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  1. I had a few articles, but lost... Sorry. I remember that temperature is crucial. 3 to 5 graus celsius. Drain the liquids, keeping in towel paper changing every day.
  2. Auro

    Food after Dental Work

    MetsFan I'm Dental Surgeon in Brazil. I am periodontist and studied oral and maxilofacial surgery in Japan. In the first 24 hours after the surgery prefer cold and paste or soft food. Like yogurt, ice creams, gelatin. Avoid chew int the surgery side. Cold compress in the face and cold food will avoid to increasing face edema and pain in first 24hours. After 24 hours the cold compress and food have a opposite effect. It will cause the edema that exists longer decreasing. After 24 hours soups, risotos and warm and hot paste food will help you. In the first days. After 2-3 days you can eat on the opposite side most of the food, avoid cruch and hard food. In most cases in one week you will can eat without restricitions.
  3. Smithy manjuba forms large shoals for mating in the spring. They have a mild, oily taste. In Brazil the Caiçaras, the traditional population of the coastal regions of the southeast and south of Brazil. Eat they fried. It's a nice fish and tasty to eat in sushi.
  4. It's manjuba time un Brazil. Anchoviella lepidentostole A little fish that is caught in november and december. I tried to make a sushi . I marinated the manjuba a few minutes in lime juice and put a small amont of grated fresh ginger and chives. Tilapia sushi and japanese aonori. Salmon sushi with orange, cream cheese and chiso leaves.
  5. Thanks for sharing! Worked for me.
  6. The inspiration of this dish is in the 46 minutes. I will change a lot off ingredients, but the ideia is make a yellow polenta base, a short ribs and in the top a raviolli filled with a great wine and sage sauce.
  7. I'm cooking beef short ribs stock in the thermocirculator. I don't like use plastic bags and bones in hight temperature. So I used a pan inside the cooler. The water level is very important to keep the right temperature in the pan, But works very well. Leftovers The sotck had a fat layer, that was cooled and removed. The stock will be used in a short rib and wine ravioli recipe. I'll try make a 72h sous vide short rib with wine sauce, and make a wine and sage gelatine to stuff a raviolli.
  8. Tokyo Sushi Academy is a Sushi school in Japan. I believe apply salt in the fish can avoid bacteria proliferation.
  9. @liuzhou speedy recovery to you.
  10. To avoid over-marinated ceviche after add "leche de tigre" put in the freezer and slight frozen. A few minutes before serve defrost in ambient temperature.
  11. Auro

    Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Labor day Holiday I went to the Beach. Is fall in Brazil and the temperatura is very pleasant. We had a high Tide and a ocean storm last week so I can't fishing from the Beach. I decided go to the fish market and find good stuffs. I found BACUCU, bacucu is a mussel that grows in the mangrove inside the mud. It's smaller than the ocean mussel and the taste is a bit stronger. Beautiful oysters. White Shrimps. The fishermans can catch tree specimens of shrimp here. The 7 barbas shrimp, white shrimp and pistol shrimp. I prefer the white shrimp it have a sweet taste. My family don't like raw oysters... So I made with a bechamel sauce and gratin in the oven The bacucu I made a tipical caiçara (brazilian native shore comunities) recipe. Arroz lambe-lambe our lick-lick rice. The tradicional way you have to cook the mussel with the rice and lick the shells when you eat. And the shrimps was a fried with garlic
  12. Sunday morning, walking in the open market. I found this sandwich presser. Perfect to my cubanos. In Brazil we have a pressed sandwich called Bauru, but the bread and the chape are diferent.
  13. Easter Lunch. Shrimp conchiglioni.
  14. Auro

    Dinner 2017 (Part 3)

    Home made shrimp tempura udon
  15. Some times I reard a frase our a coment and start to think about this. I was looking the interview off a brazilian chef Alex Atala and he said that the world think that tapioca is an asian plant. And banana is a american plant. Tapioca is a brazilian plant used for long time by the indians. Thinking this I started with a research off asian food witn tapioca and found the vietnam Ban Bot Loc. The base off Ban Loc Boc is an tapioca translucedent pasta, like a cristal ravioli. Starting with this I thinked in a brazilian dish, The moqueca. Is a tradicional dish with 2 versions, a Moqueca Baiana and Moqueca Capixaba. The Moqueca Baiana use coconut milk and the Capixaba not. I made the Moqueca Capixaba, and wrapped in the tapioca pasta. Made a Dende Oil farofa (another conversation) and a coconut, moqueca stock with xantana gun. In this case I started with an ingredient, and an ideia to say a history with my food.
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