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  1. I still have a few left-but PLEASE call me to reserve - 973-538-9131 (Health Shoppe - - Morristown) Brant
  2. Thank you all for advice and sharing! After talking to many people here's what i think i'm going to do: 1. Trade in the sheep milk's yogurt for oatmeal in the morning. 2. Fish Oil Pills, also possibly Polyphenols (plant sterols - the stuff found in red wine), Red Yeast Rice (natual form of Statin) 3. Soy milk instead of Creamline milk in my coffee. 4. Excersise (this one is the hardest - - i have no idea how i'll get it in- - but i'm not giving up beef and cheese - - if i've got to do it i will). 5. 30% reduction in beef and cheese. I'll keep you posted! Also keep sending feedback an ideas! B
  3. Just got bloodwork back from Dr. - - cholesterol is way high, and if in 4 mos it doesnt get better, we are going to talk about meds. No more cheese? Meat? Any similar experiences? Advice? I'm willing to give up the ice cream at night and milk in my coffee - -but beef and lamb and cheese will be very hard- B
  4. Italian place in Chelsea Market probably has it.
  5. Silly question - - I guess there are no silly questions - - Do you refrigerate the hard salami after cutting into it? Do you wrap the open end? How long does it last after opening. Regarding La Quercia from Iowa: It's not really fair to compare to San Daniel or others - - it's kind of in a class of it's own - - it's prosciutto from Iowa, but it is an EXCELLENT good product. The Speck is particularly good. As for pigs, he uses a lot of Organic Hogs (his pancetta is organic), and for some reason i think i remember hearing that he was taking some niman as well. B
  6. UPDATE: made my fromage blanc from scratch and it worked out well. Heated milk to 85 - - added starter purchased from New England Cheese Making Supplies - - let it sit for 12 hours. Let it drain in fine cheese cloth for six hours. First day was quite tangy - though i used cow's milk (organic - pasteurized - homogenized) it had a goaty/yogurty taste. Second day it became sweeter. Used 1/2 gal of milk - - yeilded a lot of cheese, so have been giving it away - -have been puttng it on bread - also mixing in some herbs. Easy to make and wonderful!
  7. I know this doesnt answer your question, but as a seltzer/club soda junkie, i've gotta say, i think Vintage is the best. Big, Sharp Bubbles!
  8. JimH, What kind of cheese will you be making?
  9. If you want to come out to morristown i can get you one - - deliveries are tuesdays and fridays - - just call me a day ahead of time - 973-538-9131 Brant The Health Shoppe
  10. Made my first batch of cheese last night - - Fromage Blanc. Heated milk to 85, added culture, let sit for 12 hours. Strained through cloth for 6 hours. I'm quite pleased.... May add some salt and Herbs to some of it. Does anyone know if it freezes well? Any other home - cheese - making experiences?
  11. Yes - -Basically, we put together a selection that focuses primarly on the North East. Except for Brie & Parm we have a full cheese dept w/selection from New Jersey to Quebec. (also Midnight Moon - - too many customers love that one).
  12. pumpkin seeds - yum - - pumkin seed oil, even better!
  13. There are tons of recipes out there for everything from pancakes to pasta to cookies to cakes. What is it that you want to make that you are having the biggest problem with? In my store, my baker makes a number of gluten free things - - she uses white rice flour and xantham gum. If you have specific questions let me know and i'll see if i can get you the answers. B
  14. You can get Fromage Blanc by The Vermont Butter and Cheese Company. A number of cheese and gourmet shops should have it. Laidback - where are you located - - I may be able to direct you to a store. Tonight i may actually make my own for the first time - -
  15. bshapiro

    Freezing Tomatoes

    Ok - great - so next question: What can i do to preserve the heirlooms? They will be around for about 1 more week and i'm gonna miss them! Also - with tomatoes - what do you guys prefer: canning or freezing. Freezing is certainly easier. Thoughts?
  16. I just read something about freezing tomatoes. You put them in the freezer on a baking sheet until they freeze, then bag them. Anyone have luck with this. The article failed to mention the best way to defrost. How different is the taste? Due to the weather in NJ, i may still be able to score some heirlooms this week - - is freezing them worth it? thanks, B
  17. Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese! Vermont Cheese Council has tons of info and a cheese map! B
  18. That's something the does upset me. I'm quite in favour of local, organic and sustainable, and am involved with the localvore scene here in the NH/VT area, but one of the prices one has to pay for seeing a movement gaining in popularity is that one has to watch one's terminology become trendy and, by extension, misused, and one has to endure seeing concepts one holds dear become watered down in the name of mass-appeal and (sadly) salability. Sincerely, Dante ← Being in the Organic and Local biz, it really upsets me. Sustainable actually means a lot more to me than organic at this point. It amazes me that milk can be called organic when the cows it comes from dont graze, are hooked up to machines for most of the day and merely fed organic grain. Organic law states animals need "access" to pasture. That could mean a single door in a chicken coop, that the chicken are too afriad to go out of. Basically they are still living in their own shit, feathers and piss. Organic seafood: Ha! Wild or line caught: yes! I can go on and on - if anyone wants to start another thread shoot me an email. B
  19. In conversation i had w/artisan baker i was amazed at how important weather is When it's humid out, the whole thing changes. There is a battle between the heat, the humidity, the culture, the dough. All needs to be in synch to make the perfect loaf. It's very interesting to listen to someone who bakes like that--it's not about following a receipe - it's like cheesmaking....the flavor differs with season, diet of animal, age, etc.... there are always adjustments to be made. That's artisan.
  20. "Smashed"- What's wrong with 'mashed'? Is there a difference between a smashed potato and a mashed one? "Infused"- for olive oil it's okay. But tea infused ice-cream is just tea flavored icecream!
  21. Example of Artisan Bread that blew my socks off. Started selling it a few weeks ago. Only one delivery a week - it comes in warm. Makes Eli's and Balthazar look like wonder-bread.
  22. Recently saw on their website that you can order here:The Health Shoppe - Morristown ← Thanks for plug llc45- jpr: i'll shoot you an email
  23. Pumpkin Ravioli is in! It's in the cheese case just to the left when you walk in. B
  24. Tons of Butter-Tons of Sage.
  25. For American, I think nothing really beats USQ Cafe. What do you guys think of Blue Hill? - - I have not been there yet, and suppose it would be a true "North - East - American" meal.
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