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  1. blocksnboards

    Easter Menus

    The eggs are COOL!!! Just going to have the traditional meal Ham,Mashed Potatoes,Gravy and veggies-Just hang out and take it easy
  2. blocksnboards


    I cooked fennel for the first time yesterday. Mixed with carrots in a chicken dish and it came out ok looking for advise on spices to give it some more flavor. I used paparika and cumin and some garlic. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Weber Gas Grill. I have had mine for about 10 years and would not trade it for anything but another Weber. My son-in-law keeps saying he is going to buy me a new grill because mine is so old. You only have to grill on a Weber to know those other grills can't keep up
  4. Personally I liked the minced garlic in the bottle. I also use the minced garlic and ginger mix. I think it tastes just fine.
  6. Being born and raised in New Mexico, posole was eaten at Christmas time in our house. Made with pork and red chile it was always a treat that I looked forward to. Here in Colorado Walmart carries frozen posole.
  7. It's just to bad Loved those Iced Circus Animals and actually any of the iced cookies
  8. The most cuts that I get are from washing the knives. Stick your hand into the soapy water and nick your finger on a knife.I seem to be able to do this at least once a week
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