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  1. This was actually a leftfield question for me, as growing up we always ate the meat from making broth or stock. Pick it and eat with some good pickled veg( giardiniera) and or horseradish. Salty and vinegary goes really well with it.
  2. you can get powdered bar mix here . not sure about their shipping rates, I just go into the store. https://www.shopatstop.com/en/catalogue.php?cat=1&search=bar+mix
  3. I use both, but for cooking directly on hot coals , I would go with lump, or wood that has burnt down to coals. A good trick when doing "clinch" cooking is to grab a hair dryer ; stoke the coals and blow away as much ash as possible before laying the meat on the coals. Lump or wood coals generally stoke up hotter and blow cleaner than briquettes, in the times I have experimented with it.
  4. Ashen

    Breakfast! 2015

    just a weird assortment of things , fresh local strawberries,cherries, min toms, serrano ham, veneto salami, oka cheese,vezrin goats milk blue and not pictured a bit of baguette and Marley Buffalo Soldier coffee.
  5. Ashen

    Dinner 2015 (Part 3)

    I recognize that picture, it is from the thread where Fat Guy demonstrated the Ducasse method. I know he described it as prime but I seriously think it was wagyu, Lobels gave it to him as a product sample, so they might have given him the best wagyu they had to inspire business from other Egulleters. Your rib steak does look like prime for marbling, if anything slightly more marbled than what they picture on their website. http://www.lobels.com/graphics/meatpicslarge/bonelessrib_bg.jpg sometimes you get lucky.. the butcher had Canada AAA grade on this one (similar to choice in USA), but that is prime all day long. only 14 day dry aged but for 28$ I wasn't complaining
  6. Ashen

    Dinner 2015 (Part 3)

    I can't take credit for that.. I have seen them called PorkUPines as well, although Swineapple seems to be the most used . It is a recent rage it seems, all over facebook and social media
  7. Ashen

    Dinner 2015 (Part 3)

    It looks good, I have to try a swineapple one of these days on the Weber.
  8. I was excited to try the sparkling peach until I read the ingredients.. I hate hate HATE!! the aftertaste of Acesulfame Potassium , and unfortunately Lipton loves putting it into their products, even the non-diet versions. one of the things I like about panera bread is that they have unsweetened ice tea .. plus they have honey on their hot beverage condiment section.. a little menu hacking and mildly honey sweetened ice tea is awesome.
  9. If you are in cambridge or waterloo.. Try Beer town for a good burger.. the mushroom burger is my fav. . Actually if you are in Waterloo just go to the Bauer Kitchen , same family owns it but the butcher burger is usually awesome.
  10. Ashen

    Breakfast! 2015

    those Campari toms are prettty decent for hothouse... Grown just outside of Leamington, self proclaimed Tomato capital of Canada.
  11. would you be willing to share the pastry recipe for those patties?? looks awesome.
  12. Ashen

    Farmers' Markets 2015

    I find it funny that ramps and fiddleheads are so trendy now. I have fond memories of my grandmother taking me out foraging for them and watercress too in the 70's. I was sworn to secrecy though as more often than not we were trespassing, and my GM was worried my Mom would find out she was being a bad influence. LOL
  13. This won't help the OP up in Orillia but for anyone else close to their stores, Rowe Farm meats sell decent frozen burgers at their stores in Guelph and TO.
  14. the silver thing behind the turntable is the rotisserie. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b0/4a/87/b04a875821006d0977a89b3bb590fbf9.jpg
  15. dry grilled over lump on the grill, then dressed simply with good EVOO, lemon juice, lemon zest and S+P I make extra to put in the fridge for anytime snacking or even in a sandwich. Can't wait til the season starts here.
  16. Ashen

    Dinner 2015 (Part 2)

    yep it isn't exact , as some do grown with a bent tip. If the whole display is that way though, there is a high chance that they were all stored on there sides for a bit of time. I usually buy at the farmers market, so I just walk around until I find some with straight and tight tips, if they happen to be thick or thin stalk is luck of the draw.
  17. Ashen

    Dinner 2015 (Part 2)

    I don't really prefer either, I am more about how fresh it is. I don't buy bent tip asparagus , it has to be straight and the tip has to be tightly closed. When I see a whole display of bent tip asparagus where the tip is starting to open up, I know it has been stored on its side at some point, and probably for at least a couple days. They continue to elongate after harvesting and grow against gravity so you can get almost 90 degree bent tips if they lay on their side long enough.
  18. pressure cookers only raise pressure in relation to the pressure outside of the vessel. At higher altitudes than sea level , the temperature will be less than 250 F . For instance in Denver Colorado it would be somewhere in the mid 240's F
  19. CeeCee that Vegan Black Metal Chef should be in a Greatest cooking show ever thread . That was awesome. " Seitan I release you from this prison!" lmao
  20. Kerry. We noticed so many cars when we stopped but the store wasn't busy. Then all of a sudden the place was packed , they had been on a tour of the distillery and when it was over the store was crazy . I did manage to get a taste of the forty creek spiked honey spiced. It was very nice and if I can think of a way to use it beside sipping straight up I might buy a bottle. The copper pot is still my fav though , and then the orig, barrel select. Sylvia - I had never heard of The Pie Plate before thanks for the recommendation. Most times we are down that way we visit Pillitteri winery just outside of Virgil , so I can stock up on their XXIII dolce bianco.
  21. we did a quick day trip down to NF this afternoon with my sister and bro in law. Stopped at forty creek distillery in stoney creek for free whisky sampling, ( the reserve issues are 3$ for 3 samples I believe) The big bass pro store is open now next to the skyway and outlets and scoped out the general vicinity of the scotia bank centre in NF . Also stopped for wood fired pizza at Antica in NF just off clifton hill. great pizza although the prices have gone up a bit. . If you like calzones you can ask them to do one for you , if they aren't too busy they will, even though it isn't on the menu anymore.
  22. 1) pellicle is desirable for smoking things without a rub but it will form on its own in the smoker for things like pulled pork or brisket under the rub. If you are smoking something like a wet cured bacon or even more importantly fish, then letting the surface form a pellicle before smoking is a great idea. The pellicle will also help things like fish from getting too dry while smoking. 2) RH% Myron Mixon is a legend on the BBQ circuit and he smokes hot and fast with a very high RH% . It takes less time, saves fuel and he argues gives more consistent results, but even he admits that the bark suffers for it. 3) see 1) 4) the stall doesn't need to be broken. It is all about what you want from your BBQ. If you break the stall with foil( texas crutch) it will finish faster but for my personal taste it screws up the bark. What many ppl don't consider is that moisture that is wicking to the surface isn't pure water, it will bring water soluble aminos with it.. Think of roast drippings. The moisture that comes out isn't pure water. The water evaporates and leaves those aminos behind on the surface, which is the perfect place for them. Maillard. There are lots of ideas about how to break the stall and still keep the bark but none forms bark quite like just pushing through the stall old school .. This is purely my personal taste and opinon, YMMV 5) Smoke is all about personal preference. Too many ppl smoke all the way through the cook but that can give a bitter edge . I like 2 to 3 hrs at the beginning depending on the wood I am using. I mop at the back end when the stall tails off . simply to keep the bark from burning and I like a bit of acid in my mop, apple cider vinegar . gives a nice tang. 6) I am not sure I am parsing this the way you intend it. Rephrase it maybe? Are you looking for a way to have the surface be dry so it doesn't stall ? or just a general question is it possible that a dry surface can still stall? Stall is all evaporative cooling, so dry surface = no stall, but I am pretty sure you know that if you have read Blonder.
  23. My wife and I are thinking of going to it for the first time this year. We are talking about making a weekend of it with friends and staying at our favourite B&B in the falls. The vendor list looks pretty great actually. Better than some I have been to in Toronto and Hamilton. Will have to check out the new brand name outlet mall in St. Catherines and a our usually quick side trip to Jordan Station for The Upper Canada Cheese company. ( best ricotta ever)
  24. I can't speak for all Canuckleheads , but most I know go outside and light up the grill , instead of grabbing a fry pan because they might need a sweater outside.. Seriously though, Grapeseed or Avocado are best for pan frying in my experience.
  25. Ashen

    Char ground beef?

    I haven't gotten around to buying any yet but there are ready made smoke powders available.. I am pretty sure I read about it on these forums actually... Google says TheSpiceHouse carries them in hickory and mesquite.
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