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  1. Butcher shops, fish shops, bage/bialy shops, produce store and grocery. All separate.
  2. Laureen - season 6 went home as FOH during restaurant wars
  3. I was very impressed by Antonia at judges table. She did not throw her teammates under the bus and was clearly not happy that they asked her to.
  4. I can't believe you just said almost exactly what I said to my husband as we watched this episode right down to Angelo and his Russian fiance. I stood up and cheered for Carla - even said Hooty Hoo and applauded and cheered as Jamie was told to pack her knives. I too love Carla but am rooting for Richard.
  5. $150 gift certificate to Williams Sonoma. Can't wait to figure out what I'm going to buy!
  6. Right there with the shallots and squash, but I also hate washing and spining herbs dry. Also, I just remodeled my kitchen and love it but the sink we had to get is deep but small. I get very wet when I have to wash my all-clads by hand and I hate it. I'm thinking they may have to learn to like the dishwasher.
  7. Richard and Jen are my top picks too. My top picks to lose were in the bottom three. But I wish Stephen had gone first. Glad Fabio didn't. He's fun to listen to!
  8. Malika was not particularly "dramatic"; she just gave up, a very rare occurrence in reality TV of any kind, and a first on Top Chef. That it would occur twice in one season, and indeed twice in one episode, is such a freakish event that I am reluctant to read anything into it.
  9. Thanks all.Just got my Technivorm - great coffee!!!
  10. I'd love to see Jenn C or Richard win
  11. Thank you!! I actually took a walk over to William Sonoma and the new models come with the 9 hole sprayer. The coffee pot is quite small,though, more like an 8 American cup!!!
  12. I think I am really leaning in this direction but I'm not sure about thermal or glass. Is the coffee really hot in the thermal? Also, I have read that the Technivorm has issues in totally saturating the grounds because the water does not spray out but comes out as from a faucet. Perhaps that was an older model. Do you find this to be true? Thanks agian!
  13. I have searched the forums and can't find anything on these coffee makers. I am redoing the kitchen and need to replace my Kitchen Aid Professional series coffee maker. I grind my beans each day and like a hot, strong cup of coffee. I have narrowed by search down to the Techinvorm and a Bunn, but I'm not sure which is best. Does anyone have any information on this? Also, I know a thermal is preferred for keeping coffee fresh, but it does not make it hot enough. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  14. This season was the worst. Down to the winner. Hosea 2 for sure.
  15. I loved having Bourdain back. Even if he and Eric had a spat. I loved how he looked at Angelo as he described making love to his short ribs. Classic! I thing Angelo is talented, maybe should win, but he is nuts - and BTW, I really liked Tiffany - not so much her cooking but her personality.
  16. I think you just changed my mind about the induction. I think I'll stick to the electric - it's hard to clean but at least my pans will work!
  17. I am going to induction - electrolux. What do you all think about induction vs. electric smooth top. The only bad part so far is I realize I only have a few pieces of cookware that are magnetic.....
  18. I hate that you can't really regulate the temp - if you're on high and you need to reduce the heat, etc. Also, put a pot on top and turn it on and the white top gets streaked with brown. It's a pain to clean.
  19. So, does Kenmore make the Electolux or vice versa? I am considering an electrolux. Ihave electric now and I hate it, but I have no choice so I thought induction might be the way to go. Am I correct?
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