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  1. Made a chocolate buttercream 10 whole eggs + 1 1/2 c sugar +1.5 lbs BS chcolate + 18 tab butter. BUT, mistakenly added 2 tab water to egg & sugar mix. Results: 1.egg & sugar didn't thicken as well as usual 2.final mix is less thick than usual...somewhere between glaze and usual buttercream Am now refridgerating mix to see if it thickens. Two questions: a.Do I need to re-whip [fluff] the buttercream because I refridgerated it? b.If it's still too thin, can I add something to thicken it---more chocolate or egg?--and how do I proceed with this. Thanks
  2. We'll be in Christchurch for 4 nights in Feb '05 and would appreciate any dining suggestions.
  3. We anticipated w. pleasure our first visit to Le Cinq, the eponymous restaurant of Hotel George V. The hotel is grand and if you love dramatic flower arrangements, you are in for a treat. [There were bowls of floating lavendar orchid blossoms & tall vases of long stemmed hydrangias.] The diningroom is a grand salon..high ceilings, rich appointments in furnishings. The widely spaced tables glisten w. china, crystal and silver. Service personnel are numerous and everywhere...effusive, if not cloying. We did not find this restful as multiple personnel inquired re: wine, menu,etc. Our 'head waiter' lauded each dish and inquired if we enjoyed it...but he had a run on sentence..."Did you enjoy it..excellent..thnak you" but my husband hadn't even opened his mouth. There were 2 amuses....the first, an elaborate spoon, resting on silver tray, filled w. a bland mousse and a sliver of avocado; the second, a petite tian of tuna tartare w. curry sauce. Neither was notable. They then brought a slice of bread which seemed to resemble italian bread. They called it "special" bread . With great ceremony, they poured 'special' olive oil in a dish, for dipping. It didn't taste any different than what's routinely offered in northern-style italain restaurants in NJ! Starters: My husband ordered the crab charlotte w. asparagus. The presentation was v. attractive, but the taste bland. perhaps we prefer Maryland crab to spider. I had the 'special salad' of greens w. truffle...not interesting. For main course, we ordered one of Le Cinq's "special" signature dishes, the chicken and lobster cooked in a pot sealed in pastry dough. This is brought to the table, lid unsleaed, chicken breast carved and lobster added. Pleasant tasting. The legs are returned to the kitchen for additional cooking and presented in a 2nd course w. a small salad. We passed on dessert. They brought their cart of [only a few] entremets...nougat, chocolates. I thought that this was far inferior to other 3 star offerings. We were disappointed and underwhelmed....and found our experience in contrast to our earlier excursions to Le Meurice and Le Grand Vefour. BTW, the prices were so beyond the pale that you should bring a portable oxygen tank! Has anyone else dined there recently? I would be interested to learn of your experience.
  4. PaulaJK


    We enjoyed a lunch here in early September. Took no notes and drank lots of reasonably priced Brouilly. I found it to be a casual, rustic style bistro. Tightly spaced tables. Front of house appears to be young, family women. There were many daily specials [written on a chalk baord] ..interesting sounding and definitely meta-bistro. My app. was quail on a Moroccan scented israeli couscous. My main was a pigeon, perfectly cooked, lightly sauced & accompanied by very fresh, tasty veggies. I do wish that the legs and feet weren't adorning my plate! Certain I had dessert, just can't recall it. My husband's meal was equally appreciated.
  5. I think it's from Basque country. alain Dutournier utilizes it in several recipes. I purchased it for one of these [from William Sonoma and pricey]. However, I didn't find that I could even taste it.... so it's either me or what we the product we get here.
  6. Aix, I once took a [cooky] cooking course given by Mick Malgieri. Chatting as he instructed, he recounted a story from one of his early jobs.....the egg whites were kept in a container near the window. When they were ready to make macarons, they drained out the flies! This was an ode to 'aged egg whites'....and at least has given me courage vs. doubt.
  7. PaulaJK


    JeuenefilleParis--The patrons ran the gamut of ages. The large round table next to us appeared to be occupied by three generations celebrating some occasion...the one on our other side was at first occupied by a doyenne [who clearly was known to the establshment,dining alone] and later, by a very chic Euro appearing young couple. The room is elegant and once the service settled, quite professional. we simply were underwhelmed by our meal and since we were expectng much, rather disappointed ...especially at the price point. This does not imply that we felt we were being bankrupted! We have spent the same $$ at Le Grand Vefour or Le Meurice and returned home enthralled by our experience.. But, of course, experiences vary and to each his own. That's what makes this board fun... not any pretense of exposing the emperor to be sans clothes.
  8. There's a rather engaging article about this chef and his wife in the current issue of Saveur.
  9. PaulaJK

    Menu Help Needed

    Sounds fabulous!
  10. PaulaJK


    We didn't see Daniel Boulud, which doesn't necessarily indicate his absence. I can assure you Bleachboy that I am well acquainted with the differences between fine dining and gorging, diner or other location. I do not enjoy 'leaving stuffed' and do not seek it. Nor do I expect to leave hungry after a $120 meal. Last night we had a delicious dinner at Veritas. The amuse of tuna [larger than my veal tenderloin at Daniel !] was superb; all of us would have been happy to have it as a dinner entre. Every aspect of the sauteed foie gras w. fresh peaches was excellent. My roast chicken was up there among the most enjoyed and my friend's lamb was perfectly cooked and quite delicious. Another friend raved over his cod.Although there were no silvered trays of slivers, we left happy with our dining experience and hope to soon return. Of course, the wines were also excellent. I realize that different folk enjoy different restaurants. I simply wondered if anyone had had a similar take on Daniel. Cocktails being returned to be topped off didn't leave me anticipating that all customers were going to be enthralled from start to finish!
  11. We were there this weekend....and they had several special cocktails. We opted for the 'Ginger Tonic' which we enjoyed quite a bit more than the standard G&T. Does anyone have a recipe to share?
  12. PaulaJK


    Ok, it's blue & gimmicky. But we serve it on ice or stright up mixed half and hald w. vodka and we have friends who love it.
  13. PaulaJK


    A celebratory ocassion pointed us towards Daniel's. Bar: stools are implausibly petite....drinks are poured 'short'. The martini & cosmos glasses were only half filled. I witnessed some orders being returned to be 'topped off'. Why impress people negatively? Room: elegant, pretty, fully occupied & noisy Service: lots & lots of personnel....but 5 different people asked if we would like to order wine, two of them after we had already done so. sommelier returned with a bottle that was a year younger than proposed on the menu. Rest of service was professional & non-intrusive. Menu: interesting w. lots of asian influence...also offering of his classical dishes. We decided on the $120 tasting menu where there was a choice between 2 items in @ category. Amuses: petite white ceramic pots almost lost in their service on a large silver 3 tiered tray... minscule beet salad, tasty macheral seviche and tres petite parmesan tuile w. goat cheese Course #! Tourchon of foie gras or terrine of squab & foie gras. I found the latter to be the tastiest item of the evening. It was presented w. a 'spot' of cherry coulis and a few micro greens Course #2 We both ordered the zucchini blossom stffd w. peeky toe crab. We anticipated a gossamer, tempura style batter but it was encrusted w. breadcrumbs...came out looking like those olde italian potato croquettes. No seasoning detected, but the products are gentle. Served tepid. Course #3 Spouse had the skate..declared it delicious but some bites were very, very salty I ordered the salmon 'medium'. It may have been seared, but was very far from medium..salty...but good enough Course #4 Spouse ordered the beef & short ribs, quite good but very small portion. I ordered the veal which consisted of 1 piece of tenderloin approx. 1.5-2 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick, accompanied by 2 bites of sweetbread and some veggies. We are neither amazons nor piglets...but this is the only upscale venue that I have ever left hungry! Course #5 was that all-too-familiar molten chocolate cake or a grapefruit prep. Frankly, I don't understand why they have 4 stars.
  14. PaulaJK

    Spice Market

    We were uninspired by our lunch at Spice Market. Our enthusiastic response to the setting, ended with our feeling that this was over-themed and over wrought destination. The staff was costumed but their outfits were rather grungy; tee shirted waiters? The special cocktails were good...the appetizers very good [peppered shrimp & chicken samosas], the entrees [charred beef and lime noodles] seriously disappointing. We so lost interest that we didn't even remain for dessert.
  15. Both prior to and post our visit to Veille Moulin [burguindy] about 5 years ago we had read fabulous reviews for JP Silva. Unfortunately, we had what we think of us as the worst- meal- ever in a reputed restaurant. The room was almost empty. The service uninterested. The food quite poor. The chef, in attendance, looked grubby. When we returned to ourr hotel the proprietor inquired how if we had enjoyed our meal and nodded along w. our tale. It would be nice if this chef has re-found his [alleged] talents and focus...but I would want to hear from members who had journeyed there but I set foot!
  16. I made the warm mocha tart but made the recipe as bite size tartlettes, They set in the recommended time....but although I filled the cups, the filling sunk a bit in the middle upon cooling. Does anyone have a fix for this? They were quite delicious otherwise.
  17. PaulaJK


    I suspect that Aureole, after a complaicent...or at least, quiet, period is beginning to sing again under the mantle of Dante Buccozzi [?sp].
  18. We joined friends for their birthday celebration at Jean George. Althoug the room was as pretty as always and our service was quite good, we felt that the cuisine was in serious decline and no longer worthy of its stars. We all ordered tasting menus [spring and signature] at $118 per. The portions were, as usual, small....but not tasty. The amuse was a trio fo a warm cinnamon soup, a shrimp and a tiny square of jellied coconut--nothing exciting. I will comment on the 'sgnature menu' as this is what I ordered. 'The Egg' which always has small curd french scrambled eggs was liquidy/ not to our palate. A few curds please! The scallop [a horizontal slice of a larger scallop] was VERY firm and overwhelmed by a salty caper ridden sauce. The turbot also was quite FIRM and over whelemed by its wine sauce. The quail on corn pancake w. [sliver] of foie gras----a dish I used to love-- could not be cut. They prepared a 2nd dish which suffered the same fate. Here again, the seasoning overwhelmed the quail. The desserts were of poor quality and totally uninteresting. Perhaps the chef is too busy opening other restaurants...but this formerly impressive restaurant is now depressing. (Admin: threads merged)
  19. I'm not a Gagnaire fan...enjoyed Guy savoy...and would opt for Le Meurice or Le Grand Vefour as a splurge. I do enjoy Carre des Feuillants but our last meal there suffered due to 3 large private parties that evening. Epi and Mon VA are both far more casual. We did enjoy a pleasant lunch at l/Epi last month but the seating is very crowded.
  20. Taillevent will cocoon you in its graceful reception and service. The cuisine will be very good. Le Grand Vefour is a grand experience. The room is exquisite. The service polished and enthusiastic. The food is far more interesting than Taillevent's and the plate presentations are sensual. You will drop a bundle here...but have a memorable experience.
  21. Is anyone familiar with this restaurant?
  22. PaulaJK

    Onion Confit

    Take your onion confit/marmelade,etc.....mix w. 2 tab of cream and 2 egg yolks and you have a wonderful filling for an onion tart.
  23. This was my first visit to Huntley. I enjoyed it and will return although I agree that the items border on pricey. For example, the burger w. fries was 12.95$ [i believe]... but it did look delicious as it passed. The setting & service are quite good and the lunch items had rec'd the kitchen's attention including in presentation. The crabcake was tall on crab and short on filler & accompanied by remoulade sauce. Since it was not accompanied by chips or fries, I am not certain that it alone would be enough 'lunch' for many diners. Hence, when you add app or dessert, you do have a chit in the making. Merlot at 10.75 per glass did indeed seem pricey...but I am finding this in a lot of places these days. Is anyone else having this experience?
  24. Mon Vieil Ami on rue Ile St Louis is open on Sunday.
  25. We have enjoyed Patrick Pignol's Relais d'Auteuil since before it garnered any stars. I don't think that I can comment on the chef's orientation. The room is small to medium in size w. individual tables nicely spaced. Apparently either Chef or Madame enjoy redecorating quite a bit as it has been several different colors & feeling tones during the years I have been dining there. Perhaps my favorite is the fussier one of a few years ago. Now it is simplified and more contemporary without becoming austere. Interesting touches in tableware, vases, candles,etc. are visually appealing. The maitre d' is v. efficient & fluent in English as is the remainder of the staff. We ordered the menu degustation -small plate of amuses inc. spoon w. tuna tartare & pastries -a chicken wing stuffed w. mushrooms & plated w. 3 sauces, kind of farm house gone elegant & surprisingly tasty -signature dish of foie gras encased w. ? potatoes & studded w. almonds -lobster canneloni -fabulously sweet scallops layered w. generous slices of black truffle -bass w. a pepper encrusted skin which we were encouraged to take off and enjoy in small bites due to its heat, offset w. glazed fennel -a tender veal mignon -cheese cart -signature egg shell filled w. a mousee & topped w. passion fruit coulis -another dessert which I've forgotten -signature chocolate "donuts" which are like warm beignets enrobing chocolate truffles Fortunately, ladies in Paris receive menus without prices....so I can't comment on the wine list. I don't recall my husband's fainting though! We very much enjoy this restaurant....and also think that you might consider Carre des Feuillants where the cuisine, when Alain Dutournier is 'on' can be a half step up.
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