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  1. I ate there in the fall as well. The quality of the food was high, especially for that area. That being said, the service was a joke, and the sommelier was greasy and didn't know his stuff. They also used the same glasses for white and red which ain't the way to go at the prices they are charging.
  2. Thanks for the info. That's what I figured based on our experiences. It's funny that you can go across the street to Craftsteak and have an exponentially better meal and environment.
  3. Thought I'd bump this thread as my wife and I ate at Morimoto Thursday night and it was not a pleasant experience. We had not been in a hurry to go as we had heard rather mixed reviews from friends. It was thoroughly uninspiring and the dishes did not feel special in any way. We had the Omakase, and it seemed that it was being served Cafeteria style, with a bunch of the plates just sitting in the back waiting to be brought out The sound level was unbelievably high due to pulsing club music, and the proximity of tables/ acoustics of the room. We left feeling that there were a couple of decent dishes, but nothing that blew us away, which considering the 120 pp price of the Omakase, is criminal. Lastly, the service left a lot to be desired. The waiter barely cared if we were enjoying our meal or not, had a greasy attitude, and tried to upsell us on a number of things. Anyone had any recent experiences that confirm or contrast our experience?
  4. I was not offering empirical proof, rather thinking about how both foods are used and enjoyed (i.e., kids lunches, etc.) Fish sticks seem like the natural predecessor to chicken fingers and share a similar principle of deep fried portable food
  5. I think it's actually in Sonoma, but Cyrus in Healdsburg was on par or bettter than the best places here in NYC
  6. Pasta, or in with risotto. Another option would be to use it on crostini
  7. We wouldn't have the chicken finger without it's older brother the fish stick
  8. I wasn't knocked out by Grom except for the prices when I tried it. Il Lab is my favorite thus far.
  9. Bump.. We ate at Del Posto last night. I had held off for a while as I had heard mixed reviews and was in no hurry. I was really impressed and that surprised me. We had the "grand" tasting menu. Approx 175 per person as we actually were interested in the dishes offered. The service was a bit annoying at first (Thanks, I understand what Osetra Caviar is) but loosened up once he realized we didn't just drive in from the 5 towns for a "night out" I like the space and attentiveness. I also liked that it wasn't as uptight as other restaurants in terms of feel. It's a funny phenomenon that Americans think that being treated poorly is an indicator of fine dining. Anyone else had any experiences of late?
  10. I have had bad experiences with the Onion rings...they tend to be the greasy style, vs. crunch with texture when I have had them. Their recent roasted foie dish is one of my favorites of all time. Roasted with maple syrup, golden raisins, and mustard seeds. It's unbelievable. Also love Hamachi appetizers, steak carpaccio. For sides, the Jerusalem artichokes, butter braised anything (morels if they have them), gratins, grits, etc. etc. For steaks I prefer the grass fed flavor when they have it. I have also done the wagyu (fillet, strip) and it was really great though obviously pricey.
  11. I haven't eaten at BLT burger yet, but have you guys tried Stand on 12th between university and 5th? I have had a couple really good burger and fries experiences there
  12. There is one that is 1/2 whole wheat, I think made by Barilla that is not so bad
  13. As a customer, some of the fees go towards getting access to us.
  14. Wow... detailed write up!! I had the $190 tasting and it was one of the better meals I have had. The Langoustine carpaccio was ethereal. I really liked sitting at the bar, and that it didnt feel pretentious or stuffy. Their house Rose champagne was really good too!
  15. Sounds like you had a great time! EMP is still one of my sleeper choices for the city. As good or better than just about any place in the city, and often more inventive to boot! My wife and I had an amazing fresh white truffle tasting menu there last year that was one of the best meals of all time.
  16. Me too. Great blender at a not too unreasonable price point
  17. Just read your new blog post on this.. Nice post and pictures! I think it's interesting that the majority of "reviews" of cookbooks found online or in papers don't actually make recipes from the books and just evaluate how the books look and if the recipes "sound good." Thanks for giving some of these a try. To your point, recipes aren't always translated properly, and many may not know this before the book is purchasd.
  18. I'm dying to go to Citronelle next time I am in DC. In the meantime, I am going to pick this cookbook up. Sounds like it's really great.
  19. Unlike others, I happen to love this restaurant thought its been uneven as of late. Craftsteak has actually been one of our favorite sleeper places in the city. Yes it is expensive, far more than a prix fixe at some of the best restaurants, but it has often been at that same level or higher. The a la carte style is what gets you in terms of cost. However, I love how unpretentious it is compared to other places in this price range and how open the space is. Their raw bar has always been great. It's a lot like Craft (obviously) but def not the same dining experience. I agree wholeheartedly on the saltiness issue. That has been a more recent problem in my experience, as has the uneven quality overall.
  20. No comparison IMHO. I grew up in NYC, and therefore on KFC and not Popeye's. That being said, once I tasted Popeye's there was no looking back. I adore their biscuits, and the rest of their sides are great as well. I was overjoyed when they opened locations in NYC. I lived near one when I was in undergrad and it was a dangerous thing to have one nearby Even their seasoned fries are really good!
  21. As a noob here this may already have been mentioned but I really like augieland. He hasnt been posting as much lately, but I found that his taste in restaurants and dishes was in sync with mine, and he is always entertaining to read. http://augieland.blogs.com/
  22. I really like www.thecookbookaddict.com blog as well. Engaging writing and great pictures. The blogger isn't afraid to give honest appraisals of the books and recipes which is quite refreshing.
  23. I was just there around Christmas time. Moo was really great but Cinq Sentits was somewhat mixed.
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