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  1. A lot of people in the kitchen at Le Cinq have been around since before Brifard was there. When he came in I am not sure how many cooks he brought in from Les Elysees but definitely a lot of the kitchen staff was the one that Legendre was comanding previously. Briffard rearranged a lot of the kitchen. not only his menus/preparations but also how the brigade is divided, how orders come in and how food goes out of the kitchen for all of the areas, the room service, the bar gallerie restaurant and Le Cinq. Some people didn't like the changes, they left. I don't think this has hurt the quality of
  2. Le Peche

    Ethereal Sauces

    i think the most important factors on the final quality of a veal stock is which bones you use and how well you brown them. Often people use whole chunks of bone to brown for the stock but I recommend cutting it down to a smaller size (around golf ball) and brown the bone well on every possible surface. in culinary school we are always told to constantly skim the stock for fat and impurities, but what i've found in every professional kitchen ive worked in France is that they never skim stock. they let it cook with all of the impurities and fat and then cool it down and let it rest for a day or
  3. I know quite well the cuisine of Le Cinq. For me, the best way to enjoy it would be to take the 85 dinner and add on a plate from the carte (or two) to share with a friend. One of my favorite dishes on the menu right now is the: Fresh Duck Foie Gras from the Landes Region, Roasted with Black Sarawak Pepper, Braised Rhubarb, Gariguette Strawberries with Elderberry Juice. Cooked in a water bath and then caramelized at the last second it has a great soft poached foie gras texture with some nice caramelized taste on the outside and the accompaniments are great, the acidity of the rhubarb and sweet
  4. If you want to get real authenthic get some of the real good stuff I have heard called Speck. a cured smoked whole section of pork belly using some kind of traditional spices. Available in a very tiny charcuterie that is open about 4 hours a day in Baerenthal in Alsace. It's worth the trip.. I think.
  5. La Cagouille had a very respectable plate of langoustines on my last visit. served simply with mayo, good sized portion.
  6. Le Peche


    Last time at Ledoyen (two weeks ago) I had a Pigeon dish from the carte in two preparations, one seared pigeon breast and also pigeon tartare. fantastic dish. Also from the lunch menu had the Sweetbreads with morels and first of the season green asparagus, very very good as well. Great asparagus and perfectly cooked sweetbread. It's hard to go wrong there, I just warn you away from the Millefeuille grapefruit dessert. Very hard sugar layers separating fresh grapefruit, sorbet and confit. the sugar turns into razorblades that slice your mouth as you eat only to be washed down by the super acid
  7. There is a 3 michelin star chef in France that started cooking at around 40 years of age so.. you have 15 years on him right now, it's not too late.
  8. Le Peche


    Brand spankin' new spring menu starts this week! Will translate into english the names of the plates.. Menu Decouverte at 145 euro Small tasty appetizers *** Degustation of Beets *** Raw Langoustine, Strawberry, Black Olive Gelee, Yogurt Pearls and Crispy Cookie *** European Blue Lobster, Corn bonbon, Anchovy Chutney and Ponzu Emulsion *** Rouget a la Plancha, Rice Cream, Eggplant Confit, Verbena Oil *** Asparagus, Grapefruit, Ravioli of Celeri with Foie Gras, Consomme infused with Nutmet *** Roasted Pigeon breast, Reduced Jus, Canon of Cabbage, Confit Algues *** Cappucino of Green Peas with E
  9. I'm quite interested in getting to know this restaurant. Any recent visits? I know they came out with a book recently, anyone check it out?
  10. Le Peche

    Young coconuts

    Young coconut has a lot of different uses, but it's hard to generalize by saying just 'young coconut'. when they are really young the meat inside is very gel like and sweet, and as it rippens it get slightly meatier but still relatively soft not like a completely mature coconut. If you find some really young coconuts with this gel like meat inside, try scooping some out and putting it over an oyster, its delicious. With the slightly more ripened meat you can use a mold to put it into a certain shape, stack it up and make like an all natural flan kind of like a panna cotta of coconut but withou
  11. I don't think Les Elysees closed, they just lost Brifard.
  12. come on! are these all the juicy details you can muster?! this year is weak. on a side note, is piege getting fired and replaced for Philippe Labbe from the Chevre d'Or? I dont know where i heard this rumor..
  13. At a famous restaurant in Paris they often take the left over lobster meat that is not used in the big plates like the little feet and some of the meat from the head, mix it with mayonaise and some tabasco, salt pepper. slice smoked salmon in very thin long sheets and tile them on top of one another, place the lobster meat in the middle and roll the salmon around the lobster meat. to create almost a sushi-like lobster roll. serve with a nice vinaigrette spiked with dill or a pesto. it's a delicious way to use those left over lobster pieces.
  14. the gizzards are tasty breaded with a nice brioche breadcrumb and deep fried, the heart can be marinated, skewered and grilled.. The liver can be sauteed or made into terrine, even if it's not from a fattened duck. The neck and carcasse used to make a duck stock. The breast either smoked and sliced thin for salad or grilled/sauteed whole. Google 'canard sur coffre' for a nice way to cook the duck breast on the bone. The legs confit and served whole or made into rillettes, I haven't heard of breasts being made into rillete. Those are the most traditional preparations for duck bits. I'm sure som
  15. Le Peche


    do you know how often the menu changes? from the looks of it there is a spring/summer and then a fall/winter menu? im guessing it switches over on the restaurants closing time in january and september
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