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  1. I am going to be replacing my slide in gas kitchen range very soon (as soon as the tax man gives me my refund!), I found a few models in my price range (about 2500 all in)... any advice?? I looked at the KitchenAid Architect II, which looks great & has the features I want (convection, 2 stage burner) and some added cool features like bread proofing & different convection settings. But, I've seen mixed reviews. Also interesting, costing less than the KitchenAid, is a Frigidaire, I think the Professional model, that also has convection. Saw 2 different models of the Kenmore Elite (one of them had the 2 stage burner and one did not), both convection. Anyone have any experience with these ranges?
  2. Thanks for the advice We are actually staying at the Springhill Suites by the airport. Our incoming flight comes in VERY late and our outgoing flight leaves VERY early, so this was mostly for ease of logistics (picking up the rental car the next day & dropping off a day early, using the free shuttle from the hotel). My dad also works for Marriott so the price was right ($35/night!). As far as the Gator Farm, our 9 year old picked it, we don't have much of a choice there, lol. We will probably also check out the Zoo as well one day. Our Suns game is a night game thankfully. I was hoping to get some good fried chicken dinner while there... I don't consider it gastronomic slumming if the product is made with care. This trip is really more about going and visiting our friends & relaxing than doing any big deal dinners. Thanks for the tip about the Marriott Sawgrass, I will look into the cost for that one next time when we have a bit more flexibility.
  3. We are off to visit friends in Jacksonville next week (yes, we know it will be hot, but the center of the sun was booked). While there we are taking in a Suns game (LA Dodgers minor league affiliate), checking out a BBQ place just over the border in GA that our friends rave about (The Shack by The Track). We will be checking out the Gator Farm in St Augustine, and probably taking a drive up to Savannah over the weekend to check out another minor league baseball game. Any suggestions for fun, regional dining? Off the beaten path places? Coming from Southern California, we don't need recs for international flavors, we're looking for local-ish seafood places, BBQ, and kick!@#$ fried chicken with southern side dishes (greens, grits, blackeyed peas)
  4. Good advice for the cheese. Did you have any trouble forming the quenelles? It seems to me it would be easier done if the cheese was chilled? ←
  5. You can also bake the gougeres ahead of time and reheat as far as the cheese course, i whipped the cheese ahead of time (earlier in the day) but did not refrigerate, you want it to be soft. If you do refrigerate, bring out and let soften a bit before plating
  6. I make a gazpacho all the time, it is not really traditional (ie Spanish) but it is great to take iced on a picnic with cold shrimp & cold wine. My mom, who passed away a little over 2 years ago, gave me this recipe. It reminds me of summer. Mom’s Gazpacho Make it ahead of time & let it sit in the refrigerator overnight to combine the flavors: 1 large (48oz) can Tomato Juice 1 large green pepper seeded & chopped (sometimes I leave this out & use cucumber instead) 1 large onion chopped 1 bunch of green onion, both white & green parts, chopped 1 cup of chopped parsley (I like to use half parsley & half cilantro, but you have to like cilantro) 2 tablespoons chicken bullion dissolved in 2 cups water Juice of 1 lemon Mix everything together, season to taste with salt & pepper “Serve it COLD COLD COLD!!” ---- with a dollop of sour cream in the bowl!
  7. I had one of these this week too. I went there only for french fries (guilty pleasure once every few months) but thought I would give this sandwich a whirl. In comparison to Chick-fil-a sandwich, which they are obviously trying to compete with (same non-condiment of 2 pickle slices on that one), I thought the sandwich (both chicken & bun) was quite a bit smaller. The chicken itself was pretty moist & flavorful, a big improvement over their other chicken sandwiches if I recall. I drove through so added a bit of mayo at home. Chick-fil-a also offers lots of different condiment packages including mayo, honey, buffalo sauce & hot sauce. I rarely make a special trip for either, but I think when my french fry urge calls, I'd do better with this sandwich than any other on their menu. I can't stand any of their hamburgers.
  8. The first thing I said was "ugh, precooked rice?", which was followed by "$10 at Whole Paycheck?" Wow, unreal. I think they made the best choice for elimination, I love curry but the thought of sweet potato & squash curry with cinnamon rice made me gag. The 3 top contestants actually made "home" food as opposed to "restaurant" food, it was kind of refreshing. And fun to see kids in the kitchen. I might save that episode on the DVR for my 9 year old to watch, he used to love helping me until he became baseball obsessed.
  9. ErikaK

    Tacos--Cook-Off 39

    Our go-to is the local carniceria's ranchera marinated beef. why fix it if it isn't broken! Plus they have this pork that is marinated with peppers and pineapple that is to die for. There is also something intriguing about the deep fried chunks of pork belly with skin too, not sure I am brave enough for that Although for a recipe we have been known to take flap meat, coat it in carne asada seasoning purchased from a different carniceria - el Mexican Marquez Brothers brand (San Jose CA) (which lists chili pepper, onion, salt, garlic, cumin, lemon, beef base, paprica & sugar), add lots of cilantro, 4 or 5 limes squeezed over the top, plus 2 beers (Tecate or Pacifico). Let that marinate a while, then grill over hardwood charcoal And they make fresh salsa, tortillas, beans, and soft telera rolls for the torta leftovers. All we do then is make fresh guacamole with avocados from my mother in law's trees.
  10. Pickles Persian cucumbers w/a sprinkle of sea salt Fresh & Easy (Tesco) Malt Vinegar chips Red Vines (darn costco buckets!)
  11. Sorry I didn't see this question until today It wasn't too greasy at all, in fact the lemon/chicken fat/olive oil, carmelization made for an enjoyable "pan sauce". Just lift everything out of the pan with a slotted spoon and drizzle with as much of the pan drippings as you like (or none if you prefer)
  12. LOL, I was thinking that same thing when I was watching this the other day (god bless DVR). Maybe he had to pee.
  13. Neat thread! I am actually trying to be better about actually trying new stuff instead of redoing all of the old stuff. Although I have 2 ring binders full of clipped recipes!! One thing new that I did make recently that was just spectacular was the fennel cured salmon out of the Ruhlman/Polcyn Charcuterie book. It was absolutely awesome! I recently made the shrimp & grits method from the Lee Bros cookbook and even though I am a failure at grits, the shrimp was great! But the thing that rocked absolutely was Nigella Lawson's chicken & sausage bake, I posted pics here,it was so good I made it again 2 weeks later for a bigger crowd. I think the marination overnight is the key to this for sure.
  14. I finally watched my TIVO'd 1st episode. I loved the deep dish pizza challenge, the peach & sweet tea one looked awesome! I really agreed with the judges' decision to drop Nimma. Not only did she oversalt her "scampi", she undersalted the first dish. Seasoning food properly is probably the most important part of professional cooking. Especially at a higher level. I thought the challenge using classic dishes was great too, you don't see these dishes prepared much except at stodgy old retro places, it was fun to see folks sort of scramble (souffle... yikes! )
  15. Oh, yes I have a similar one that they gave away for free over the holidays: Favorite Recipes the Coscto Way. Also fairly embarrassing is a collection of old spiral bound & junior league type of things that my mom gave me, including Lean and Luscious and the Delitefully Healthmark. On the top shelf next to the Betty Crocker & Better Homes that I never use. And, Seminole Fan Cookbook, from some Florida friends.
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