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  1. 12 hours ago, kayb said:


    Used to be in East Arkansas, if you hit and killed a deer, particularly if you disabled your car, you called the sheriff's department to send a wrecker. They'd also send a couple of trusties from the county jail who'd field-dress the deer, give a haunch to the wrecker operator in exchange for your tow fee, and take the rest back to the jail. And there would be venison for dinner in a day or two.


    Waste not, and all that.



    A friend in Alaska said you can get on a roadkill registry there. If someone reports hitting an animal, they call the next person on the list to come get it within 24 hours. She posted pictures of herself and some other very messy women after cutting apart a moose.

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  2. Sauerkraut update. Pulled a pint out of the crock today. I was going to put it all in jars in the fridge but I don't have enough room so I'll just take it out bit by bit. I guess I could can it in mason jars but that apparently kills the good probiotic stuff. For some reason, after I sealed the crock back up, it started burping away again. The product:







    I forgot to mention, above, that I put some chillies in and it has a nice snap. That's fine because I normally add kimchi to the sauerkraut in my Reubens. Success.

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  3. One of the things I admire about exported Chinese food is how it adapted to local ingredients. I don't think baby ears of corn were exactly indigenous. I also think that Chinese-xxx food is always evolving.


    That doesn't explain "chow-mein" noodles, though. Maybe those uber-crispy noodles were some fusion of Chinese and deep frying. Then they were packaged for grocery stores as people started to want to cook Chinese-style at home. I always disliked the things, not to mention the slimy celery-heavy sauce that usually was slopped on top.


    Until recently, the hotel near me called the British-American Hotel had a sign out front advertising Chinese and Australian food. Four country fusion.

  4. 11 minutes ago, Jacksoup said:

    I’ve been planting the root ends of green onions/scallions and onions because I’m going victory garden on this in my small yard.  Three of the green onions are pushing up new growth. I’m overly excited about this.  


    great idea! I have a lot of beds that I could try this with, although I think they are mainly earwig breeding grounds. I was unsuccessful with onions last spring but a couple have started to come up with our recent rain.

    Be sure to show us how it is coming along in the gardening thread.

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  5. 9 hours ago, scamhi said:

    I made sidecars to celebrate a friends birthday virtually last night.

    used 2:1:1 Cognac, Cointreau, Meyer Lemon. very well balanced




    So you stole my strainer! I've been looking all over for it! 😊

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  6. If you twitter, you may want to check out David Wondrich's Low-Fi Lush hour.


    Here's my version of his unnamed contribution of a couple of days ago

    2 oz 101 rye (Wild Turkey)

    1 barspoon lime juice

    1/2 barspoon 2:1 simple syrup (agave syrup)

    4 dashes Tabasco (Tapatio)

    Shake & strain

    Goes down far too easily. I'd better make another.


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  7. On 4/19/2020 at 11:02 AM, haresfur said:

    Wow. The cabbage really softened and packed down overnight. So lesson learned is to let it sit with the salt for a while before filling the crock. I added almost a litre of brine to bring the level up over the weights.


    The other thing is that the temperature fluctuation seems to be affecting the water seal on the crock. Moved it inside to try to keep the temperature more constant. We just turned on the heat but do try to keep the place cool.


    Crock is burping every once in a while which is a sign of carbon dioxide production - a good thing. Pulled the lid to check for scum. Everything was clear and it's beginning to smell like kraut. I'm so excited.🤩

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  8. Wow. The cabbage really softened and packed down overnight. So lesson learned is to let it sit with the salt for a while before filling the crock. I added almost a litre of brine to bring the level up over the weights.


    The other thing is that the temperature fluctuation seems to be affecting the water seal on the crock. Moved it inside to try to keep the temperature more constant. We just turned on the heat but do try to keep the place cool.

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  9. My first batch of sauerkraut. I bought a crock, mostly because I love functional pottery, but that means I had to make if function. It is wood fired so there is a light ash glaze over the areas that were not dipped in glaze before firing.


    The estimate for the amount of cabbage needed was way off or else I didn't measure the crock volume properly so I ended up making mostly red cabbage and a less green instead of my plan to do it the other way around. I just used cabbage and a few hot peppers.


    Cutting up cabbage:




    My scale turns off too fast for the tare to be very useful so I had to do arithmetic. The good thing is I can see what I did if something doesn't turn out right:




    Used the pestle from my green-papaya salad mortar to pound down the cabbage as I added it to the crock:




    This was too much cabbage. I had to take some out so I could get the weights in the crock. I braised the leftover cabbage so that's a bonus:




    A few reserved leaves over the top:




    Squeezed the weights in. At this point there wasn't much brine so I'll have to check and maybe add some tomorrow:




    Decided the best place for the crock was out in the car port:




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  10. 8 minutes ago, Tri2Cook said:

    Walked straight into the local grocery after work today with no wait. One of the few things I still hadn't managed to check off of my just-in-case list was rice. They finally had it restocked today so that's done. They were never actually out of rice, just the rice I wanted in the size I wanted. I have no need for a 10 kg bag of rice, pandemic or not. I was also able to get my hands on pancake syrup (Aunt Jemima) for the kid today, that shelf had been bare for a couple weeks. The real maple syrup that I prefer has been available aplenty. I noticed the number of people swelling while I was in the store and by the time I left, they had someone stationed at the door to monitor the line that was forming so I guess I went at the right time. :D


    We feed brown rice and sweet potato to the dogs along with their mince and every so often the big bags of rice go on sale for 50% off. So we were well stocked with brown and white rice when this started. I also scored some paella rice but need to eat down other things before I go out and try to buy the fish, etc. Past was still rationed, last time I was in but flour is showing up so we can make it. As far as other starch goes, I need to plant the potatoes sprouting in the pantry 🤨

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  11. Cool, that's similar to the direction I was thinking, but without many choice for amero.


    I did:


    1 oz Casamigos reposado tequila

    3/4 oz Noilly Prat original vermouth

    1/4 oz Amaro Nardini

    2 dashes Scrappy's Grapefruit Bitters


    I would go slightly heavy on the Nardini and maybe a bit lighter on the vermouth


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  12. 12 hours ago, lindag said:

    I made a pineapple upside down cake (my favorite cake) a few days ago.  A couple of things went wrong.

    This time I used a CI recipe which calls for fresh pineapple.  I didn't cook the pineapple long enough so it didn't soften sufficiently.  But the big disaster happened when after baking I tried to invert the cake onto my plate.

    I had used my small cast iron skillet.  As directed I let the cake cool for ten minutes on a rack. 

    When I tried to turn the cake over the pan was still very, very hot.  I used my big oven mitts which are a little clumsy and lost control of the pan and the cake.  The cake landed halfway onto the plate, then onto the counter where it broke into pieces, much cursing ensued..  Oy.  What a wreck.  I pieced it together as best I could but it certainly is not company-worthy.  

    However, since I really make this so I can eat it for breakfast, it's not too big a deal.  But, you know what?  We still eat with our eyes.

    Oh yes, I will make this again.  I will still use the cast iron pan but will let it cool a bit longer and use a kitchen towel instead of mitts.  And I'll use canned pineapple rings. 




    Maybe try a couple of these 😁

    Irwin Quick-Grip Clamps - Easy Woodworking Clamps

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  13. How about a boredom game?


    Backstory: A bottle of Nolly Prat in my fridge that should be used up. I'm not much of a vermouth drinker. So I got to wondering what to do with it aside from mixing with gin. Then I wondered what it would taste like with tequila since I'd never seen them used together, that I recall. It wasn't as bad as I feared, but needed more depth. In fact it didn't go down the sink even after some not-too-successful additions.


    Anyone interested in taking a stab at making something good with this combination? Unsuccessful attempts are ok too. And feel free to start threads for different challenges.

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  14. 18 hours ago, gfweb said:


    It all mystifies me. Wouldn't touch it.


    We did it on bread when I was younger but toast is better. Several friends talked about their parents eating beans on toast or bread in the depression. One of the major food groups for another's autistic son.


    Curry powder is a good addition to jazz up tinned beans. Heinz beans are in a bit short supply here but there are usually a few cans on the shelf. I still haven't figured out the difference between the original and British Recipe - both are pretty bland to my taste.

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  15. 6 hours ago, Captain said:

    @BKEats I follow This recipe. Also I can't get achiote paste so I make a simulation.  I BBq and don't cover the bird as suggested also marinate for 3 - 4 hours. Not overnight.



    Don't for get the butter and marg.



    I got achiote paste at Bendigo Wholefoods so I know it does exist in Australia. I've mostly used it in carnitas and find a little goes a long way.

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