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  1. In the kitchen I work in mainly everything using oil is 75/25 soy/olive mix. Exceptions being all eggs are cooked in clarified butter, and some pickups are clarified>whole butter to finish.
  2. LaneL

    Garlic Powder

    In the pro kitchens Ive worked in, garlic powder is a no go. Everyone uses granulated, ive found it keeps the flavor longer as well, perhaps due to not being as finely ground?
  3. LaneL


    those are the ones im referring to, i want to get some more for work since i have one Kunz spoon already. but being that they are way more costly i was hoping that the richland would be a cost effective alternitive for the workplace
  4. LaneL


    Can someone tell me if there is any difference between the Richland and the kunz sauce spoons? The website description is the same but I would like to hear from someone who has both side by side. Thanks in advance
  5. I would say the Peterson fish and shellfish book has been very helpful to me in the professional setting as well as the culinary artistry book by dornberg and page. Both of those for conceptual development of dishes. For technique I would suggest pro chef or other textbook of the like. For terminology the food lovers companion is an indespensable reference.
  6. Both places at the Book Cadillac hotel in detroit are excellent choices for dining. For drinks I would suggest the Royal Oak Brewery or Detroit Beer Co. The nightlife is probably the best in Royal Oak compared to the scene in Detroit.
  7. I would love a vac sealer, or some supplies to try some molecular gastronomy experiments.
  8. I always have music on in my kitchen, but during service it will usually be turned down.
  9. Ive got some crocs and i love them, the only thing that makes them better are some smartwool socks. a bit hot but they wick the moisture away and provide much better cushioning than regular socks
  10. you aren't supposed to put knives in the sink thats dangerous
  11. If you like quality beer i would suggest Dragonmead in Warren. Its just off 696. http://www.dragonmead.com/Beers.html Edit to say - They have a huge beer menu but no food besides bar snacks. They have a huge binder of take out and delivery places that you can order from.
  12. Is it possible to make pearls using a beer? Or does the carbonation prevent this?
  13. ive burned my hand cleaning out a fryer that would be by far the worst burn ive had. it was about 1/2" bubble on the back of my hand. once I drained the blister i could barely put my hand over the grill to check my meat.
  14. I am a Royal Oak local, and i would suggest first off right in-town, the Royal Oak Brewery. Fantastic beers, and a menu that is both american comfort food, as well as a twist on bar favorites. In addition to that the absolut best mexican in the area is Taqueria Lupita. $1 tacos and a meal for 2 under $20, is unbeatable, especially considering what is offered. Redcoat as mentioned above is great food and they usually have a few good micobrews on tap.
  15. As a kitchen mgr. I last used silverware, the system could have been optimally set up, but even making weekly updates from the inital set up I was unable to make the system run like thefoodtutor was saying. If the right person set one of these systems up from the beginning it could work in a very efficient manner.
  16. ah i had wondered about that, i was considering buying a new chef knife soon, and wasnt sure it would fit. Thanks for the info
  17. what knives have you had problems fitting? i guess i only use these on my chefs and santoku knives, my paring knives i just made a cardboard and tape sleeve.
  18. for edge protection i think these lamsonsharp knife safes are no doubt the best. http://store.lamsonsharp.com/catalog/produ...a055efb92c7ec2b
  19. When i first trained FOH the server that taught me did everything by memory. I myself am used to making lists for everything as we do in the kitchen, but she just found it easier to not use paper.
  20. In your restaurant do you guys have a prep standard sheet? or do you just do your prep based on a visual check and what you think youll need for any given day or dish?
  21. I am looking to upgrade to a larger knife case, this seems to be the way to go for me being that it has more then enough storage for my knives and tools. Does anyone have one of these? And can you tell me how you like it and if youve had any durability issues. Thanks Lane
  22. I work in a kitchen and I would have to say in the last year I have cut myself less then 5 times. 2 of the 5 were not my fault as FOH came into my prep area and startled me. 1 was from drunkenly cutting fruit for the FOH when they got slammed after the kitchen closed. The others were all my own stupidity.
  23. I would have to say that if you had clearly only tasted your food before complaining, that the manager should have taken them off your bill when you declined to have your plates remade or changed. I don't think that this practice is limited only to lesser restaurants. I also completely disagree with eatmywords because if a place cant afford to remake a plate that was not up to the customers satisfaction they have no place being open.
  24. I would have to go with my knives, I have plenty of pots/pans at work, but my knives come home every night.
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