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  1. Trader Joe's in Westwood is absolutely fantastic for high quality, unique, reasonable priced products; Jerry's in Englewood for Cheese and prepared foods, but I wish Jerry would fix his ceiling-- when you look up it's disgusting!!
  2. Went to the highly acclaimed Saddle River Inn last week, and was a bit disappointed. The place was beautiful, but the service was chilly. By the treatment toward some other diners there, it seems that you have to be a regular to get any warmth from them. Worst of all, after paying the check and exiting, no acknowledgement of any kind was given to us!! At the very least in a restaurant of this caliber I expect a perfunctory "thank you" from somebody. That's what is so wonderful in France. At the most modest establishment "la politesse" is so crucial-- an animated "Merci--Bonsoir!!" is ALWAYS de rigeur!! P.S. I hear Latour/Ridgewood has great food and "chilly" service as well-- any reports on Jocelynes in Maplewood? Thanks.
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