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  1. Wast just at the market on Monday. Very few stands, several breads and cakes are sold. What really surprised me was the proliferation of apples being sold at several stands. APPLES??? I inquired at one, and they said they were "from last year". Frankly, I thought this practice was disallowed at these markets. I thought everything had to be grown by the seller, and had to be fresh. I guess I was naive. Too bad.
  2. With the weather improving and having had a chance to think more about this topic, a wonderful place came to mind. This restaurant has its bar and table seating right out on a deck practically IN the Hudson River. The food is marvelous, creative, and well prepared. New American style. Warm breezes and the lapping water will accompany your food and drink. The only issue is that it is on the other side of the Hudson... (!) But don't worry, it's only 10 minutes from the TZ Bridge, and definitely worth the trip if the weather is cooperating. Highly recommended. Blu 100 River St Hastings on Hudson, NY Blu Website
  3. Looks like a good place to NOT go hungry, food looks forgettable. You might persue Piermont, NY, just 3 miles over the NY border from Jersey with a couple of nice bars out on the Hudson River. Cornetta's and Portofino come to mind.
  4. It's sad that they disco-ed DC with Splenda... Zero has that nefarious sweetener Aspartame. Along with that, Diet 7UP just disco-ed Splenda and went back to aspartame!!! Is aspartame cheaper, or is there another reason for these companies to prefer it?
  5. The main reason for milk's popularity is the massive power of the Dairy Industry. It takes a lot of money and a lot of white-mustachioed celebs to perpetuate. We have discovered lots of bad things about milk since it's heyday in the 50s, yet the ads and the money-brokers keep the milk moving, the purchase of milk is a reflexive purchase, one that is given little thought. (Milk? Of course it's good for you!) But, Ingrid's post above is just the tip of the iceberg. The #1 food allergen in the food supply, but a huge margin. Designed by nature for baby calves, cow's milk is meant for heifers who double their weight in 45 days, grow 4 stomachs, and grow to over 300 lbs in 1 year. 4 times more protein than human milk and 50% more fat. Furthermore, any milk is only meant for INFANT consumption. And sure, soy has its problems as well, some irreputable producers use GMOs and other undesirables. But a good soy milk beats cow's milk all the time!
  6. menton1


    Closed on Sunday. (!) Arrrgh.
  7. So what's all the secrecy about? This is nothing to be embarrassed about. Is there a shortage of funds necessary to expedite this reopening? Is that the shame?
  8. And how about some major fairly new restaurants in our own state of New Jersey? ← Amen! Hope we can get some in Bergen, we really need them! (And we can save the Tappan Zee tolls!)
  9. I think a lot of the "resurgence" is due to the barrage of milk advertising out there. Milk, however, is really not a good food for humans. There are now warnings about giving too much of it to children; it is also the Number one allergen in the food supply (!!) Perhaps notice also ought to be taken of the increasing popularity of soy milk, a much more healthful food...
  10. Yes, sadly, it appears that this place has gone the way of most Bergen County upscale restos; Mediocre and overpriced. Ahhh, if only the restaurants in Bergen could be more like the ones in Westchester...
  11. Since when do news reporters let this stop them? Is there an "official" public statement about this closing, or is it all rumor and innuendo?
  12. Trader Joe's has a new line of "prepared casseroles" in the refrigerated section of the store. I have tried the Lamb Languedoc, and it ranks among some of the best already-prepared foods ever! It's in a casserole-style dish, vacuum sealed, fresh-dated, and ready to plop right in the microwave. It's got a very nice complex herb-wine flavor, nice veggies and nice sauce. It's also really low in fat and calories. Works well for me over brown rice. Has anybody tried the other flavors, like Beef Bourgignon or Veggie Tagine? Any other thoughts on this excellent prepared dish?
  13. Check the original post on this thread for address and hours. (Yes, open Sundays).
  14. A recent stop at Maywood MPlace again has confirmed that they are now the premier place for cheese in New Jersey. They have upwards of 200 cheeses on display here, from all over the world. They also have samples to taste of over 50 of them every day! The only drawback is that you can't ask for a taste of something, it is prewrapped, but chances are the one you are interested in will have a sample for you to taste. Hint: Middle of the day is the best time to go, in the early evening a lot of the samples are either gone or dried up. But this place is well worth a journey, their cheese selection is fabulous!!
  15. Well, it's probably in the top 3 bakeries in the NY Metro. We are certainly lucky to have it in New Jersey! Get there ASAP!!!
  16. Can't see the logic of that. It's legal to buy a cellphone, but many restos ban loud conversations or ALL conversations on them, as it disturbs the other patrons. It's also legal to buy a broom, but you can't start sweeping up the floors of a restaurant while you are dining there. The key ingredient here is consideration for your fellow patrons. Smoke, loud cellphone talk, are both deleterious to the dining experience of others. Not to mention the dangers of second hand smoke. That's the key issue here. P.S. How can you be BOTH for and against the smoking ban at the same time, Rich?
  17. Lambertville, a great restaurant town, is about 20 mins from Trenton. My favorite there is No. 9, a consistently good chef-owned restaurant that cares about everything. 9 Klines Court 609-397-6380
  18. Well, you can "pretend" with all the green bagels that will be available at just about every bagel store in creation on Saturday.
  19. Spoken like a diehard smoker!! But, sorry, smoking bans are here to stay. If they can stick in Italy, Ireland, and France, they will stick here.
  20. Hear, hear Sam. And yes, it needs to be law. Just as there are health laws regarding sanitary conditions to protect our health, we need smoking ban laws to protect our health. And, face it, these bans are here to stay. The fact that diehard smoking countries like Ireland, Italy and France have nationwide smoking bans now shows that this is serious, logical and acceptable.
  21. Best cakes in NJ are hands down Balthazar Bakery in Englewood. You can call ahead and they will make a cake to order for you. Actually the best outside of France, IMHO. Balthazar Bakery 214 S Dean St Englewood 201-503-9717
  22. Agreed. The APHIS regulations are a whole other ball of wax. I think the thrust of this thread is about bringing lunch or dinner to be consumed in flight, as I have often done. Can't imagine any regulations against that. "Sandwichs" are wonderful, and I have never had a problem (either direction), and they are worlds better than coach food. Getting past those beagles at US Customs was discussed in depth on another thread recently.
  23. Is this heresay or personal experience? My understanding is that airlines are now encouraging the taking of food into the cabin; with the paucity of good food being served, and the cutting back of quantity served, bringing your own is becoming in vogue. It doesn't sound like the French, throwing Ladurée in the trash; they would at least save it and split it up amongst the security agents!!
  24. Pic in Valence was just heralded on the France2 News as the only 3-star female chef in France. This restaurant has been going for several generations, and Anne-Sophie took over for her father and grandfather a few years ago (she's only 37) and got the venerable award, the first woman since 1968 to get the 3 stars. Michelin sexist? Hmmmm....
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