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  1. knives wraped in a tea towel wrapped in cling film is my preferred way to get them home for sharpening ....
  2. J.Stevens

    Food Preparers Run on Coffee?

    there is nothing like 7 or 8 coffees to get you through a 15 hour shift
  3. put boiling hot cream into the blender and the proceed to blend my face, neck, ear, arm and hand hurt .... and the kitchen looks like a abstract artwork
  4. J.Stevens

    Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw

    who really cares ?? he has an opinion so do i, so does everyone else. I love his books. its nice reading a book or seeing a chef in the media admiting that shyt isnt perfect or that so and so pisses him off ... not many other chefs in the spotlight do it .... and come on guys hes just plain funny
  5. J.Stevens

    Working in Asia

    i looked in on getting a work visa for japan after doing a culinary exchange program there for awhile ... apparently its real difficult ... you can how ever stay for 90 days with out problem fly out and fly back in and be able to stay for another 90 day ... ive been told you can do this about 4 or 5 time with out being pulled up by the government
  6. J.Stevens

    Making absinthe at home

    so i was just wondering if i could make absinthe at home ... i heard that one of the ingredients is worm wood. well the other day i saw some worm wood in a shop i was in and was wondering what else i needed to make it?
  7. J.Stevens

    Coke Hacks

    coke hacking lol ... coke and vanilla vodka .. tatses like creme caramel ... AND gets you drunk what more could you ask for?
  8. siliconemolds.com has a few good ones for real cheap !!!
  9. J.Stevens

    Tip envy

    i agree ... just pay the guy more ... i remember when i was a first year apprentice i was getting paid $4.90 an hour it was horrible
  10. we had deep fried cobia the other day for staff dinner and it was the best crumbed fish ive ever had ... i believe someone has already mentioned it using the name lemon fish ... top fish and chips i highly recommend it
  11. J.Stevens

    Tip envy

    tips in my work place are pooled and then divided to all the staff according how many hours/hard they work eg causal staff will not get as much as full time staff and a full time staff members who do overtime or come in early to 'get the job done' will get more than those who dont .... i think the system is very fair. i dont see why in australia in a lot of other restaurants causal waitstaff who get paid more than qualifided chefs (who are working harder long days) are getting all the tips.
  12. J.Stevens

    Yes Chef? No Chef!

    well said
  13. J.Stevens

    Freezing Techniques for Blood Oranges

    you can freeze them whole in zip lock bags if you want ... they will keep for about 6 months
  14. put something in the microwave for 20 minutes instead of 20 seconds.