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  1. Thanks scubadoo - I got the professional - longer than the gastro. I have a question, though. The instructions say never to use the chop/grind disc without the hand guard. What hand guard - any idea? Thanks!
  2. I know this is an old thread, but I am currently considering an immersion blender and am deciding between the Bamix - although I'm not sure which model, and the Breville. It is for home use. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Hi have a Technivorm Moccamaster and, though the coffee is great, I am tired of the lever in the brew basket slipping and not allowing water to pass through to the carafe, leaving me an inch of coffee and a brew basket full of grounds and water to bail out. I got a new basket too, and within 4 months started having the same problem. So, I am researching a new coffee maker - but I am spoiled. Does anyone have any experience with the Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker? It is made in Norway and I'm seeing good things. It's being sold now in the US only through Williams Sonoma. Or, if there is another coffee maker I should consider, I'd love to hear it.
  4. Just happened to pass this on tv and watched for a couple of minutes. They have got to be kidding!
  5. I'm so glad someone finally said that!! It is so distracting! Ditto Grayson or Bev to win.
  6. I was confused after the Willy Wonka episode. It seemed to me that only half the chefs made a dessert and they were the only ones up for elimination. Did the creative team make anything to be judged on?
  7. "Chipotles just sit in the can with a sheet of plastic wrap rubber-banded over the top. They seem to last forever that way in the fridge. For jalapenos, the first batch I bought was in a glass jar. Now I just save the jar and the brine and add to it from cans that I buy."
  8. Milk in the plastic bottles with the little handles. There is always a crud/plastic build up around the opening that gets in your coffee/glass if you forget to wipe it each time.
  9. I just read they closed the NY and LA locations of Soul Daddy -
  10. My husband and I went to Charlie Trotters (from NYC) to celebrate my 50th a few years back. The service was good, not condescending at all. The waiter even brought over an olive oil tasting for our bread when he learned my husband is allergic to dairy. That being said - we were so disappointed in the food. I can't remember anything we had. And it cost a fortune!! But, the night before we had eaten at Ambria and that was fantastic - and we had lunch at Spiagia that day, so at least we got some great food on our trip to Chicago!
  11. I totally agree. He makes my skin crawl. And it gets worse every time I see him.
  12. It may be Irish supermarket butter, but I like it better than the Danish Lurpak I was addicted to!
  13. I agree with you. I think the Top Chef All Stars contestanrs did a much better job at restaurant wars - and there were no labels left in their food - which did not get mentioned at critics table. Chef Tio was on Next Iron Chef - but so was Tracy de Jardins - she was in season one.
  14. So right. Don't forget Anne Burrell though.
  15. I too enjoy Ina. Her recipes are simple, she has no attitude, and, as you say they work.
  16. I would also watch an extra 30 minutes - I'd love to see more of the judges table and why they make the decisions they do.
  17. I eat the skin. And if someone doesn't want their skin, I eat that too!!!!
  18. We're regulars at Restaurant 121 in the next town. The bartender knows what we drink and the drinks are in front of us the minute we sit down. We get whatever table we want and the manager usually throws us an appetizer or comps a drink. It's just a casual place but it's nice to feel special!!
  19. Seriously, 90 percent. That's Las Vegas for you. The parents have this "Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" attitude, as their holy terrors ruin the dining experiences for dozens, nee, hundreds of diners. We don't call them "ankle biters" for no reason, dontchaknow. Maybe, Munchymom, your child/children are beatific. Unfortunately, most children I come across in fine-dining venues in Las Vegas are NOT beatific. They're in need of a good beating. Hyperbole? Yes. But barely. Actually parents in Westchester county NY have the same attitude.
  20. [6) The parents of 90% of the children in restaurants. Can't get a hyper, spoiled, loud, shrieking miserable whelp to sit still for two hours? Take the little bastard to Chuck-E-Cheese. My sentiments exactly!!!
  21. I hate cold syrup on warm pancakes. Why would I want to cool of my pancakes? And hard butter.
  22. Alice took place in a diner. Also, the show Chef - it was a British show they played on PBS.
  23. And to go for that challenge made it that much worse. That was the stupidest challenge I've seen on TC.
  24. I do live in NY and you CANNOT find real 7 layer cake - thin thin layers with light buttercream in between. Now they are huge monster cakes. And forget real checkerboard - with the icing all around all the squares.
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