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  1. I have the Green Pan which has been fine but the new Cuisinart Greengourmet is of much higher quality and not too expensive.
  2. Do you mean Cultured cup in Texas? They were my supplier of Marriage Freres Eros, one of my favorite teas. I'm not sure about Amazon but give Cream Assam a try, Simpson and Vail have it. Best, Hank
  3. What is the name on Tony's seasoning and where can you get it? Thanks in advance. Years ago Lawry's made their seasoning with salt and salt free. They discontinued the salt free version some years ago. I wish they still had it.
  4. If you are looking for the top end teas then InPursuitofTea.com is as good as it gets but Sebastion is expensive.
  5. For the home cook the preparation takes the most time, chopping and getting everything ready. Once that is done and all of the ingredients are ready to go, the cooking time is very rapid.
  6. Yes I have bought from Chef's Warehouse and they are perfectly reliable. Just check your prices between them and ChefsCatalog.com, and Cooking.com among others to be sure you are getting the best deal.
  7. I second Mitch Weinstein on Irene Kuo's The Key To Chinese Cooking and I would add Grace Young's The Breath of a Wok.
  8. Ming Tsai has been pushing it since T_Fal is one of his sponsors. On a recent show he made french fries in one for a dish he was making. He extolled the virtues of it, put the fries in and said they would be ready in 45 minutes. 45 Minutes??!! For french fries? I thing you're better off using a small amount of oil and saving it. $300 buys a lot of potatoes.
  9. What? they stopped making it? I have a shaker of it at home...not sure I might have purchased it a few years ago. Adolph's is the BEST! They discontinued it years ago. Like you, I had a jar of it that I had for years until it ran out. I used it on nearly every cut of meat. The one they have now has salt in it and, although I'm on a salt restricted diet, I'm tempted to try it.
  10. Yes, It is known as the Jacard Tenderizer and you will frequently see it being used by professional chefs. I have one and always use it on steaks and chops. It does work. This may be heresy, but I miss the old Adolph's Salt Free Meat tenderizer of yore. I have been unable to find one like it ever since Adolph's stopped making it years ago. Anyone?
  11. I have this one and another that came out about the same time 9it's in the other room - forgot the title). I read the recipes in both and they looked good. Haven't made any yet.
  12. Simpson and Vail Teas (svt.com) have a Cream Assam that I fell in love with and always have on hand.
  13. I found the Anhui Yellow from In Pursuit to be quite nice. Also pricey. What is Kyle's called? Thanks in advance.
  14. I have bought Mariage Freres teas from The Cultured Cup for some years now. Thank you the additional sites. Some of them were new to me.
  15. I just put it right in like you do.
  16. InPursuitOfTea.com, teadog.com, adagiotea.com, TheTeaTable.com, svt.com, StashTea.com, RepublicOfTea.com
  17. I have been using a cold brewed method lately and I find the result kind of weak. I used to use your method of boiling water and I am going to go back to it. I like the fruit blend teas for iced tea.
  18. Tupperware was famous for its patented seal and was only sold at in home parties in the 50s, 60s, and part of the 70s. The parties started to die out as people became wary of having strangers in their homes and plus the fact that the seal patent expired. When that happened anyone could make the seal and Rubbermaid was one of them. As competition expanded Tupperware became available in stores and on line, thus there was no need for in home parties. They may still exist, but I'm not sure.
  19. Many years ago Paul Bocuse had a cookbook published in the US. It was a disaster. Even Julia Child said it was terrible. He included recipes that were typically French like ham braised in hay and sauteed Ortolans. Ortolans are a French songbird that is considered a delicacy. Something like braised Robins in country gravy. I still have the book.
  20. It's somewhat standard to use a heaping tsp. of the tea to 6-8 oz, of water. I usually steep for 3-5 minutes or until the color is what I like.
  21. You've made me hungry! I forgot that in addition to the bok choy and mushrooms I have often used eggplant. When I serve it I put it over spaghetti.
  22. There are pre mixed Do Fu sauces that you can get in the Asian section of most grocery stores. They come in both Mild and Hot versions. All you do is add the tofu and ground pork. I get the Hot version and then boost it to my taste with Oyster, Chili Garlic sauces, and a bit of soy. I usually make a one pot meal out of it by adding bok choy, garlic, ginger and mushrooms to the ground pork and tofu. It's one of my favorite dishes.
  23. <>I'd suggest that there are very few tasks in the kitchen that a nonstick pan is actually good for. They are overused. Nice for eggs, and delicate fish ...<> A treated cast iron pan is great for just about everything. The Lodge treated pans are virtually non-stick. Downside - they are heavy.
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