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  1. Yeah, sometimes it's hard to put a lot of faith in the taste tests. Especially one where he was tasting vinegar. I mean come on. After three shots of ANY vinegar, your buds will be shot. I do enjoy this show a lot, and their recipe for blueberry pancakes remains my go-to for consistent perfection.
  2. Hard to imagine he didn't go to Alinea. He did that whole independent film about Adria, so I figured he'd be an Achatz fan. But maybe TC wants more red hots and rightwing radio nutjobs like Mancow to bring in the ratings.
  3. It's obvious that Lisa can cook. Her attitude just put people off, including me. But it's in the context of seeing her with sweet, laid back people like Antonia, Stephanie and Richard that makes her stand out. Some peope don't handle the camera as well as others. I bet we'd all enjoy Lisa's food. But my favorite won last night, so I went to sleep happy. Anyone know what Stephanie is doing now? I'm hoping she opens a small restaurant in Manhattan and decides to move in with me and my wife. I'm not Mormon, but I think a sister wife would be great!
  4. Yeah, The Angry Chicken really stepped up her game tonight. I was going to be shocked if she won. All along, Blais was so strong, but Stephanie was right there in her quiet, adorable, badass way. I am thrilled she won, but hated to see Blais looking so sad.
  5. Oh Stephanie... She just told Eric Frickin Ripert how to filet a fish. I am so in love with her right now.
  6. I think Gail is sexy. I guess us guys don't pay as much attention to the clothes. Padma is hot, but I imagine she'd just gripe at me all the time. As for the SHOW, I was sad to see Antonia go. It would have been more fun to see three classy, intelligent, excellent chefs in the final. And if that had happened, I wouldn't have been bummed no matter who won. But I'm sure Stephanie or Richard will rise to the top. If not, it will be a shock.
  7. Yeah, she said they'd known each other for ten years. I didn't think he did it on purpose. Plus, what would he have to gain?
  8. dougw

    Rachael Ray

    I'm willing to venture that someone in the costume department thought it looked cool and said: wear this! Probably the same person who dresses Sandra....? ← And clearly that person is a freedom hating terror lover. Probably a liberal, too.
  9. OK. You owe me a new laptop. I spewed coffee all over it when I read that. That might be the best thing I've ever read on eGullet.
  10. Spike is such a tool. Nice try on busting Tramanto like that. Sorry to see Lisa is still there, though. She's just not on the level of the other three finalists. I'll be thrilled if any of them besides her wins, but since I want to cuddle with Stephanie while wearing sweatpants, I'll keep her in my prayers.
  11. dougw

    The F Word!

    It's a really good show. Nice that they work in the topless segment during the credits so I can tune in late and not worry about Ramsay Nipple Alerts. I love seeing his interactions with his kids, and how open he is with them about where food comes from. Really inspiring stuff. He also makes really simple food with often untrained cooks. I've gotten a lot of ideas from that show. I liked the episode where he had Cliff Richard do a blind taste of his own wine and it tasted like shite. Too funny...
  12. I completely agree. We all have bad days, no matter what our gig is. But chefs have to stay on top of the game. The fall seems inevitable, though. There was a time when Tavern on the Green was like the French Laundry in terms of stature. Or at least I assume that was the case. I could be wrong...
  13. Yeah, I am deeply in love with Stephanie. Almost more so than Padma. Maybe because I might actually have a shot with Stephanie...that is, if my wife permitted! It's really starting to show who has the goods. Call me crazy, but maturity seems to play a factor in the food. The whiniest people seem to make the grossest food, while the adults kick ass time and time again. The thing that scares me now is that one of the best chefs might have a bad week, while Lisa has a good one, and the wrong person will go home. That's why this competition is so brutal. It's not a cumulative thing, you have to kick ass week after week.
  14. You should really never put boiling water on coffee.
  15. dougw

    The Clover

    I just can't see how the Clover will make a difference if they're using Starbucks' over roasted and old beans.
  16. Nah, Rush doesn't believe in tipping. That's Socialism! As for Padma...she can tell me that VanKamps Pork and Beans is genius and I'll believe her. I can't question anyone that hot... As for Andrew, he and his coke habit need to go.
  17. I was really hoping for Tom or Ted to put Andrew in his place when he said "This is my house!" Um, no. It ain't your house yet. If you win, call it your house, but not when you're pissed because you didn't win the challenge with your mini burgers and sorry-ass corndogs.
  18. I'd still love to know more about why there are truly wonderful restaurants that don't take coffee seriously. Any thoughts?
  19. I would never bring a drink into a restaurant, and think it is bad form. Having said that, I'm shocked at how bad the coffee is in some really great restaurants. Being a total espresso dork, I have higher expectations than most. But I was really amazed, for instance, when I went to Babbo for the first time, that they made subpar espresso. One of the best meals I've ever had followed by crap espresso was a disappointment, although a mild one. I wonder why more places don't take it seriously. It's not that hard. I wonder if the espresso at the French Laundry is as good as the stuff at Vivace or Intelligentsia?
  20. The guy didn't say he didn't know how to make mayo. The other chef with the jar was being sarcastic in telling him the ingredients. It's a snarkfest. Do any of you really believe that a professional chef doesn't know how to make mayo?
  21. I like to knead, too. But I wanted to try the no-knead method.
  22. It's tough for them I imagine. They probably could make a wonderful tasting version of these dishes that were generic. But they feel like they have to show creativity and that screws them on occasion.
  23. Well, I did the no-knead method with my starter. 24 hour ferment on the sponge, 18 hour ferment on the dough. Kneaded(cheated) like 10 times, nothing much then tried baking in a cold oven in the Le Creuset dutch oven with the lid on for 1 hour at 450, then 15 min. lid off. Utter perfection. Nice holes, chewy, sour crumb, crunchy yet flaky crust. I rule.
  24. As I said, I respect the hell out of her. I was basing my uneasiness on what I read in Ruhlman's book, regarding her stated desire for celebrity. I'm uneasy about anyone who has that as a goal, regardless of the field they work in. But thanks for the additional info on her. I'd love to eat some of her food, and I'm sure she's a wonderful person. Never meant to imply otherwise.
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