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  1. Sif

    Kangaroo recipies?

    I've grown very fond of kangaroo. I usually just wrap a slice of bacon around it and cook it medium rare and serve with any sauce I would serve with venison. Usually something with heavy cream and currant jelly. Last time I served it with fennel and brussel sprouts, coated with balsamico and EVOO and then baked.
  2. My Lambeth Method Of Cake Decorating has a recipe for buttercream with fondant in it, the kind you melt and pour, although he has it broken in small pieces and whipped with condensed milk, powdered sugar, butter, shortening and heavy cream. It is very fluffy and very good, but not sure if it crusts. If you want the recipe I can find it again.
  3. When I can get fresh abricots, I love to put them in a tomato salad with a EVOO/vinegar dressing with some agave nectar and salt. And rucola.
  4. Sif

    Vegan Desserts

    Vegans don't eat cheese. I think a nice fruit salad would go well with falaffel, or a summer fruit pie. I like to bake apple pie using margarine instead of butter (soy marg gives the best flavor) and shred almond paste over the apples. Baked fruit with almond paste or ginger is nice too, served with soy whipped cream or just a crumbly topping.
  5. Lisa, I am drooling over here. I can almost taste it! I made vegan cupcakes today. Best. Ever. Cupcakes. I am so proud of my little invention. It's chocolate peanutbutter with ditto frosting. I made 6 and ate them all myself Vegan cakes has never really been superior to regular cakes to me, so I am very happy that these turned out so well!
  6. Hm that is odd. Because I just checked my baking powder, and right you are, disodium diphosphate. No aluminium. But I still get the aftertaste once in a while. Maybe it's just too much baking powder then? I will however switch to a brand that uses cream of tartar, just in case.
  7. Thanks! I guess I also found the answer to why my scones comes out almost inedible from time to time. What would I do without eGullet
  8. I sometimes have my chocolate cakes coming out with this weird metallic taste - like cheap supermarket chocolate cakes sometimes taste. I get this both with cheap cocoa and with expensive ones, like Valrhona. I always use dutch processed. I also get it with different recipes (vegan or non-vegan) and different pans, lined or not - so I am a bit lost. I was wondering if the baking powder could be causing this taste, and why? I don't use baking soda. Any help would be really appreciated.
  9. I have told my mom no chocolate during june, july and august, because I have the same problems. Some set up fine, some will bloom like nothing else. I figured it was the temperature. Also it was the larger (softer) truffles with a heavier coating that bloomed. My moulded chocolate didn't bloom, but took ages to set and lots of banging against the counter, to get out of the mold. What a nightmare.
  10. Sif

    Agave Nectar

    I use it a lot, mostly because I think it has a really nice taste compared to regular white sugar. Just remember to adjust the liquid in the recipe.
  11. I also have a very good recipe for this dessert (the Danish variant, not sure if Krembo is different). It's a bit like a boiled meringue, but made with egg white powder so it's thicker and has less air. But since I don't have access to eggwhite poweder on a regular basis, I make it by baking italian meringue on thin wafers for a short time at a low temp to dry it out a bit.
  12. When you've drawn out the oil, there's not really anything you can do to save it. But as long as it tastes good... I'd probably try my hand at a frangipane or a similar baked item, just to see if it would work.
  13. I never understood this royal icing problem. I make lambeth cakes, and thus my cakes are heavily decorated with royal icing in several layers, including stringwork on bridge. But they are also kept in the fridge, and I have never had a cake melt, even after a few days. It dries slower, but still dries. I never have been able to figure out what I am doing differently from others.
  14. I love the splatter effect! It's really something.
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