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  1. My comment was not directed at the choice of where to advertise; it was the bias toward the advertisers in the reviews published in the magazine with the readers left to assume the impartiality of the review. That's what's shameful...
  2. As usual, these NJ Monthly "reviews" are slanted favorably toward those restaurants that advertise with the magazine. (shameful!) FROMAGERIE!!?? A few months ago, I had one of the worst meals ever there. Overpriced, pretentious, a beef dish overcooked, eccch. Conspicuously absent from the list: Serenade, Chatham Stage Left, New Brunswick Also demonstrates the lacking state of restaurants in the whole state of NJ...
  3. Iron Horse?? Aaargh. Place is old, tired, smelly, and in desperate need of a makeover, IMHO. For a MUCH better burger/pub/joint experience in Westwood, try PJ Finnegans across from the Post Office. Best serious restaurant in the area is Pourquoi Pas, where the experience is very close to an authentic one. A cozy storefront duplicating the flavors of a French countryside bistro. Personalized cooking from the chef/owner, M. Vard. Citrus Grille, about 15 minutes away just over the NY Border on Spring Valley Road, is another excellent choice for serious food. A place that cares about environment, presentation, and flavor. Worth the short trip.
  4. Sounds like a trip into the city for Papaya King is a better use of gasoline...
  5. That's true, John. But I am up in Bergen, so these places are an excursion. The Papaya King is not too far, but that one in Jersey is one weird place. I never see anyone in there when I have gone, so who knows how long that place can carry on...
  6. If you are a diehard grilled-dog lover, New Jersey is slim-pickens. Other than the ubiquitous Nathan's chain mall places, (ugh) a grilled dog is a rarity in these parts. We need a Katz's!
  7. One of the few Asians restos that don't give you that queasy feeling after eating there is Wild Ginger in Ridgewood. (Not affiliated with the same named resto in Englewood). They use really fresh ingredients, fresh veggies, and the dishes are nice combinations of great flavors. Sauces are light. My new go-to Asian in Bergen County! Wild Ginger 31 Chestnut St Ridgewood 201-857-3830
  8. Perhaps it's because Lambertville has evolved only in the last decade or decade-and-a half or so; New Hope has been a touristy-trap place for over 40 years, and space seems to be at a bigger premium there as well. Lambertville seems more upscale and less tacky than NH, and is probably a more inviting location for an up and coming restaurateur...
  9. We'll never know, because glenn hasn't logged into EG since Dec 2006...
  10. Just realized I forgot to mention the wonderful homemade soups at Isabella's Deli, Closter. Really good, made from scratch!
  11. Any updates on this Fairway opening? There was a flurry of news about 8 months ago here, but so far, there is no sign of any construction or ground-breaking over at the Fashion Center. Is Fairway still scheduled to open later this year in Paramus? Any new information?
  12. Is Yetter's still around in that area? I remember when they were packed because traffic would be backed up for hours by that traffic light, and people took a food break...
  13. I've never heard of this place, nor is it listed in any of the directories.. Could you kindly post the address of this place? Perhaps some more info about the type of place it is-- deli, restaurant, etc? Thanks.
  14. 99.9% of the shrimp available in this area is from China, farm raised, and previously frozen. Yuk.
  15. Sure. The food, if you check the menu, is rather different from Wondee's. This is Thai-accented, but contains alot more crossover dishes from other countries. And unlike Wild Ginger, this is not a slick place, and the dishes are more "authentic" rather than original. The only drawback to this place is that the environment is like Rutt's Hut or a Blimpie. Not a place you want to linger in. But the food is good, and take out is easy.
  16. Yes, I agree, good homemade soup is hard to find. Some of the good ones can be found at the family-run delis that have also become rarer and rarer around these parts. Some of my faves: Picnic, Kinderkamack Road,Emerson Ted's Deli, Rochelle Park Michael's Deli, Cresskill Chez Cheeze, Tenafly Marra's, Emerson. Maywood Seafood has some damn good chowders. Forget WF Soup, blecch. And some of the Diners used to have some good soup, but with the Diner deline that is also a rarity these days.
  17. It's a great night to stay home! Restos raise their prices, special menus, and all sorts of crazies on the road. New Year's night is a much better and tranquil night to go out to celebrate...
  18. Flying under the radar is a lovely French bistro about 8 minutes from downtown NB, Sophie's Bistro. Don't get fooled by the outside, it occupies a former bowling alley, but inside, Voila! YOu might just be in Paris!! Lovely knick nacks only available in France, this cute little place serves some wonderful food at reasonable prices. Even have burgers and steak sandwiches, if you don't want a full dinner. Frites are awesome. Highly recommended. http://www.sophiesbistro.net/
  19. Probably like trying to make half sour pickles at home; fuggedaboudit!!! Just leave it to the pros...
  20. I was told about a great herb & spice shop with great buys on fresh herbs sold in bulk, as well as some Indian spices. This shop is on lower First Avenue in the E Village, but I don't have any more details. Can anyone provide the name and address for me, please? Thanks!
  21. Ýou've picked a restaurant wasteland. Chains and red sauce Italians abound. Travel into Ridgewood, about 4 miles, for some better choices. Joel's Malibu for a unique and quirky menu; Village Green, a little spotty these days, but interesting; and Wild Ginger, Alan Lee's unique style of pan-asian cooking. Joel's Malibu Kitchen 14 Oak St Ridgewood, NJ 07450 (201) 493-9477 Village Green Restaurant 36 Prospect St Ridgewood, NJ 07450 (201) 445-2914 Wild Ginger 31 Chestnut St Ridgewood, NJ 07450 (201) 857-3830
  22. Wow, I've been to Cafe Angelique many times and had a much better experience than you've described. Pastry is superb, and they use Danesi coffee which is terrific. There is another place in Fort Lee, just 5 mins from Eng Cliffs, Coffee Tree Cafe. Also a good place for a quick coffee and pastry, sandwiches too. Late hours. Coffee Tree Cafe Web Site
  23. Kings upgraded most of their stores about 18 months ago. Nice breads, including Balthazar, and some good deli additions, my favorite being the hand-carved apple smoked ham on the bone. I think there was a previous discussion about it here. Still need to be selective at Kings, though. most of the regular items are 25% higher than Shop Rite; the produce tends to be 50% higher.
  24. I can't imagine why anyone in Manhattan would travel to NJ for food! About the only advantage would be the large supermarkets with wide aisles. But NYC has us beaten in just about every food category and choice. Manhattan has it all! It's the NJ-ites going to NY for food, not vice-versa. (There are a couple of smoked fish outlets in Westchester, but because of the configuration of the Eg board, Westchester does not exist on Egullet).
  25. If they want to be like Katz's, then they would have to HAND SLICE the pastrami, it has a totally different texture and flavor that way... But somehow it sounds like they are more caught up in the ticket-checks than the hand-slicing... There's NOTHING like Katz's!!!
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