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  1. Sounds like I need to rewatch Tampopo and give it a try.
  2. That took time and effort to write. May I offer a non-snarky thank you.
  3. Too much. The original is fine by itself with a few simple ingredients. celebchefs are motivated to make things "their own". Boil water for the spaghetti. While it is coming to temp sautee with olive oil option 1) diced salt pork. this is the "original." option 2) a diced slice of bacon without "smoke" flavor. this is easiest in the US. option 3) guanciale or pancetta. You are solidly in foodier-than-thou territory now. Drain the spaghetti and place into a warmed bowl. Add a raw egg, the pork, fresh ground black pepper q.b., and pecorino.
  4. This may have been mentioned elsewhere but this would be the perfect thing to quaff with your dog. Levis Champ Cherry is now being distributed. I haven't seen it in the wild yet.
  5. There's a "new" hot dog at Citizen's Bank Park - the "south philly". http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/the-insider/90165317.html From what I can tell it's the same crappy Hatfield dog with Roast Pork toppings. Personally I think upgrading the dog would have been a better idea. And you'd think they might have thought of getting real hot dog eaters in on the tasting panels - like Mr. Fox or Mr. Eats (that is Holly's last name right?)
  6. On saturday we had a couple fairly authentic belgian waffles from La Bonte on 17th south of Sansom. The photo is one with pecans inside. The sesame seed looking things are belgian sugar. It's not pearl sugar that you will find in some places in belgium but the cook said it was another kind of belgian sugar. In belgium you get these handed to you in a little paper condom like a small fry from McNausea. It was a bit hard to cut with a knife and fork so I just picked it up in my impeccably clean fingers. They are made from a yeast dough and not a batter so the texture is not what Americans expect when you say waffle - sort of like that thing in Chicago that resembles my cat's litter box is not what I expect a pizza to be. The waffle is crispy and chewy. You don't need syrup. They have various things to work into the waffle. We also had a dark chocolate and strawberry waffle. (you see chunks of each in the waffle). I was hungry and one of them did it for me. ps I've seen reviews about awful service here. The guy with the beard who was at the counter and made our waffles was as nice as he could be. I had no complaints about the service.
  7. rockhopper


    Your "trip over the bridge" really can just be a 15 minute ride on PATCO. Fuji is 1/4 mile from the station. (make a left, when you get to the Corner Beastro you are across the street from Fuji) I take PATCO from Haddonfield (I'm lucky to have Fuji right around the corner from me) to CC at night frequently so I wouldn't worry too much about whatever it is you might worry about.
  8. Playboy also doesn't know from pastrami. The article says Katz's makes pastrami from brisket! Corned beef, yes. But pastrami is from navel! The writer probably ordered his on white bread with mayo. ← So what's your take on the "pastrami cheesesteak?"
  9. There is a small vietnamese bahn mi joint on 10th named Q.T.'s. We got a couple and they were terrific.
  10. OK - now I know for sure that no one listens to me. I've been saying this for far longer than Ms. Heller. Check my back posts. Go ahead. I've never been impressed by nor been a big proponent of the cheesesteak. It's been Roast Pork Italiano for me from the get go. But no one listens to little 'ol me. ← Of course you're right that it's a terrific sandwich - and KH is right to praise it in the inky. Driving in to work I had WIP on the radio since I've had my fill of Michael Smegma's ego trips on 1210. They were going on about KH's article. It's not the first time they talked about something they are clueless about. Cataldi was doing his usual Zio Tommaso shuckin' 'n jivin' and apparently he never heard of an RPI. They sent an intern to John's Roast Pork (I don't think that's a bad choice) to get some cheesesteaks and pork to bring back to the office so the WIP experts could pass judgment. Bad move because I don't think either sandwich travels as well as a hoagie. They also had interns doing a man-on-the-street thing where they asked passersby which is better: cs or pork. No one said pork. But they didn't ask if they ever had one either. Cataldi said the pork had "no flavor". Yikes. The guy with the whiny voice kept going on about pulled pork - which is a different product . (and also a very good one. "our" pork is also shoulder but is prepared quite differently). They didn't like the roll either and started praising Amoroso's squishy cotton product. They hated just the idea of greens on a sandwich; not manly enough. So, any chance of the terrific roast pork sandwich replacing the sometimes terrific - but more commonly mediocre - cheesesteak as Philadelphia's #1 sandwich is slim. Personally I could eat an RPI several times a week. My viscera will allow me a cheesesteak maybe twice a month.
  11. Thank you for the suggestions. My wife just started a job near City Hall so Good Dog was between Kimmel and her workplace. Unfortunately for us they had a special happy hour when we walked in and the place was packed. So no go. (but will in the future without time restraints). My wife suggested the Indian place you mentioned but to be blunt, I think the orchestra should be the only thing making sound during the concert and not my digestive tract. We'll try that place another time. So we ended up at the Afghan kebab place on Sansom. Its not as good as the Afghan place near the Ritz in Voorhees but it was just right. Aushak is good, the pilau and the kebabs were also good. The server was very nice and since we were the only ones in there it was quiet. And my stomach was quiet during the concert... A bit off topic: The concert was the best of the year. Simon Rattle and the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Philadelphia Singers are a terrific combination. The Berlioz is tough to pull off and they did it very well. We should be proud of our home town orchestra which earns its position in the top 5 every year.
  12. They are in the process of finishing the building of a Capital Grille in front of (or on the side of depending on where you're looking ) the Cherry Hill Maul. Near the new Nordstroms. I was wondering what it was about. Mind giving us details on your meal that you liked so much?
  13. We usually eat at home before going. Can you suggest someplace informal, that you can get in and out in a hour and doesn't break the bank - since the tickets have already done that.
  14. When you said Chengdu I thought Glassboro. I guess the name Changdu for Szechuan is like Number One Chinese or Taj Mahal for Indian. http://www.menuism.com/restaurants/bkxYWIu...se-glassboro-nj Since you're saying best in the NJ/NY/PA area how does it compare to Szechuan Tasty House?
  15. rockhopper


    Edison? Looks like they have a chain going. There is a Penang with the same lettering and dishes in Cherry Hill, Philadelphia and that Strip Maul across from Quakerbridge in Lawrenceville on Rt 1. Agree about the quality of the food. Don't hesitate to try it. Some dishes were very similar to what I ate in Kuala Lumpur.
  16. Way to go Lutz! Only one question. Why didn't ESPN televise this competition
  17. You might mean Pesche - peaches - instead of Pesce - fish. A fish cream confection would be "interesting" though.
  18. Wegman's in Mount Laurel has them but not the Wegman's a few miles away in Cherry Hill which has galangal. So to make tom kha gai or goong you have to go to both. Thanks for the tip.
  19. Exactly right. And they will make you a fresh dosa. Bring an appetite. Subzi Mandi just off 295 exit 32 towards vorhees has a smaller chaat shop. It's attached to a large grocery.
  20. There is a new TL on route 33 near Robbinsville NJ. Don't know about frozen rpi. Like frozen white castle sliders I think it would be an inferior experience from the original.
  21. That might be the fish entrails that are used while it is "fermenting" (or rotting).
  22. The last time I went to my dentist he took a look at my plate and said "Ugh! what have you been eating?". I'd been overdosing on Hollandaise so that tipped him off. He suggested I get a chrome plate instead. I asked "Why chrome?" He replied "There's no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise"
  23. I've not had this sandwich but am a bit confused. Giambotta is a pot of simmered summer vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant etc) . Do they make an omelet and pile it on top or mixed in? Or is it something else like a misnamed "bruschetta cheesesteak" at John's roast pork?
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