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    I walked by just today and they are still on for April 24 - just a few days away. Still working on the inside though.
  2. Actually I like the golden coin sauce better. With the eggplant puffs the sauce is thinner like plain soy with some grated ginger in it. Not bad though.
  3. I ordered the "eggplant puffs" appetizer since golden coins are such a hit with us and they seem to know what to do with eggplant. Well, they are the same thing. Half the number of "coins" with a different sauce on the side - so don't do what I did - order both. Actually after chomping through 18 of these "coins" we still weren't sick of them, but won't order both again. But it's an option if you want a taste of the coins but not eat a plate of 12. btw, I stopped by for one of their "lunch specials". They do straight ahead chicken with garlic sauce very well too.
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    I walked by yesterday and it looks like the fire didn't harm their buildout. They are still building and paper is on the windows; but I did peek in and workers were, um working. No signs or flyers were around stating an opening date. So, it's coming but still don't know when. I'll keep checking.
  5. Is authentic Indian food an option for youz?
  6. If you get to SF try the Slanted Door at the ferry building.
  7. That's their intention. My answer to "where are you from" is Southern NJ and not NJ. Except for the property tax it's like 2 different states.
  8. I've eaten at Rajbhog. It's not just desserts. They have a variety of chaats. You can get different kinds of dosas made to order. They charge under $5 per dosa - and good luck eating more than one. Since I'm a repeat customer I guess that tells you what I think of the quality.
  9. rockhopper


    We're not even sure it'll be open, period. ← Some (okay maybe one) of us are sure it'll be open for business by the end of the year. ← I live in Haddonfield so I'm happy about it being right here - a .4 mile walk for me. There was a fire right next to where they are building the restaurant 2 weeks ago. It might delay the opening. I'll post when I get the opening date.
  10. There is an article in the Courier Post about the deli. BTW, a loaf at this location is $2.99 and not $1.35 as the article states. Chris DiVello attitude comes across loud and clear in the article. He can lick my cat's butt before I set foot in his deli again. This was the place where I ordered "an italian hoagie" and got mustard and mayonaisse slathered on it instead of oil and vinegar. What planet is he from?
  11. In the only thing of value written by Moronica Rant Ninny in the Inky this past year was a notice that Sarcone's was opening a deli - actually two - in NJ. The Cherry Hill location is now open. It's in a Tiny strip maul across from what was Garden State Park. North of Wegman's and south of Cheezcake Factory on the east side of Haddonfield Rd. Crummy phonecam pic from my treo. It's on the corner. You can see Wegman's in the distance. Inside there is the deli counter, a place to buy just bread (yay) and further down a place to buy slices of bakery tomato pie. There are also a few sunny tables where you can sit down and eat. In partnership with DiBruno's they carry a selection of their products. The menu is identical to 9th street but two hoagies are a buck more. Here is the Italian Hoagie: and So how was it? As good as what you get on 9th st. but without the addytood nor the smell of urine on the PATCO steps. But due to some cosmic conjunction on my way home I was tailgated by an SUV with PA plates in a residential street with a 25mph spped limit - he floored it and passed me on the right. On a residential street. So I got my total sout filly experience without the bridge toll. So how does it compare to others? For a Philly hoagie only Chickie's can match it. Go ahead and debate who is better. For a North Jersey sub it kicks its butt. For a South Jersey hoagie it comes in third place after Pascale's and Nardi's. The best part is you can buy bread there.
  12. Please say you're kidding about that. LaBan is ok. I like Rick Nichols column better than LaBan's. I'm more likely to go the places he goes to. But that doesn't mean he's bad. If you want bad - and I mean real bad - try the reviews in the Neighbors section. I get the camden county edition and the nameless "reviewer" is absolutely horrible. LaBan looks like Shakespeare in comparison.
  13. It would be an honest red gravy joint where guanciale is not on the menu.
  14. See Rick Nichol's article in today's paper.
  15. Wegman's in Ch has galangal belive it or not. Thank's for the Kaffir lime leaves tip; hard to find.
  16. I've had a shot of their espresso, and it's not too shabby--potent but not overwhelming. I'd say the folks here know their coffee drinks. I'd also say that the comments of the posters so far on this thread are accurate: the food and beverages here are very good and well made, among the better in town, and when you combine this with the homey, comfy ambience and friendliness of the owner and staff, you have a winner. BTW, it was René's original intent to serve hot sandwiches as well, and for a brief while, he had a selection of them on the menu. That was before he found out that you needed a different sort of permit from L&I than the one he had in order to offer hot foods. At last report, he is in the process of jumping through the requisite hoops. Stay tuned. ← Thanks for the reply Sandy. I'll check them out next visit. Did you hear a grinder whirring right before you heard the shot being pulled? If business was slow did you hear two gushes through the espresso machine? Was it served in a paper cup?
  17. Anyone try their espresso or coffee? Do they know espresso or is it just a menu item? I'm still looking for a good shot in philly.
  18. you know what utz makes in a blue bag that rocks? 'carolina bbq' flavor. one of my favorite flavored chips. i love utz. they're my favorite (non lard) chips. ← Yes. When I don't get the plain Utz the flavored one I'd get is the carolina bbq. I don't like "regular" bbq chips but these are different.
  19. and walk a few blocks from there to capogiro for a 1-2 punch...
  20. I love plain Utz. I can pass up Lay's or Herr's etc. (pringles are a crime against humanity) but put a bag of Utz near me and I'll show you an empty bag. I'm having extensive dental work being done right now and haven't had any for 6 weeks. I'm down 20lbs so Potato chips might have a down side When I work in Central PA I come home with whatever lardy chips I can find. My wife like Gibble's a lot. I haven't seen any of the central pa chips around philly. Anyone know a local source? I'd like to try those Diffenbachs...
  21. I prefer eGullet as the board of the cognoscenti rather than that over-moderated one for the masses. As for the links, I find it easier to piece together two lines from the on-line version than to rekey them from the printed page. But you're right that the web publishing software could handle them better. ← When I give a URL to someone that has a zillion get parameters which wrap around more than one line I go to http://www.tinyurl.com and generate a new link. There are browser extensions available to make it easy. for example I just make a link to your page containing the links http://tinyurl.com/y9gxht Not really necessary for that URL but you see what I mean.
  22. The fried sesame balls had a brownish center. I'm used to red bean paste. What was it? Was it tasty? Were any green vegetables offered?
  23. Really? I order pizzas in a pizzeria. Depends on what your ho is based on. Quality of the sandwich? Ambiance? Necessity to carry automatic weapons? I go to Chick's in Cherry Hill for an almost perfect cheesesteak. ← Why are the cheesesteaks at Chick's "almost" perfect? I'm asking because I think the same thing. If I could have it my way, I'd like a roll that's just a little more crusty. ← Agreed about the bread. But what they have is not bad. I like the onions cut smaller. It's not a deal breaker. And maybe up the bacteria count in the meat for more authenticity
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