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  1. thanks for the soapstone pix - I'm lusting after some for my next counters
  2. I think there's probably a difference between a "fine" for nuts and a "fine" for ice - at least in my kitchen, there would be
  3. How about Dawn Power Dissolver?
  4. IIRC, there weren't safety issues, more of the financial bottom line for B&D - weren't they bought out by another company? That led to the decline in number of products being offered, as well as the continued "quest for excellence" that many companies seem to undergo, when they get rid of the old model for the new, and the new just doesn't cut it with customers, old or new I have one of those spacesavers that I brought along when I sold my house last year - the metal frame is quietly waiting in the garage for my next permanent kitchen.
  5. in many places this would put me at Applebee's or Red Lobster or the local homegrown version - and usually I'm looking for more than average/lowest common denominator food
  6. Have you tried freezing the softer cheese for an hour? Since folks often freeze "un-prime" cheeses, this wouldn't hurt the quality, but would allow you to grate more easily. IIRC, that's been the advice I've heard [and used, if I can reach far back into my kitchen memories].
  7. memesuze


    Since I'm temporarily ensconced in an all-electric kitchen with a re-circulating almost non-existent exhaust, I've been cooking my salmon lately en papillote - 8 to 10 min per inch at 450 on top of a bed of lightly sauteed julienned carrots and zucchini with a splash of liquid and some small pats of butter. This cooks up wonderfully every time and minimizes the lingering smell that often accompanies stove-top cooking. I love to tear open those little packets to find the treasure.
  8. you should be able to get a GE Profile in stainless in that price range
  9. I thought the prohibition related to the inevitable "disposing" of grease products - which will clump up as they get lower in the pipes, no matter how "liquid" they were at the mouth of the disposer.
  10. I've never seen anything other than the half-boxes in a Sam's or Costco San Diego may be the only one that's different....
  11. Has anyone noticed the article in Relish magazine that comes bundled with some local papers? Even has two recipes for those who haven't made it to RG's site.
  12. the instructions: knobs down for glass and ceramic electric stoves; knobs up for gas cooktops, BBQs, coil and solid ring electric stoves, camping, marine and logburners cook food or bring to the boil, place the simmermat on the elment, then pot on top; turn element down low.
  13. you just answered a question for me - that's why I'll need to be sure I bring some of my equipment to check out - I may still be leaning toward a range, rather than breaking up the components. Was that because of the staining/cleanup issues? I really prefer the "soft" look of soapstone to "hard/bright" granite etc. though I could go with honed granite. [i don't mean to hijack this thread - just wanted to get in my question here where it had been raised]
  14. what's the difference between a rangetop and a cooktop?
  15. memesuze

    Smoking a Turkey

    why not clip a wing on one and write down which one that was....
  16. check with your dentist or othodontist for 3-use brushes that have some sort of powder in the bristles which foam up when wet. There is tooth powder out there - but I've only found it at my local food coop, not at any grocery store or drugstore. - it's also available online - try googling if you're really serious. I tend to get crankier about not being able to carry handlotion or lipstick on my daytrips - I hate looking washed out during a hearing and I want to be able to keep my hands hydrated after the number of times I might wash my hands during a typical travel day.
  17. Just as for most other security measures, I am not comforted by the results of my having been randomly selected at the gate for a closer look at my carry-on luggage: the TSA screener dug around, but failed to open the large tube of leftover dinner from the night before that was wrapped in a white plastic bag. The wrapping prevented her from ascertaining what was rolled up - could have been Semtex, could have been a giant tube of gel, who knows....and they're still using wands at the initial screening - only pat-downs would find tubes of material or liquid secreted under clothing or in pockets. Once again, form over substance.
  18. so, I normally wash/scrub my produce with a soap product and water, while merely rinsing leafy greens - and don't buy bagged spinach or other greens, but if I were, do I plunge them in a soapy water solution and mush them around with my hands? or is there another way to wash leafy greens? perhaps I should put this in the absurdly stupidly simple cooking questions thread....
  19. whether or not one believes the State Department, this is what they have to say
  20. I also just moved and felt bereft until the cookbooks were unpacked and shelved - now I need to count them so I can add to this thread - I did some culling before the move and have a few to send on to folks that I decided not to keep, but that's another thread
  21. don't have the second half of the recipe be on the turned page, unless it's a three-pager - I like to lay the recipe out and be able to look at all at once several times while I'm cooking - prevents a few "oooops"
  22. in addition to the above, I want suggestions as to accompanying dishes - my flavor palate isn't the best educated and I need help
  23. have you asked over on the Chacuterie thread?
  24. memesuze

    Homemade Granola

    Just beware that whole flaxseeds are a laxative If you grind them you get the omega fatty acids out of them. ← in other words, whole flax seeds pass right through you, with no nutritional benefit other than said laxative effect - you must grind them to get the omega-3s - and don't grind up more than you will need each day - ground goes rancid quickly
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