day I removed the meat and clarified the braising liquid, then reduced it by half and finished with salt and an espresso-chipotle vinegar. The meat was gently rewarmed in an oven and then researed. I glazed it with the sauce and served it on crispy shoe string potatoes with a poached and fried quail egg.
  5. Dinner! 2012

    I was playing around the other day with the idea of meat and potatoes the other day.
  6. Dinner! 2012

    Inspired by ramen. malted pork jowl, xo demi, grano arso ramen, bacon and eggs
  7. Dinner! 2012

    Not a dinner I ate, but a birthday dinner that I helped create. Left: persimmon jelly, 45 day dry aged fatback cured into lardo, lemon basil, smoked sea salt Center: crab salad, chicharrón, serrano chili, pickled enoki, cilantro Right: green papaya, braised pork belly, nuoc mam, pickled carrot and radish nitro-fried liverwurst, bass caviar, radish, cornichon, purslane, roasted cippolini tagliatelle al nero di seppia, gulf shrimp, XO purgatory sauce 45-day dry-aged kombu cured Mangalitsa loin, brown butter gnocchi, Texas tarragon, wild mushroom, wood ear broth smoked and braised goat, goat sausage, smoked goat coppa, creamed mustard greens, sweet potato, goat demi sanguinaccio dolce, graham cracker, sorghum marshmallow and meringue, lard shortbread
  8. Dinner! 2012

    tea cured duck breast, fried milk, pickled shallot, marcona puree, roasted lemon and honey sauce
  9. Dinner! 2012

    Haha first thing I thought. Always look forward to your creations man! To be fair, the technique isn't one I thought up. I saw it at Blackbird when I spent a couple weeks staging there.
  10. Dinner! 2012

    I used raw broccoli. I think the slight bitterness and green flavor help bring out the kale chips and with the tomato confit help balance with the relatively rich nature of the dish (pork, egg yolk, risotto).
  11. Dinner! 2012

    Quail yolk prepared however you like it most. Raw, poached or cooked sous vide the yolk is gently enrobed in broccoli tips. Raw eggs are more apt to break while being enrobed. The real trick is cutting the tips so that there is virtually no stalk attached, just the green flower part. Gently roll the yolk in the broccoli and the two will stick together.
  12. Dinner! 2012

    dry aged pork, xo pearl barley risotto, tomato confit, kale chips, broccoli crusted quail egg
  13. Pig's blood in NYC

    Slaughter houses salt the blood before delivering it to butcher shops. Even salted it will coagulate within a day or two. Your best bet will probably be finding a quality butcher shop and see if they can get blood from their next pig delivery in. Some slaughter houses will have the capability to fulfill such a request and the blood will be extremely fresh. I would recommend tasting the blood before cooking with it to get an idea of the salt level. Some places salt very heavily while others use salt much more sparingly. As a side note: I have had good luck blending coagulated blood with a high powered blender and using it as I normally would when it had never coagulated. Not ideal, but a possibility.
  14. Dinner! 2012

    I took some work home tonight. Starting at the top left and going row by row: Genoa, peperone, antelope, sant'olcese, campagnia, saucisson sec, bison hunter, bison bresaola
  15. Cooking with "Modernist Cuisine" (Part 3)

    Fermento is a buttermilk powder that gives a slight tang, mimicking the flavor of fermentation. You could use a small amount of buttermilk or skip it all together.