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  1. Being from the midwest, and a strict LCB state, I have been on year long searches for things such as Lemon Hart 151 (I realize it was killed, and is now being revived...maybe) and Laird's Bonded. Mozart Dry also came to mind as something I read rave reviews about, but have never seen before. I have decided that anytime I actually do come across these, they are automatic buys. What have you been hunting for?
  2. For that matter, Draegor's in Blackhawk had a decent selection. I found close to a dozen bottles of Rittenhouse BIB there this summer. Cask is always dangerous, I go in there for one thing, and leave with six.
  3. They have been awful, I thought it was just me.
  4. Jamie Boudreau demonstrates fat washing here
  5. I tried the New Esquire tonight with Cruzan Black Strap, Camapri, St. Germain and Blood Orange Juice. Surprisingly good, but it became great once 2 dashes of Angostura were added to the party.
  6. Now that you mention it Chris, I believe thats the verbage Purdue uses as well.
  7. As a student at Purdue University, and an employee of our Dining Services, I feel like I can give some up to date information. The dining courts themselves offer a wide variety of all you can eat selection at the 6(ish) locations on campus. Gluten Free and Vegetarians are always accommodated, and most dining courts have some kind of "ethnic" choice. As for the actual quality of the food, I, personally, am unimpressed. The vast majority of it is preprocessed to some degree, and although I realize that when you feed ~1500 students per dinner some pre processing is going to be required, it does show in the end result. As for sourcing, I know a lot comes from large vendors, but I think all of our beef/pork/chicken is butchered on Campus. The organic garden sounds nice. EDIT: I should also add, that every person over the age of 30 who walks into any of the Dining Courts is immediately blown away by both the quality and quantity of choices. I feel bad for what they must have had to deal with.
  8. I read this article a long time ago, and when I looked it up for this thread, I realized that David Wondrich authored it. http://www.esquire.com/features/drinking/best-cheap-liquor-0209 I always look for white horse scotch, and to this day have never found it.
  9. I was enjoying a Buffalo Trace Manhattan last night when my SO realized that it had a cork top. That made me realize that I have never had a bad experience with any spirit that is topped with a cork. Is there something to this, or is it just indicative of the care taken during the crafting process?
  10. Another nod to McD's Sweet N' Sour from me.
  11. Boilerfood

    Crystal Clear Ice

    Am I reading this right when it says that there is still opaque ice at the bottom that we are meant to remove via carving after its frozen?
  12. I have seen and read of bartenders using them to smoke liquor (more specifically Bourbon) but have yet to taste its affect.
  13. I had this exact situation a couple of days ago, and chose old plastic milk jugs, reasoning that Milk is a relatively well regulated food stuff. Plus they are convenient.
  14. I had something similar to this happen to me last year. The repairman ran a special cleaner through it that cleared it out. No idea if this can be bought retail or not.
  15. Living in Indiana, I can also vouch for Astor Wine & Spirits.
  16. My first thought when I saw it last night was "I really hope that some sap doesn't pay for a mixer painted Copper." But, the W&S person assured me that it was actually made from rolled Copper sheets, and thus the reason for the enormous price tag (which, amusingly, wasn't displayed). The more I thought about it, the more I thought how beautiful a kitchen with all copper cookware (Some pictures of Julia Childs came to mind) would look with the stand mixer there. If you already have an entire set of copper cookware, $900 on a new mixer to match probably isn't a big deal. Edited to add, that if I could reasonably afford it, I would get it too. It is really really pretty.
  17. HAHA I have come across this guy's youtube channel. Its always good for a laugh. His older videos are actually far worse than this.
  18. Yes that would be the new one, or so I think. My "old" one looks something like this. EDIT: Turns out my news is a few years outdated. Absolut has since sold it to Fortune Brands (i.e. Beam Global). It was Beam that chose the new labeling. I still cant seem to find out whether or not the taste is different.
  19. I am glad that you brought up Cruzan's Blackstrap offering, because I have had a question about it that I cant seem to get a straight answer on. Is the new bottle (the one with the "tiki" font and the frills around the side) the same as the bottling that has Navy written across the bottom? I have read that Cruzan was recently bought by Absolut, and that their white rum has taken a hit in quality. I was hoping to find out if the same can be said about their blackstrap, and if I need to go buy all of the old bottling sitting on the shelf for 11.49 at my local shop. Cheers!
  20. Yes! Peanut Butter and Chocolate is probably my favorite flavor combination of all time. I have to vote for 5th Avenue bars for PB+Chocolate Candy Bar.
  21. I have to get the recipe from the room mate. I guess its a family recipe that is required at all family gatherings.
  22. I was just discussing this with my room mate the other day. We will be cooking for ~20 people. Homemade Applesauce Pretzel Salad Roasted Roma Tomatoes with a Blue Cheese Filling Smashed Red Potatoes Scalloped Potatoes with Cheese and Bacon Corn/Edamame Succotash Brown Sugar Baked Ham (Raised on our family farm) Turkey (Brined and Roasted with Bacon Layering) Baked Mac & Cheese Duck & Cheese Tortellini Soup Zucchini Pie Egg Noodles Corn Bread Biscuits Giblet Stuffing Gravy Vanilla Ice Cream Apple Pie Rum Pecan Pie Marble Cake We are attempting to cook most of this from scratch, and cut as few corners as possible. We will see how well it goes.
  23. Having just started my own home cocktail bar, my first 10 purchases were: Laird's Bonded Rittenhouse BIB Sazerac 6 Goslings Black Seal Appleton Estate V/X Plymouth Cruzan White Ransom Old Tom Gin Kubler Absinthe Cointreau Going back, I probably would have grabbed the Saint James instead Cruzan.
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