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  1. It was just really transparent from my perspective what she was doing.
  2. Someone asked Padma who she'd take out on a date and after an extended pause where you could see the gears turning in her head she said two of the female contestants (I forget which two). Then after seeing the reaction, she said she'd like to "motorboat" Antonia - then said she just learned that word.
  3. I LOVE canned tomatoes. Love them.
  4. I've always wanted to do a cookbook on making tasty food with dubious products and sketchy equipment.
  5. This happened to Mosaic the day after I registered and I thought they may had banned me for spam accidentally or something. I tried to send a few emails about it but never got a response. Good to know it's not just me!
  6. I'm in Greenville, SC. Professional chef.
  7. You use the word trend. I'm uninterested in any trends. Just in making the best food I can. Sometimes that means foam.
  8. My wife works for B&N and I asked her if she could find anything out. She said she could check on orders in the store she works - unfortunately no one in her store ordered one and she's just a worker so she can't check any higher up. But I tried!
  9. Found an error on page 45 of volume 2. The fourth paragraph begins "Certainly a thin the pan made from less..." Don't worry. I've alerted the proper authorities.
  10. Oh my god, an arguably talented, good looking man was given a TV show based in his field??? Somebody Call The Cops!!!
  11. Padma's pandering with the "motorboating" and bisexual innuendo was irritating.
  12. AaronM

    Combi Ovens

    While cool, combi ovens are laughably expensive.
  13. I know, but you get caught up in your own wants/desires. And the media blitz didn't help. "THEY'RE CENTRIFUGING FOOD" and all.
  14. I'm in the same boat as you though, "well, that's a neat idea - that's a cool technique" rather than "That's an awesome Dish." I guess the cookbook/reference I really want just doesn't exist. I'm interested in things people have never seen before, and most of MC is things I'm at least peripherally aware of. This isn't meant as a dig on MC. It's a very nice set - and will prove valuable to me, but I guess I expected something more radical out of it. Which is my fault, not theirs. Edit: Let me be clear on this. There is some of that in there. Just not as much as I'd have hoped. Some of this is down to the really interesting techniques being buried in with a huge amount of info I'm very aware of. I was just hoping the ratio would have been skewed the other way. But the book wasn't written for me personally.
  15. That's how I tend to use cookbooks anyway. It's just a jumping off point till you create something of your own. I don't know if I've ever followed a recipe exactly. Especially being self-taught. Chef'ing is theft. It's why I don't believe in 'secret' ingredients. If someone wants to know, I'll tell them exactly how to make one of my dishes. I think back to watching East Meets West, Yan Can Cook, etc after I dropped out of high school (medical thing) and how I wouldn't know how to cook anything if people hadn't shared with me. Really, it's the least I can do.
  16. I have no formal training as a chef, and I have no problem putting myself and my family in danger in the name of culinary exploration. Every time I uncover something, I think of how it could change other things I do. For example, there's a recipe for a milkshake in the dry ice section of MC that comes from Arzak. I literally made that same thing 2 weeks ago without knowing anything about the Arzak dish - or anything similar. Just seemed like a good idea. Will I serve something similar knowing Arzak does it? Hell yes I will! So, no, I don't think having something shown to you necessarily takes the creativity out of cooking. You just have to take the ball and make it your own.
  17. I went right to the Plated Dishes volume and wasn't as impressed as I thought I'd be. A lot of the dishes (most?) I just didn't find interesting. Can't comment on the rest of the set.
  18. A lot of people who don't understand Activa in this thread. Inhaling a little bit of it will affect you in no way. It's not super glue. It doesn't set immediately on contact with moisture. This is baseless panic.
  19. No one has actually bought any of the ebay copies. I looked under completed transactions. If someone actually wanted to give me $1600 for my set, it's all theirs.
  20. I'd insist on a significant discount and start the bidding at a $75 amazon gift card available now, to be followed by a complete set when the supply catches up.
  21. Many people seem to object to the appearance and feel of foams in the mouth. They say it looks and feels like spit. But that criticism exists outside of the foam itself. It is most certainly not spit. It's baggage that they're bringing to the table. You can not care for them - that's fine. Just be aware that it's your fault - not the foam. So when criticizing someone for using them, it's not fair to project that onto the critique. It's not a well thought out and valid assessment. It's an individual opinion.
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