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  1. ive been reading and looking at pictures of all the yummy yaki-imo pictures, so today i asked my helper to buy some satsumaimo from isetan in town (im from singapore) 7 of these cost $13 SGD which is about 960 yen!!!!!!! argh! I shall savour each and every one. but shit happened. i nuked the first one for 6 minutes and it turned rock hard. like i hit it against the wall and i swear it could give someone a concussion. but still, for what i paid, i ate it anyway (at risk of breaking my teeth) delish. im onto my next one. im a happy girl
  2. i tried to covert to veggie but there was one hurdle : fried chicken with skin now bacon and pork i can live without. i know many muslims and southeast asia has a large muslim population so pork is easily avoided. and for some people, treated with distaste. (but thats just the muslims. chinese love pork!) but fried chicken is just universal.
  3. durian live octopus sashimi (korean) plalaa (thai fermented fish). and on that note, the fermented crab too campari yak meat and milk whale
  4. hands down : spotted dick in thailand, squash (like pumpkin) is called faak. "lets go to the market to pick up some faaks". pupu platter
  5. any updates? many of the old blogs are no longer updated...
  6. gotta add avocados since in eating one now!
  7. nori for snacking/garnishing (and the line of uncoated deep fried thai seaweed) shirataki noodles & konnyaku what do you guys use for breading/batter? sigh chicken skin is never the same when not coated in sinful tasty carbs
  8. thats aLOT to eat in one sitting. the pictures look yummilicious. the langoustine tempura got me drooling..
  9. um yum. just lovely to read this thread. the school canteens serve everything from homecooked food to junk food herel nothing like this at all! i expect that some kids would not like eating traditional gohan and greens? nope as i kid i didnt like to eat rice with fish and vegetables. all this reminds me of the lunch chapter in the totto-chan book. something from the hills and something from the ocean, with the headmaster going round with his wife (pots in hand) to give out some chikuwa or potatoes to kids who were lacking in food items. "chew chew chew it well, everything you eat, chew it and
  10. i just read this one today : gun powder smoke
  11. um for the ignorant, any chinese character to assist? the name you posted sounds like some dialect. or cantonese or something.
  12. jedi_pocky

    Mos Burger

    theres more than 20 outlets of MOS burger in Singapore. id love to have understood the nihon-go menu but i cant read. have a look at the singapore mos franchise in english. mos burger sg damn im hungry!!! no naan stuff here yet. but i like the ever loved ebi rice burger and the hot croquette. unlike japan its hard to find them korroke just anywhere! i love mos. i need mos. now. i want.
  13. pardon me and my ignorance i read the kanji / chinese characters as " tian mien jiang' - to mean literally sweet NOODLE sauce' as opposed to 'dou' which is bean.. i have no idea..post a picture or something? ETA: ok! i just googled and wikied to add that tenmenjan is some sorta sweet/salty MISO thing? wiki says that: Sweet noodle sauce (simplified Chinese: 甜面酱; traditional Chinese: 甜麵醬; pinyin: tiánmiànjiàng; literally "sweet noodle paste"; also known as sweet bean sauce or sweet soybean paste) is a thick, dark brown- or black-colored Chinese sauce is made from wheat flour, sugar, salt, mant
  14. alrighty, MBK food court is 'comfortable' in the sense that it is clean, air conditioned, staff can speak simple english, signs and prices are in english and clearly stated (meaning you wont get overcharged or confused just because you're farang). also, meaning that youd clearly understand what youre being served. bangkok bob - check out his site the various offerings there can give you a hint (at a price near to street food) of what youd like or dislike. for example, you read all about pad thai or Yum woon sen or Larb etcetcetc; or youd like to sample thai-chinese food like pork trotters, b
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