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  1. It was SO obvious that the editing was done to make Chiarello the "villain" of the evening. I have met Chef Chiarello several times. He does not suffer fools, especially in his kitchen; however, there are other chefs in the Napa Valley who fit the "arrogant prick" moniker much better than Chef Chiarello. Just use your imaginations! ← Michael had 2 minutes - if that much - to decide who would be on his team. Would you hire someone just because they had a favorite dish in your repertoire without testing their cooking skiils? Have you ever gotten a job in a kitchen where they did not eat your food or test your skils before you got hired? Michael was trying to test that. And if he threw out questions that seemed inane, maybe he was just trying to see if they could think on their feet. Dale and Spike were out of line. And it was clear that they were trying to make this episode more like Top Chef with all the drama, and Michael got the short end of that editing stick.
  2. I did. It's a little bit of an odd, "Gourmet Cooking For Under $10" show. Surprising number of references to her life in France, for a network that in the past has looked down on that type of stuff. She made an interesting potato/bacon/gruyere/cream gratin encased in pastry that looked delicious but had a zillion calories, plus salad and an applesauce granita. Also threw out a lot of tips that I think most people would find useful. She seemed very nervous. I would call it an OK start. ← I thought it was ok - the tart looked good, but since when is her culinary pov under $10? I thought she was about the terrific home cook who could balance the kids and the great cooking.
  3. I loved this episode. Good challenges and stuff that would have knocked lesser chefs for a loop. I was so glad that Michael won, and Art lost. Art didn't cook anything but the brittle. I too have a new respect for Rick, but I would still like to see Michael take it. His quinoa pasta looked great - and he had to pull the strands apart. That must have been a royal pain!! I can't wait for next week. Although I did like Dale in the end, he has a temper and to mouth off to Michael - should be interesting!
  4. Good grief - Kelsey? Even worse then Food Network 1. Although, I do like Spike!
  5. You know, Melissa has something I like. Her story moved me and she seems very real. She must have some cooking chops because Francois Payard loved her pastries.
  6. I think they are better than previous seasons -- last year, there was the woman with short hair, the goofy guy that still got a show, and Big Daddy. ← They are better this season, and they finally got rid of that liar!!!
  7. I found myself completely disinterested. ← Me too. Not to mention it seemed pretty obvious (to me anyways) who was going to come out with the win in this one. Of the final six I'm torn between Bayless and Chiarello. ← I am between Chiarello and Keller. And I prefer the regular Top Chef, warts and all!!
  8. Was is me or was this week's episode a total snooze fest?
  9. I think Hubert Keller can take it, but I'd love Michael to.
  10. I always chose club rolls for the same reason. Not too many good kosher delis around anymore!
  11. I am really glad Michael won. He is the only one so far that is hungry for it, feeling he needs to prove himself since he's was away from the restaurant for a while. Rick's food looked good, and maybe he would have won, but he didn't get it on the plate - Michael did. I really like him!
  12. I am that way, too. I hate when anyone bags my groceries - they throw things in the bag, they put soft food on the bottom - it makes no sense. Bagging is a totally lost art. I try to go to the same cashier where I usually shop and she knows I prefer to bag, but sometimes someone is helping. I say no thanks, I'll bag my own. But sometimes when they start doing it I get angry and start unpacking what they have already done and tell them I'll do it myself. One yelled at me!
  13. I felt the same about John Besh - one of my favorites and he really blew it. I'm not sure what it is with Top Chef Masters, but, as much as I love seeing what these chefs do with the challenges, the show is missing something. Maybe we need to see more cooking, more real judges' deliberation? I am not sure, but I will keep watching. Michael Chiarello next week!
  14. What is the best for soups? I prefer blender to cuisinart....... just got a new cuisinart from WS with the 3 bowls and was very disapointed on the way it pureed my carrot soup. My old cuisinart blender has just died. Help! Thanks!
  15. Having worked with him for about six months back in the 1980's, what you see on TV is how he really is. ← Good to know that it was real, although you could tell. Nice guy.
  16. I couldn't believe she was going on about her partner's integrity....geesh! I also don't see what is wrong with boiling a marinade and using it, especially if it's not poultry - that I can see more. I still don't know the contestant's names!
  17. I can never find it. I'll have to do a search and DVR. She's great.
  18. I am but it's been pretty bland and boring so far. Most of the contestants are pretty mainstream. No one is outrageous, even the requisite gay guy is entertainingly cliche. And this batch seems to have better cooking ability. Gotta agree with gfron1, very disappointed that they kept the woman who screwed up her team leadership role and then lied about it. Very not cool, and the selection committee keeps saying how wonderful this woman is....NOT. The oldest competitor is a very charming, cool cucumber who can actually cook. Think he's got a decent chance of making the final if not winning the thing. So far it's been kind of a snore. ← Well, I think at least this year the quality of the contestants its a bit better. I like the competitor you are referring to,the older one. They did let that one liar get away with it, but last week the guy that tried to throw the housewife under the bus got sent home. All he did was help her plate and made it sound like he cooked the food for her. Also, being judged by Bobby Flay and Giada.........good grief. But I find it entertaining. Certainly not the caliber of top chef!!! (Of course, notice I don't know any of their names!)
  19. He is a total "class act." I am rooting for him to go all the way (having eaten at Fleur de Lys in SF - one of my most memorable meals). But, I love Michale C too!
  20. Doesn't she host a NY restaurant review show or something?
  21. I so agree - I especially liked when Keller gave his mixer to the guy who's mixer didn't work. I also loved his ingenuity to use the shower to stop the pasta from cooking. He never even broke a sweat. Also liked the way Tim was able to change gears after he froze his veges.
  22. the mushrooms looked great on the show. I haven't made them yet. Bottega looks great too. Can't wait to go.
  23. I am a huge Michael Chiarello fan. He's one of those chefs on tv that I have learned several things from. Going out to Napa Valley next spring and can't wait to try his new restaurant. I'm pulling for him, too!
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